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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 27, 2015

11:05 am || Welcomes the United States Women’s National Soccer Team; East Room
11:40 am || Departs White House
12:40 pm CT || Arrives Chicago
2:00 pm CT || Addresses the International Association of Chiefs of Police; Chicago
3:05 pm CT || Attends a fundraiser for Senate Democrats; Chicago
5:25 pm CT || Attends a fundraiser for the DNC; Chicago

All times Eastern except as noted

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      • I am curious: Will Obama be spending his night in Chicago at his own home? It seems a waste to put him up in a Presidential Suite somewhere, with the additional 200 rooms for the entourage, when the man owns a perfectly decent house just steps to the south of his day’s events. Keith, why don’t you network with Lynn Sweet, and report back to us with your findings?

        • Imagine if some ‘genius’ in the “WH press corps” asked that question…? Why is this “WH press corps” so cowardly in reporting Obama’s “daily schedule”.

      • One agenda item that didn’t make POTUS’ official schedule…

        WBBM-AM Chicago confirms that Dear Leader will provide On the Spot Guidance at this evening’s Bulls season opener, vs. LeBron James / Cleveland Cavs at the United Center.

        I am sure his trip to Chicago today to speak to a police association for 12 minutes was just a strange coincidence.

  1. Going to Chicago…well, not to root for the Cubbies. I cannot wait to hear his comments today on gun violence considering the urban strife that is now South Chicago….and with Rahm standing behind him.

    Took Obama 7 years to get to Chicago to address violence…wonder how many inner city blacks have died by gun in those years?


  2. Uses taxpayer money for less than an hour with the Chiefs of police and then the rest of the afternoon/evening fundraising for Democrats to undermine said Chiefs of police.

    P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. and D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G.

    • And immoral also, actually. He is constantly deceiving the citizenry re his real purpose in these taxpayer-funded trips. But “immoral” hasn’t stopped hack politicians from their money-grubbing adventures before, and it doesn’t now.

  3. What disgusts me is that this piece of human trash is still popular enough with wealthy Democrats that his party sees no shame in using him to fundraise.

    Politics is a criminal enterprise. Republicans are clueless. Democrats are pure evil.

  4. Immigration, Paul Ryan and the Freedom Caucus. Lots of good links and interesting. In the comments it is noted that within the FC Mick Mulvaney- SC,
    Raul Labrador-ID, Justin Amash-MI, Jim Jordan-
    and Mark Meadows-NC support amnesty and open borders.

    Mulvaney is supposedly the stooge for Guttierez. Supposedly Ryan has signed a letter that there will be no amnesty until Obama leaves office or 2017. What a relief — bs –how about no amnesty.

    Ryan’s selected Chief of Staff is in bed with lobbyist and the COC.

    Take from this what you will.

      • W&M his wheelhouse for sure. I don’t see the point in having someone who so publicly said I DO NOT WANT THIS JOB — so once again, perhaps Kabuki theater and we are snookered.

        I read the Breitbart article and don’t have time for PBS doc now but will watch it. Mulvaney’s office denied he was pro Ryan immigration.

    • The media and political establishment haven’t peddled tomorrow’s “debate” anywhere near as much as the previous ones. A mention now and then, but no BIG DEBATE ON WEDNESDAY: DON’T MISS IT kind of messaging every 10 minutes, as they did previously. Not sure why that is the case this time.

  5. Shep Smith is being a lazy bitch on FNC (as of 3:28pm EST)…he cut away from the NEWS to show Dear Leader Obama speaking in Chicago spewing his B.S. at the polce conference…
    Id email FNC to complain but no one there reads viewer emails.

  6. Hey check this out:

    Since 2008, the total of all cost-of-living adjustments, known as COLA, has been 14.3 percent. Those years include all three times when there was no increase in monthly payments.

    For comparison, from 1975 to 1982, the first eight years COLAs were offered, Social Security recipients received increases totaling 69.6 percent.

    So let’s hear again how we need more “studies” on left-handed sugar gliders or why lesbians can’t get a girlfriend. Or cars that run on good wishes or cooking lessons for illegals or free college for felons. The heck with people who worked 45 yrs and can barely get around…They are no longer useful…

    • It’s the War on Seniors. Two of the three times there was no COLA increase was on Obama’s watch, naturally. That, and the fact that seniors receive zero return on their savings and are experiencing unprecedented inflation in the cost of energy and food prices, takes the shine off the ‘golden years’.

      I can’t stand it when I read about seniors who have to give up their pets b/c they can’t afford to feed them. The middle class is on its way to extinction.

  7. What a joke. Exim Bank refinanced. Looking for votes. Actually I almost don’t care. Krauthamer is in love now with Paul Ryan and thinks all will be well with him at the helm. He is thrilled that Boehner is willing to throw himself on the grenade as Charles says so as to let special snowflake Paulie have a clear path.

    Boehner to try and force through his two year budget deal — a gift to Obama.

    Can only take so much kabuki.

    Changing to Independent. I will vote but not sure it will be for a Republican — depending on who gets the nomination. May have to write myself in.

  8. Direct action on the ground.

    Don’t know what Obama thinks they will be wearing for footwear, but it surely will not be boots like Sgt. Wheeler was wearing.

    Ash Carter is a buffoon just like his puny little boss.

    • gracepmc, I am often in agreement with your observations. In this case, your use of the wonderfully descriptive (and delightfully accurate!) word “puny.”

      • Thanks Aileen. I like it too. Looking for a juxtaposition or contrast between disheveled burly slightly lumbering and slow Carter and our pencil thin, helmeted girl bike riding little prince. Puny appeared and so, puny it is!

        Also as Defense Secretary it sure would be nice for Carter to at least stand up straight once in a while.

  9. Saw this gem about comment sections earlier, it reeks of libbie drool…..”This refrain can be found in almost every left-leaning publication these days. The Pacific Standard: “Even if [comments sections] aren’t vile and psychologically damaging, most of them aren’t worth your time.” Brooklyn Magazine: “Most comment sections are vats of poison, filled with grammatically questionable rants at best and violent hate speech at worst.” The Atlantic: “Online comments are often ignorant, racist, sexist, threatening, or otherwise worthless. But you knew that already.””

    • I really feel Hillary’s got it in the bag. She had a “great” debate (as declared by the MSM), weathered the Benghazi storm, and Barry will let her off the hook for the email fiasco. The MSM is firmly on her side and the Republicans will never get a fair shake…no matter who it is.

      I started turning everything off last week (the few Fox shows I still watched)…too depressing. Not interested in witnessing a year-long coronation – and I believe that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

      • The fun is just beginning, Mr. Pibb. One by one, Trump is picking off the establishment darlings….Jeb the Grouch and Marco the Hustler being the latest casualties.

        And now there is ‘Gentle Ben’ – a mild-mannered brain surgeon who turned his life around from a wayward teenager who attempted to use a knife to kill one of his contemporaries…to a revered pediatric brain surgeon who uses his scalpel to save lives.
        BTW, Dr. Ben elaborated on the knifing incident yesterday. He said that the only thing that saved the other 14 y.o. was the steel belt buckle he was wearing. The knife did not penetrate his abdomen.
        (Any more skeltons in the closet, Dr. Ben? Just kidding.)

        Looking forward to tonight’s debate. How many more will bite the dust?
        Hillary has to be loving it!!!
        (I predict Christie will be the last man standing. He should have a “D” after his name anyway).