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Saturday Open Thread || October 24, 2015



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  1. First: GO ROYALS!(Not a fanatic but still have fond memories of the Brett years when I was spending a lot of time in KC. Good to see em back in the hunt.)
    Second: What’s the WHD denizens view on Dr. Ben Carson. I admire the man personally and respect his surgical skills but can’t seem to get to the point where I see that translate into ability to be POTUS. FULL DISCLOSURE: Tomorrow’s Sunday column recounts the past two weeks of how his campaign ignored multiple media requests via his own website, Twitter and Facebook regarding a local World War II vet needing a ticket to Carson’s book signing in Joplin this past Thursday.
    My concern is he says his inexperience in foreign policy and economic affairs isn’t an issue because he’ll surround himself with “good people”. Well, not one of those “people” had enough sense to help out a WWII vet so I’m now questioning.
    Inquiring minds want to know so fire away!
    Oh, the coffee’s on and the banana nut muffins are warming up.

    • It amazes me that a country of 320 million cannot come up with one fully qualified candidate on either side. Each and every one comes with some qualities that make us cringe. Carson is honest beyond reproach. The reason you might not have heard from anyone regarding the vet, which I think is a horrible blunder, is that Carson has taken two weeks off to promote his book.
      Someone needs to be tending the shop at all times, whether he is campaigning or not!
      My main concern with Carson, up against the wicked witch, is that he is too soft spoken, too nice. Trump, while I don’t necessarily want him as president, is capable of taking down the witch and keeping her in her place. Not sure Carson is forceful enough, and forceful is what we will need in the White House. It is going to be a long road back.

      • If Carson had a D next to his last name as opposed to a R, the media would say it was Obummer’s second coming. He has the brains, more accomplished, etc…

        I like Carson, and his ideas. All candidates have their short coming.

        I read someone was supporting Jindal, is he still in the race?

      • Vote Trump not Carson. Carson seems very nice but Trump knows way more about taxes and business and just about everything, we need Trump now. We have a man, if you can call him that, in the White House that is viscious to his very core and has turned against our country with his evil and racist sick mind. Vote trump, we need him now for his honesty (not like Hillary Clinton, the liar who lies about everything!) and for his expertise in taxes and business and knowledge of the world and who deeply cares about the military, as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama betrayed our military and our police departments with their stupidity.

    • Why in the world Dr. Ben is carrying on this charade is a mystery. Surely he is intelligent enough to know that he is in no way able to lead this country.

      My guess is he entered the race to make a name for himself so that he could perhaps get a TV show and/or promote his books.

      Hate to be so cynical, but nothing adds up with Dr. Ben.
      *** With all due respect, does he really think we are ready for another Black Potus? Just sayin’.

      • …It may just be that Dr. Ben never expected to get beyond first base. He shows no signs of backing off or spending more time with the family. What could he be thinking?

      • Agree with Girly (call the papers, LOL)–my BS alarms go ooga-ooga with this guy. I feel like he retired and thought, might as well be president. I completely am not down with the “he will attract good people” argument for any of these people. Let’s have some names–see who you think is “good.” Even before Carson’s weird pronouncements got more coverage, I was listening and he was popping off with odd statements…heaven knows what he is really thinking. His wife seems down to earth–but dazzled by how perfect he is, even tho he sometimes spaces and does not listen to her. My mom was that way about my physician dad–we called it the “Missus Doctor” thing. Basically, I think Carson is opaque and weird…well, you asked.

    • As for surrounding himself with “good people”, I believe his top advisor is his faith in God. Maybe that explains why he tends to take a nebulous stand on the issues.
      His forceful opposition to PC culture is what brought him into the limelight, and I think that’s still his greatest strength. Because of his personal history of anger, I think there may be a fighter beneath that soft-spoken, sleepy-eyed facade.

    • To be fair to Carson, any of the GOP candidates would be a better President than Obama and definitely better than Hillary. Even Bernie Sanders!

      I read Carson’s first book One Nation and he lays out pretty good policies about improving the function of government. I guess it does take a brain surgeon to figure it out :D Btw, his brother is a rocket scientist. Not a bad backstory for these ghetto boys with a single mother. He’d tell Black Lives Matter thugs to sit down, shut up and read a book !

      I still prefer Trump who’s already using his Hillary Hammer …. worst Secretary of State in the history of Secretaries of State !

      • I don’t mean to be argumentative–but would Carson be better than Obama? Wouldn’t he meet with the same bemusement or negativity in Congress, would he engage in conflict if needed, would he seek any better counsel or go with his “instincts” or even what he discerned as God’s advice. He was apparently the smartest in the operating room–would be have to be the smartest in the oval or at the summit table?

        • To Star, compare Ben’s achievements to Obama’s.
          No comparison.

          I am not saying that Ben is the “WON”.
          I’m saying that he is far more capable of major decisions than the man that is the POTUS now.

          Picking advisers is a major duty to assure your efforts to run a country.
          If and when one goes sour, you must release them.

          The ability to determine when one goes sour harkens back to your experience in determining where is the fly in the ointment.

          • I guess he made more on the spot decisions operating than Obama ever did living his life..will give you that one…but what about the “ordained to be pres” thing, the smartest man in the room thing, the cockeyed outbursts, the disdain…dunno…I stand by what I said.

    • I think Trump/Carson might be our best hope. Trump is capable of putting HiLIEry in her place. Carson could counter Trump’s aggressiveness, which does seem to have toned down in recent weeks.
      Trump is strong on the military and especially the vets. I do not believe Trump to be religious AT ALL, but Carson would balance that.
      FWIW, just my random observations.

      • The balance idea–good cop/bad cop–is interesting. Hadn’t thought of that before. I just don’t know quite to make of Dr. Carson in terms of being POTUS. He’s obviously brilliant, classy, hard working and centered. But being POTUS is a tough, conflict-filled endeavor (in terms of dealing with conflicting ideas that bubble into the Oval Office). How would he handle that? I have no idea. Perhaps his soft-spoken nature covers a tough, take no prisoners approach? Surgeons are notoriously political in their day to day dealings in hospitals, often have huge egos and can be very difficult toward those whom they consider underlings or inferior (my observations after having spent many years as a hospital volunteer). Not all, but many. He survived all that somehow, but does that transfer to running the Executive branch? Just don’t know.

    • Thanks for that update. Was anyone else surprised to learn that Trump’s constant Twittering is done by interns? I thought the man simply did not sleep. Not sleeping much is a sign of bi-polar. That is a concern with Trump, who acknowledges he does not need much sleep. I have more personal experience with bi-polar than I can write here. Not me, but family members.

      • Trump’s RE-tweeting is done by interns. He posts his own tweets. I seriously doubt — no, I think it’s impossible — that a bi-polar personality could produce such success, not to mention such stellar children.

        • See no indication Trump is bi-polar.

          On the other hand Obama is an extreme narcissist. Not merely arrogant or possessing a large ego — normal for politicians, CEOs — can do people.

          And Hillary is a sociopath. Not a mere serial liar.

          • And Trump is not a narcissist? I don’t know if he is bi-polar either…but I know bi-polar people can be very vexing to live with, even though they get a lot done in up periods and they can certainly raise great children.

          • As for Hillary–I definitely agree some part of her does not connect with humanity–no empathy, no feeling. But I am tellin’ ya, after seeing the comments today on one of the many WaPo Yay Hillary articles–the fix is in.

          • Star, Usually you are a careful reader :) I said re. Obama extreme narcissist. Should have said pathological perhaps.

            Not denying Trump narcissist — trait found in many high achievers. But within bounds. Lots of ego — almost job requirement for certain things. Not always bad when considered as need to believe in yourself.

            That said,yep fix is in. And it says a lot about America that the Dem Party and supporters would be willing to overlook years of corruption and lying. And now criminal Hillary definitely broke some laws (a la Petraeus) and if she is not investigated and charged then for me, that is a step too far. To run as a Presidential candidate when you have blatantly broken the law involving national security. You don’t get much lower than that.

          • I would say offhand Trump is extremely narcissistic, loves the sounds of his own voice and opinions, but is this always bad? I think all people in public life are. Obama maybe took it too far with his selfies, comedy show appearances, bounding around, mouthing off, etc.

        • I know for a fact Trump does not drink because alcoholism killed his brother. I’ve never thought to put a mental illness label on him, though bi-polar is controllable with meds. He’s definitely a very strong Type A personality, which is probably what you need to build a successful company…or run a nation :) (God, I hate the comments format here)

          • His never finish sentences, rambling way of talking could be “flight of ideas”–but I am not into slapping DSMs on people. I don’t think he is “mental,” just a big talker.

          • My God, why are you people labeling Trump as bi-polar?? That is so terrible when you don’t know that? Stop with the bi-polar huh? Sounds crazy and hateful too. Where in the world do people decide and say Trump is bi-polar when they know nothing about him being bi-polar? Why don’t you jump to conclusions, why don’t ya!

    • Apparently, Dr. Carson has a HUGE Facebook presence, more than the other candidates–so I’m told. I have no Facebook account (or Twitter, either), but that’s what a couple of people have told me. But I don’t know if that’s correct.

  2. How to ruin a Saturday afternoon: Just flipped on the cable news only to see the croaky old toad, Bill Clinton, on the stage in Iowa. Had completely forgotton about that long, bony, crooked finger he uses so much to emphasize a point. It’s b-a-a-a-c-k!

    First LIE out of his mouth: “We have gotten back all of the jobs we lost in the crash. We got ’em back two years earlier than the historic average. Normally it takes 10 years to do it after a financial crash.”

    Like Obama, the Clintons are forgetting about the millions of unemployed who have stopped looking for jobs. The U6 govt. stats. Also, he didn’t mention that a record number of unemployed have transferred into a permanent ‘disability’ status whether they are disabled or not. All you need to do to collect lifetime benefits is say you are ‘depressed’ b/c you cannot find a job.

    Our biggest nightmare is about to come true: The ‘Twofer’!!!!

  3. This thread should be read by EVERY political campaign no matter the candidate, the office, or the party.
    The topic may have been Carson and Trump mainly but the insight? Priceless.
    At the folks place on the ol Kansas plains this weekend and was great to get back last night and read the thread. I expect pushback from Carson supporters when the column starts to circulate today as he already tried Thursday to use the “I’m on a book tour and that was campaign” excuse. Might have even worked for him IF, most of the tweets and ALL of the Facebook inquiries were directed to posts and tweets ABOUT THE BOOK TOUR! lol

  4. A little bit more on the COC and the GOPe plans to destroy conservatives and at this point, America, to serve themselves. Really —

    I don’t recall who it was recently discussing American employment, blah blah blah, without mentioning that all the new jobs in last quarter were filled by foreign “workers”.