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Video || Hillary Passes the Buck

Of course, Mrs. Clinton is running for president, and so she is not to blame for Benghazi. In order to prove you are not to blame, you must find plenty of others to point the finger at.

And at Thursday’s hearing, she did.


Another video from the staff at PoliZette.

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  1. DOJ passes on IRS/Lerner. Good news for Hillary. My money is on the FBI treating Hillary the same way.

    A few tidbits that might reappear when hag queen is cleared.

    they found “mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia,” they found “no evidence that would support a criminal prosecution.”

    And my favorite — What occurred is “disquieting”.

    I suspect this judgement was made because there is no longer concern that DOJ,IRS,or the FBI will act independently from the dictates of the Administration — present and future.

    • Grace, you just batted a thousand. My jaw dropped when I heard the findings and thought exactly as you posted. HiLIEry’s is home free with this DOJ. You can also blame the Republicans for putting in lefty Loretta Lynch, who is at this administration’s beck and call. What Chicago style corruption. Every one of them is from there.

      • That is what is so frustrating. Unfortunately the Republicans are complicit. And now with Ryan up to bat as Speaker, immigration, amnesty and open borders is just around the corner.

        No matter who he is, when a Republican candidate receives the full throated support of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Gutierrez plus the COC , at least an eyebrow should be raised. But oh no. The Freedom Caucus mistakenly believes it has achieved something.

        Nope, the DOJ ruling — more of the same — as the Queen swishes through with the Constitution and the laws of this Republic mere comfy carpeting for her cankles.

        • I agree–the DOJ will choke. This is all choreographed–I feel almost down to Gowdy going um, ah, gee, not sure what we accomplished. There were things brought out! But no–nothing to see here.

    • We are headed for the iceberg of accountability.
      Will the once mighty ship sink?
      I pray it won’t.
      I fear it will.
      On a brighter note – my “once-vote-cast-for-O” son says he will take to the streets to protest HRC’s nomination.

      • Mighty Ship = USA
        …in case someone thought I meant HRC. I hope she sinks like a ton of lead. And I am female.
        She is not “The One.” Neither is BHO for that matter.

        • He didn’t say. I didn’t ask.
          I am stealthy! haha
          He was raised to support capitalism and conservatism and Christianity.
          His wife had a different upbringing.
          His parent is leaning toward Trump/Cruz.
          Haters don’t start with me. I could not possibly care less what you think, do don’t waste your energy hating on me.
          My mother – a wise woman – always said, “Your upbringing always tells on you.”

  2. OT Pentagon scum covering for this soulless blob of a man Barack Obama.

    What a slap in the face to a hugely decorated (6 bronze stars!)brave hero! Not combat.

    Barack Obama and Ashton Carter are not worthy to shine this soldier’s boots.

    Barack Obama “You will not die in a combat mission” — what he left out is — but you might die and if you do I will deny deny deny that you were in combat — even if it’s a firefight. And I can do this. Because I Barack Hussein Obama am your Commander in Chief, you poor sorry bastards.

    I had let this go until I saw Ash Carter on TV right after the finely chiseled face of the fallen Special Forces hero.

    • Apologies to Master Sgt. Wheeler for not honoring him by name. RIP

      . After more than 70 hostages were freed, 39-year-old Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler, a veteran of 14 official combat deployments and doubtless several other less-official trips into danger, died of his gunshot wound.

    • It sounds terrible, but it’s a natural thyroid extract tablet – Armour thyroid. I took it for years after a thyroidectomy. I preferred the natural extract v. the synthetic thyroid.
      A few years ago I switched to Synthroid as an experiment, but went back to the Armour thyroid which had better results for me.

      • Thanks Girly 1. I did look it up. And I am happy for all those who benefit from it. I do not extend that to Hillary Clinton. I reserve the right to make snide remarks about Hillary because of how she treats this country and those men who died on her watch. I only have contempt.

        But, again, of course it is great for those it helps. And God knows there are all kinds of animal parts that work well for us — many times saving our lives.

    • She used to be on this concoction for her condition(s), but it didn’t suit her as well: It made her break out in cackles and vindictiveness.

      Second Witch
      Fillet of a fenny snake,
      In the cauldron boil and bake;
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      For a charm of powerful trouble,
      Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

  3. If Hillary’s actions regarding Benghazi weren’t already despicable enough, she had a celebration party at her home after her testimony Thursday. I am appalled although I should have known to expect something like this. During the breaks at the hearing she greeted people with hugs, huge smiles and acted like she was the belle of the ball. And I still haven’t gotten past her remarks that Amb. Stevens was joking in his emails about Benghazi.

    From Breitbart:
    Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that she and her team had a “great” time “eating Indian food, and drinking wine and beer” at her house after her testimony before the Benghazi Select Committee in an interview broadcast on Friday’s “Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC.

    When asked what she did after the hearing, Hillary said, “Well, I had my whole team come over to my house, and we sat around eating Indian food, and drinking wine and beer. That’s what we did. … We were all talking about sports, TV shows. It was great, just to have that chance to, number one thank them, because they did a terrific job, kind of being there behind me, and getting me ready, and then just talk about what we’re going to do next.”

    Hillary added, regarding her testimony, “The point is, what are we going to do both honor the people that we lost, and try to make sure this doesn’t happen again”

  4. Good Saturday morning! I’m in mod jail over my comment about Hillary’s post testimony celebration. I pasted the report and wonder if that’s what led to mod jail.

    • The mysteries of mod jail … frustrating. Hope you are released soon so we can read it. Snuggle in.

      See where one of the Benghazi victims relatives called Hillary a serial liar. But the MSM will not report that as such. In this case the MSM is hugely responsible for shoddy reporting — three weeks ago so of them had Hillary teetering on the fence now they are selling her as superwoman. They need to be called out.

      Passing you some lemon bars. :)

  5. Fox cut away with FOUR hours left in the hearing-only network to do so. That’s all I need to know.1100 segments on Benghazion Faux and tthey cut away. Hilarious.

  6. When I heard at the hearing for Benghazi that the Ambassador had asked for and begged for more security 600 TIMES, I was shocked and all I can think of now is that it is inconceivable that Hillary Clinton and the State Department and Barack Obama refused the Ambassador more help when he begged, begged and begged for it
    600 TIMES! And then the Ambassador and the other men were murdered because they didn’t get the help they begged for. Clinton and Obama should be in jail for denying the Ambassador help when they were asked 600 times for it. And then the Ambassador and the other men were murdered because there was no security or troops to protect them. But Clinton and Obama have plenty of security and protection and guns to protect them. Why? Are they better than the Ambassador and the other men, I don’t think so, not at all better. Evil is the word.

    • Also, after 600 requests from our Anmbassador for help and security and same was denied, makes you wonder why? Did the Ambassador know too much about something in Libya. 600 requests for help and none came? There had to be a reason. Corrupt and lawless administration thats for sure.