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68 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || October 25, 2015

  1. What–no coffee? Where’e Lee? Actually I am off the java–I think all this stress has finally trashed my insides. Was over at the Wash Post commenting on how Trump no longer luvs the Ben. Same people, same tired tea this and tea that–isn’t th tea thing passe? Here we at least try to think up new ways to say the same things.

  2. Just read and article about the Bush family. They do not understand The Donald’s appeal. They think Jeb the Mexican is the answer.

    So out of touch. Her in SoCal we are over run with Mexicans and they are now the majority here. Sick of hearing Spanish and there sloppy culture. Beat up old cars with bad paint and bent fenders. No pride.
    But the Bush crime familie thinks more of this is good. An act of love says JEB.
    What a moron! Clueless about America now.
    Trump = Close the border and send time back.
    Jeb = we want more, lots more south Americans with no skills.

    • You are so right. The dumb Jeb wants to give our country away to anyone and everyone. We are Americans not Mexicans. Can’t stand Miss Piggy Clinton — like Trump says if she wins, our country goes to hell. Besides Clinton being the biggest liar in the world, she doesn’t even hide her lies, just keeps lieing about Benghazi. The Ambassador asked her 600 TIMES for help and was refused. And Clinton doesn’t go to jail for that? Refused help, our Ambassador was raped and murdered, where is the justice for him? How dare she and State Department refuse to help a man who asked 600 TIMES FOR SECURITY and then he and the other men were murdered? And Clinton gets to run for President after that? What kind of country has the U.S. turned into, where Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid refuse to help one our own and then they were murdered? And no one gets arrested and fired for this evil?

  3. Well the coffee’s all gone but here in fly over it’s just past noon and the Chiefs and Steelers are on so I guess that makes it beer-thirty! lol
    What a great thread yesterday discussing Carson, Trump et al.
    Here’s your weekly shameless self promotion from me, the column on the details of the Carson camp AWOL for one of our local WWII vets:
    FYI: Mr. Flottman did get ushered up to front of line but as usual with this ordeal it was locals who made it happen. Also just in case you hear Carson camp say “he’s off campaign and the book people missed it”, the majority of tweets and the facebook posts were replies and inquiries directly to book tour posts.

    • Great article. Thanks for posting it. Thanks as well for the member of the community that stepped forward with the ticket.
      1 response thanking you for reaching out to Carson. No thanks for to you for going out of your way for the fine Vet.
      Also thanks for the other people that made an attempt as well.

    • As I’ve mentioned before, Dr. Ben has only been a member of the Repub party since Oct. 31. 2014. He has only voted in 6 general elections: 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

      He was a member of the IDP in Florida, a minor political party. No big deal…except for the fact that ths org. is not conservative. They are for ‘social justice’ and ‘sustainable development’. Shades of Obama!

      As I have mentioned before, ad nauseum, Dr. Ben has no qualifications to be Potus. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out.

      Why he is in this race is the $64k question. Money? Fame? Book-selling? Hidden agenda?
      If by some twist of fate he should get the nom., he will lose. This country will not tolerate another Black potus and the race wars that would undoubtedly accompany it, IMO.

      Dr. Ben can win Iowa, but so did Huckabee and Santorum. No big deal if he wins. He will NOT get the nomination, IMO.

  4. Kudos to Sharyl Attkisson for her continued reports on illegal immigration. In her show today she reported about illegal aliens who are released by ICE, never deported and go on to commit more crimes. She interviewed families of victims killed by illegal aliens. Two victims were from Mesa, AZ. No matter where the victims are from, their deaths are tragic and could have been avoided with proper enforcement of the law.

    From Full Measure, part one:

    Full Measure, part two:

    • How do you stop a runaway train? It’s too late for border states….and the ME ‘refugees’ will pick up the slack everywhere in between. We passed ‘critical mass’ years ago. Sooo depressing.

      Yesterday I had a glorious experience in the COSTCO parking lot, lol. As I was loading an overflowing cart of groceries into the back of the SUV, a car was waiting for my prime parking spot. All of a sudden the driver jumped out of his car and started helping me load the groceries. Turns out he was a visitor from France. I was dumbstruck by his chivalry and thanked him profusely. He mumbled something about
      how America has changed since his last visit 10 yrs. ago..and said he could hardly wait to return to France.
      I almost said ‘take me with you’, lol.
      It was a small act of kindness, but it spoke volumes about our society today.

      • We make of the French (mostly their current ‘politics’) but I have always like French history, culture & ‘civilization’…
        If I had a chance to be younger & healthier again I think I might have joined the French Foreign Legion.

        • One of my daughters is married to a young Frenchman she met when we hosted exchange programs in high school.
          All I can say is Vive la France! He is adorable!

  5. Okay, just for the fun of it, let’s see who can answer this.

    What 1990 feature film is suggested by the following list of songs?

    “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson
    “Take On Me” by a-ha
    “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits
    “Sleeping Bag” by ZZ Top

    I’ll be back here at the top of the hour (7 PM ET) to follow up.

      • No. I’ll say it again: the answer involves the music videos for those songs.

        And let me add a few more to make it blatantly obvious:

        “Africa” by Toto
        “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams
        “Unforgettable” by Natalie Cole

        Oh…and also “Underground” and “As the World Falls Down” by David Bowie. This is where it gets trippy, and I’ll explain why once you figure out the 1990 film in question.

    • Okay, since no one seems to have gotten it…

      All of those videos were directed by Steve Barron, whose feature film debut in 1990 was, believe it or not, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

      And here’s the weird part, where the David Bowie videos make you go “Whaaaa?”

      “Underground” and “As the World Falls Down” were from the 1986 movie “Labyrinth,” which would turn out to be the last film Jim Henson directed before his passing in 1990.

      One of Henson’s last projects involved the animatronic costumes for–wait for it–“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

      So, Steve Barron, the guy who made two of the most iconic videos in the early history of MTV (Billie Jean, Take On Me), was also behind the camera for two promotional videos for Jim Henson’s LAST feature film as director. And Henson’s studio would later go on to provide costumes for Steve Barron’s FIRST feature film as director.

      Have I confused everyone yet?

  6. I’m confused. Fox aired over 1100 segments on Benghazi the 24 months after it occurred. I was looking forward to watching the ENTIRE HEARING. Can someone kindly explain why Fox bailed out of the hearing with 4 hours to go?? CNN and MSNBC carried it all. Guess they are more Fair and Balanced than Fox. Thought Dana Perino was going to cry on O’Reilly. Maybe it was just political after all, right Mr. McCarthy?Bret Baier looked so sad too.

      • Sorry? Get a grip on what? So much for an honest discussion. Did or did not Fox cut out with four hours to go? I just figured after one thousand one hundred segments on Benghazi, the least they could do is broadcast the entire hearing. I haven’t seen so many long faces at Fox since election night 2012. I’m sure you agree, no?

        • They covered the hearings gavel to gavel on C-SPAN.

          I hope you’re not as lazy with your intellect as you seem to be with your cable remote.

          Now go crawl back under your bridge.

        • FOX is no longer a legitimate news source.
          Regular viewers were really ticked off when they cut everything off and switched to The Five – forcing them to go to CNN or MSNBC.
          They have done the same thing with other major events. It’s inexplicable.

          FOX News is on it’s way to extinction, if you ask me. It’s unwatchable in most cases.

        • Your Teabagger comment says more than your feeble mind will ever be able to comprehend. If you want to know what real political discourse is, check out yesterday’s open thread, peruse some past weeks as well, and then hang around awhile.
          Trolls don’t do well here at WHD. We prefer, facts, logic, debate and truth.
          Hillary could have testified for 24 hours and we still wouldn’t have gotten anymore out of her than the lies and scapegoating she’s already done.