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Video || Obama Meets with Prince Harry

Prince Harry comes to Washington with a beard. And Obama meets with him, probably because he thinks it’s kind of cool.

Let’s hear your comments as the debates proceed!

11 Responses to Video || Obama Meets with Prince Harry

    • Geez Lee, FRIED chicken?? That is SO racist!! Watermelon for desert?? You white people just keep puttin’ the blaqck folks DOWN!!! I made Pork Ribs for dinner last night (and they were GOOOOOOOOD) and I nearly turned myself into the PC Police. We all must be more sensitive to the feelings of the Easily-Offended Class!! Oh, and can I come over for dinner??? I live in California and fried food is illegal!!!

  1. While the lame-duck President was entertaining the obsolete royalty from England, America was either laughing or cringing at the rogue blimp floating anywhere it wanted.
    A billion dollar blimp takes off for Canada ripping out power lines along the way, billion dollar jets are tracking it without any hope of securing it, then it just flops into a field.
    A blimp! A big fat, bloated, billion dollar, blimp in 2015!

  2. Frankly I’m astounded that Obi Wan Obama sat down with a descendant of those who oppressed his poor Grampa so badly. Just goes to show he’ll sacrifice is principles (oh God, I’m laughing so hard I think I may have ruptured something important)to hang out with a celebrity. Were there selfies taken??