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Obama Schedule || Friday, October 23, 2015

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
4:15 pm || Delivers remarks at the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum; Washington
5:05pm || Attends a DNC fundraiser; Washington

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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  1. Just curious Keith:

    Have you, or have you seen anyone else, who has kept a tally of the amount of “fundraisers” this (PSEUDO) President has attended and/or compared them to the totals of former presidents?

    I would imagine that the ‘bottom-line’ sum of these expenses are paid for by taxpayer’s monies and that those expenses should be paid for, totally, by the political party involved.

    Or, am I being naive?

  2. What difference does it make , at this point, anyway? That’s how I feel about Barack Obama and his “schedule” and his fundraising .

    He has done to this country what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did to the four men who died at Benghazi. And after Obama, the feckless absent CiC, blamed Ash Carter, for the death of a Special Forces soldier Thursday it is clear that this is administration and party is overflowing with sociopathic behaviour.

      • Island Girl, I saw the picture of Barry hanging curtains.Oh dear. I am sure he can learn to knit too. Please note, I really appreciate that men are helpful and handy in domestic work, who would like a lazy slob in a couch doing nothing ? And Romney looked just adorable in an apron baking cookies ( I am sure that he helps his wife ), while Barry in the same situation would look like a silly, giggling phony. Barry, he looks like he never could chop woods,clean the drainpipes or carry his bride over the threshold. And I don´t think he has ever done that either.

  3. Meanwhile looks like Freedom Caucus will support Paul Ryan for SOH. You know who else backs Paul Ryan? Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Gutierrez.

    I suppose it’s efficient to have a party that kills itself before it surrenders.

    • Grace, I thought the unpleasantly ambitious Ryan looked like a traitor already in the 2012 campaign. What did he do to the nice, well behaved Romney ? Well, now I read that Romney encourages him to run for the Speaker-job. I am disappointed. And confused. Are they all the same ? Oh, except for one…

      • Beginning to look like they are all the same. Disappointed in the Freedom Caucus. Reading their FB page people are angry that the “last refuge” is supporting a man whose speakership is actively supported by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Guttierez.

        Ryan has said he will not bring up immigration while he is SO
        H — if that happens. Big deal. He will use the time and power so that the moment Obama leaves Ryan will be able to stand arm in arm once again with Gutierrez and legislate amnesty.

        Ryan is GOPe at best and a Progressive at worst. He believes America is an “idea”.

        Yikes. A rant. Hope things are well there.

        • Well Grace, things are well in my house but not in the nation. We have a totally incompetent, weak government ( due to our complicated political situation) that has fixed us a great big immigration mess. And a school massacre on top of that.

  4. All these fundraisers and I read that the DNC is in the red with more owed than they take in.

    Will the military spending veto affect Air Force One ? Marine One? I hope so.

    • The cost of Barry’s traveling expenses, hotels, security, etc for every DNC fundraiser is probably 10x what he takes in.
      I know he is bankrupting my city every time he shows up b/c of the extra security we are forced to provide. Streets are closed 24 hrs. wherever he goes – even after he leaves the fundraisers!
      It’s insanity!

        • There’s a common thread somewhere, SL. I still can’t get over the fact that anyone with the moniker, Barack Hussein Obama, could be elected in the USA. We’re paying dearly for it.

      • Most American voters don’t care about Barry’s vast and wasteful fund-raising travels. The Dems control the message because they control the messengers. It’s that simple. There’s a reason Hillary is appearing on Rachel Maddow tonight and not Bill O’Reilly. She knows that her message that all Rs hate her and Barry is what most voters believe.

        • Oh–definitely!–the word is out–she crushed that hearing…Even MoJoe…where they dislike her–they “had to admit” she was fabbie. And oddly, others saw a pouchy-faced. cold as ice phony feigning boredom and tossing out the fake yuks.

          • I couldn’t watch after a while, knowing full well the committee was asking the lamest questions and giving HRC the edge the entire night. The Rs deserve to lose if that’s all the mojo they have!

          • After years and years of practicing deceit I am not surprised that she could give this performance in her sleep.

            She also has no conscience. I am not amazed, surprised or impressed. Rote Shrilliary. Just more and more disgusting with every word.

        • @Star, I’m one of those oddly others.

          Hillary is a psychopath. Inappropriate cackling. Arrogantly smirking and posturing while the family members of the dead men sit nearby. Reminiscing fondly about Chris Stevens desperately trying to acquire security equipment. She’s AMUSED by his desperation.

          What an obnoxious and phony display! And obviously rehearsed. I feel for the families having to sit through that.

          (btw, this is a re-post from previous SNAFU thread)

  5. What with Obama, Hillary and the Freedom Caucus Grand Compromise with a man who doesn’t even want the job the water is rushing through the dike.

    And oh yea, Carl Dick or Dyck — a founder of the US communist party — is holding a 3 day anti police rally in NY during the timeframe that a black police officer was shot and killed by a black. Screw them and the horse from the Obama stables they rode in on.

  6. Fundraiser. No doubt a percentage of this finds its way into Obama’s pocket. I wish they would hold fundraisers or fundme projects for Barack’s vacations and golf outings.

      • Where the hell has Bob Beckel been on FOX News…???
        Just curious, because he was one of the few reasons I would watch “The Five”…

        (besides staring at Kimberly Guilfoyle’s make-up, hair and pornstar legs & shoes…)

        • Pretty soon Fox will not have to import liberals. They are hiring them…full staff.

          See Abby Huntsman above.

          I cut my Comcast cable effective 10/23/2015. At first I was concerned about loss of access to Fox, that dwindled to loss of access to Special Report, Brett Baier. Now I am looking forward to it. Except Brett. But he won’t be long…

        • Beckel ran afoul of Ailes–I forgot the details. I was just saying to my daughter when Juan was being …Juan…that I missed Beckel. Come back, Bob, all is forgiven!

          • I would always get my ‘stories’ & ‘rumors’ about FOX News types from “Imus in the Morning” on FBN… But now that Imus is gone I have no idea/clue about the gossip-news-inside info when it comes to various FOX News hosts or shows…

        • Star says:
          October 23, 2015, 3:43 pm at 3:43 pm

          :) I usually do too Star.

          But it appears the course is set and it is so so sad — especially when you have lived in countries where you experienced the decay and rot that socialism brings. Beyond sad. So, thanks for laughs — short supply now.

        • I also enjoy the comments.America is under attack so it’s good to have a place to come and share and laugh. And although we have our moments I can always depend on Star.

          Unfortunately a good amount of the undermining of the country comes from Republicans determined to defend the establishment against the base. The real director of legislation is now the COC.

          That said, I would encourage you to read this analysis of what is happening, including Paul Ryans path to the speakership. The links contained in at the bottom explain what is happening. It is kind of sloggy to follow but I am convinced that this is the true GOPe strategy set up a while back.

          I do not see a bright light at the end of the tunnel for freedom loving Americans who are crying for their country. You may see it differently. I am attempting passive observation and failing at that as well.

  7. We will look back one day and realize that removing the sanctions at this time from Iran was the single biggest mistake made by this administration.

    Lame duck kills USA – film at 11……

    • I doubt it… This Nation, the USA, is SO STUPID nowadays they have no clue how to look at or read history… (aka; ‘everything bad nowadays is Bush fault’)
      I DARE! SOMEONEONE TO WRITE A HISTORY OF “Barack Hussein Obama” (he has no “life” that anyone can explain…) AND HIS “REGIEME” FROM 2008-201#…?

      • Obama will go down in history as brilliant. They have control of our history now.

        I sure hope they remember to print off copies in Spanish and perhaps Farsi.

      • Langley Spook, I always enjoy your comments and outlook on this master of disaster.No promises but it has been my dream to someday write the truth the media won’t. Stay tuned..

  8. Perhaps I am naive and/or the only one who really cares that the Obungler can jet-set anywhere, anytime for partisan political functions and charge it off to we, the taxpayer no matter our political preference.

    I really thought that my question would elicit an answer or at least some like comments. No wonder our political system is screwed-up. Apathy will do that.

    • We are not apathetic. We have discussed this endlessly, written and called reps etc. commiserated amongst ourselves. Perhaps before your time. And having no success or reason to believe that it will change we deal with more current and new issues.

      As you may have noticed, it is exhausting fighting the corruption and injustices of this regime.