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Video || Hillary Testimony Outtake – Benghazi Emails

Here’s some dramatic video from today’s Benghazi hearing showing the paucity of emails by Hillary related to Libya in 2012. Either she wasn’t too concerned about it, or those emails were deleted.

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  1. I couldn’t watch the whole thing.
    Did anyone ask MrsC what she told MrObama that night, or did he even know about it then?

    That heart-wrenching day in the hangar when the flag draped coffins were presented, did she even feel a twinge that she was lying to the loved ones?

    The questions I did hear were convoluted, evasive, and hard to follow – just as her answers were off the topic and sounded like self-approval. She and MrO lied to those grieving people, lied to us, and caused false accusations to be placed against an innocent American citizen.

    • Especially on Benghazi and the loss of those 4 lives, Obama and Clinton show casual, cruel disregard.

      What’s important is power and politics. They are soul less. They make me physically sick, especially over the coffins and speaking lies to the families.

    • I just caught the very end – no sound on the tv at work. She was SMILING as she stood up to leave along with all the democrats. She knows she can’t be pinned down.

      Notice that CNN (or anybody else) doesn’t show the dead ambassador being dragged through the streets. If it was Condoleezza Rice on trial I bet they’d be plastering that haunting picture all over the news.

  2. I have listened to the entire debacle until just about 30 minutes ago when I finally had had enough.
    She should have been FORCED to testify in PRIVATE with a transcript as originally intended but which she pushed back on because she KNEW she could count on the Dems on the committee to ask her nothing and only attack the committee and provide one campaign ad and fundraising video after another. (Which as I write this her campaign is already doing!)
    There have been a couple of moments but basically it is nothing but “never ask a question of the witness that you don’t know the answer” giving her a chance to opine and turn it back on the asker.
    I respect Gowdy to the highest but he has been put in a no win situation and the truth and the country are the ones that suffer.
    Rant over. Until I rant again. :)

  3. And I just got an email from the DCCC with this “scandal”:

    “But now, the truth is out: This Committee is a fundraising ploy. Gowdy has been linked to an anti-Hillary Super PAC raising heaps of money off Benghazi.”

    (Chip in $5 to $250 and your donation will be TRIPLE MATCHED)

    Imagine: Fundraising off Benghazi…..

  4. I particularly enjoyed her line (meant to be the sound bite?) that she spent more sleepless nights over this matter than “all of you put together” Yeah – worrying about getting caught!

  5. And the DCCC just sent me an email telling me my donation would be triple matched because Trey Gowdy is supposedly guilty of fund raising off Benghazi.

  6. I no longer watch or listen to these hearings.
    Aptly named events because all the speakers hope something they say will ensure that they “will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”
    (Andy Warhol)
    HRC is guilty as sin. We all know it. They know it. She knows it.
    What will be the result of this little extravaganza?
    Sadly, only they and HRC (and BHO and ValJar) know.
    They will let us in on the outcome when they damn well please.

  7. Mainstream local news tonight portrays Killary in the best possible light. They show the obligatory clip of Cummings and the rest is all her. It’s like Trey Gowdy and Susan Brooks weren’t even there. My heart breaks for the parents of those 4 men.

  8. All this “Washington Machine” crap is wearying. All I know is that the moment these idiots got word that our embassy was under fire, they should have given the order for every US Military unit in the hemisphere to mobilize.

    The argument that “it would have done no good” is completely irrelevant because they didn’t know what was happening, or how it might turn out. The fact that they didn’t act, in my opinion, exposes them as inept, naive, and maybe even traitors.

    Would you like to be the next in line to be ordered by Hil and O into harm’s way? How comforted would you be to hear O tell you that he has your back? I wonder if he told ambassador Stevens that? I retch every time I hear that snake say that.

  9. Hillary is a psychopath. Inappropriate cackling. Arrogantly smirking and posturing while the family members of the dead men sit nearby. Reminiscing fondly about Chris Stevens desperately trying to acquire security equipment. She’s AMUSED by his desperation.

    What an obnoxious and phony display! And obviously rehearsed. I feel for the families having to sit through that.

  10. I caught one of Hillary’s lies but haven’t heard anyone else mention it. She said at one point in the testimony that Ambassador Stevens did not have her e-mail address. Later in the testimony she said that Stevens had a great sense of humor and she “could just see him typing her e-mail.”