As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Thursday, October 29, 2015 || Obama Schedule

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:45 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Carter
7:25 pm || Holds a fundraiser for Congressional Democrats; McLean Virginia

All times Eastern except as noted
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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    • And also for his contribution, by his decisions, actions and general disregard for the proper Constitutional function of the Office of the President, to the collapse of Western civilization.

    • From what I read, he rarely meets with his full Cabinet. They should certainly meet at least once a week, given the challenges we face. It speaks to how isolated Obama is from the day to day functions of his office. He operates in a very small bubble populated by ValJar and Michelle and a few chosen others. How often he meets with his real handlers (in addition to ValJar) is a closely guarded secret, obviously. One day, all this will come out, but for now, it’s all one big snow job for the citizenry.

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  2. Re: Bees to swedishlady.
    I have a raised garden in the back yard and I am going to plant wildflowers in there next spring.

    We have a woman that is involved with trying to determine why the bees are in decline.
    She works for the state, and they are trying to find out why CCD is occurring.
    She encourages the people that have the room on their property to plant more flowers because the bees are having to travel farther to find the pollen and the nectar to make their honey.
    They don’t know yet what causes the CCD, aside from the fact that the bees lose the ability to navigate back to their hive.

    I hope your Queens are alright.
    If it is cold enough there they are all snuggled up.
    Next spring will tell you how they did.

    Good Luck !

    • Oh AFVet, wildflowers, how wonderful !!!
      I believe that the bee-lady might be on to something. The bees simply get lost. Also, people today tend to have much more monotonous gardens than before. My parents generation planted fruit-trees, kitchen-gardens and flowers but today, many have lost the knowledge and interest and want a garden requiring no maintenance. They work hard outside the home and want to relax when home. However, there has been a growing “garden-trend” for many years over here, I hope it will last.

        • ;) nice.
          We had the killers take residence under our shed. These guys are not nice. I’m sure you’ve seen many AZ stories of them killing dogs & humans.

  3. I see that Carson, Trump and others are going to confab and see if they can get the debate format changed — for many reasons.

    So, they would be taking away the bias and control from the RNC and the MSM.I think this is good.

    Data indicates that the most liberal candidates are given the most time and treated well. Of course, the format itself is not good for introducing and exploring issues, policies and positions. imho

    I am not crazy about Carson for President but I do appreciate his willingness to take action.

  4. Reply to gracepmc at 1:00 above regarding Moochelle’s next freebie vacation (how many millions will this scam trip cost us?!):

    First Lady Michelle Obama to Travel to the State of Qatar and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

    As part of the Let Girls Learn initiative, the First Lady will make stops in Doha and Amman; the First Lady will also visit US military service members stationed at Al Udeid Air Base as part of the Joining Forces initiative

    As part of Let Girls Learn, the First Lady will visit Doha, Qatar and Amman, Jordan from November 1-7, 2015.

    In Doha, Mrs. Obama will deliver remarks at the 2015 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), addressing an audience of education leaders from the region and around the world about global girls’ education and the Let Girls Learn initiative. Since 2009, WISE has brought together leaders annually to explore concrete steps to improve education worldwide.

    As part of the Joining Forces initiative, Mrs. Obama will also visit service members stationed at Al Udeid Air Base.

    In Amman, the First Lady will visit a school constructed with USAID funding and technical support. Mrs. Obama will meet with adolescent girls attending the school, deliver remarks and commend Jordan for its generosity and commitment to educating all children living within its ‎borders. Due to the conflict in Syria, many schools in Jordan are educating increasing numbers of Syrian students alongside the children of the Jordanian communities hosting them. Girls in countries affected by conflict are nearly twice as likely to be out of secondary school, and the United States is working closely with Jordan to support this influx through ongoing educational cooperation and assistance.

    While in Jordan, the First Lady will visit Petra — one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world — where she will highlight Jordan’s rich history and cultural heritage.

    The First Lady will also participate in official meetings in both Doha and Amman.

    • Thanks for the information regarding her trip. That is great wanting to inspire other Countries to
      Educate the girls. However her and o have no idea how to inspire kids here about school. Bad news about the readinv and math level of kids in Detroit should be an eye opener got them.

      • This is Mooch on vacation nothing more nothing less. She wants to see Petra before the maniacs destroy it. And they will.

        She could give a crap about the military. And her commitment to girls — hashtag level — and letting her anywhere near a school is a disaster.

        • I do agree. Typing what they should do is a way of dealing with The List and The Mess.
          As far a the military, o himself should be speaking to them more often. God Bless, I am sure they are not holding their breath.

      • Interestingly, I saw that “the White House” is all in favor of this, but doesn’t think China goes far enough. First, how is this Obama’s business? Second, isn’t the King of Global Warming concerned about what all those extra people will do to global warming? Think of all the methane from the flatulent new arrivals!

  5. You guys are great. But it appears that Keith is no longer engaged. Good fortune for Keith. Congratualtions. I am looking forward to stopping by from time for some bonhomie.

    As a parting gift allow me to point out for those who don’t know that Mitch McConnell passed the Obama/Boehner budget deal/gift to Paul Ryan at 3am. Shades of Obamacare. Congress is now UniParty! And, of yeah, our big brave Presidential candidate Miss Lindsey voted for it. Cheers.

    Have a great weekend.

    • Don’t make yourself too scarce, grace. Will miss your viewpoints. Btw, hope you are making it through the cable cord-cutting withdrawals okay :-)

    • Govt shutdown might have been great quixotic gesture but in my opinion would have harmed the Reps. Grace–don’t go–you are part of the core of whatever this is…and funny. I agree Keith seems checked out–I think Miss Laura is somewhere in the mix, but I have no evidence…Can’t we sort of wander on, tho?

      • Congratualtions.

        Congratulations. Can’t leave with a typo on my record. :)

        Thanks guys. It’s a ragtag band indeed and I am in and out. Best.

        Star, there is some thinking that part of Rep thinking re. two year bill is to tie Trump’s hands if he wins. Me, personally, I think this is the real face of the Republican party — surrendering — and indeed Uniparty with the Dems.

        MC — even cord cutting is a mess with Comcast — daily phone calls and too many emails with VP, CS to count.

    • Grace, hang in here for a while longer. You’re a top notch commentator and add a lot to the discussions. If nothing else, we can make our own open threads and continue to discuss the events of the day. This is a good group of people–thoughtful, informed, challenging. That’s not the case in many other sites. My hope is that Keith on on a steep learning curve and so he’s got less time to babysit the site. I hope that phase passes and he’ll be back. Maybe Keith can tell us more about it.