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Live Stream || Hillary Testifies Before Benghazi Panel

The hearing has concluded.

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    • She keeps blaming the congress for not enough money.
      Maxine Waters is sitting behind her.
      Remember, she is the one that asked why the Mars rover couldn’t be used to find the flag on the Moon.

      So far,….it ain’t her fault.

      • It’s always someone else’s fault with these people (and with some fam members here). Always–that’s a given. Next we will hear the devil made her do it or not do it.

    • She’s into blaming the CIA.
      I still have to hear about the blame game on the ‘video’.
      Although, she alluded to the fact that they were ‘mislead’.

      There is no way this woman can be trusted to be POTUS.

  1. Up now – Linda Sanchez. She and older sister Loretta are the equivalent of the Castro twins: corrupt, LaRaza card carrying racist, anti-American mauraders.

    Sounds like all of Sanchez’s questions were written by Hillary staffers.

        • I think I mention some time ago that I have a State Department friend who was stationed in one of our embassies in Africa at the very same time Benghazi was attacked. My friend told me that for MONTHS preceding Benghazi, several US Ambassadors stationed in Africa begged, pleaded and demanded more security at their embassy because they were picking up information that attacks were being planned. Clinton rejected every single one of those requests. Personally. That’s all we need to know about Hillary’s testimony today. Or ever.

        • In her prepared testimony, she seemed to be outlining all the past attacks–this would make me want more security, not the minimum. I guess the idea is that the big bads stymied all the measures …dunno…seemed like weak tea to me. Has anyone asked her who was fired for not passing on security requests?

      • What difference does that make? Dead is dead to Hillary. Case closed. No time for remorse. Relentless march to power.

        And these 4 are not the first for the Clintons.

  2. Turned it on at lunch–in recess…but they were playing phone calls from (at least when I heard it) people saying it was a witch hunt, what would other nations think of us, waste of money… I thought CSPAN played it completely factually…guess not.

    • My late mom used to watch CSPAN a lot…they used to alternate calls between a “Democrat” phone line and a “Republican” phone line to keep things “fair.” (She told me they jettisoned the separate lines in the latter years of GW’s presidency, and it was always a Bush-bash fest…so much for fairness.)

      People would call in with what sounded like prepared statements, with the same buzz words and talking points…paid callers, no doubt.

  3. Gowdy may have drawn blood with that line of questioning on Huma. An ambassador in a war zone has no way to reach you, but Anthony Wiener’s wife can get a response out of you in less time than it takes Mr. Cummings here to stop bloviating?

    Really, Hillary? You expect us to buy that crock?

  4. Just a reminder that Elijah Cummings and Linda Sanchez are members the Socialist Democrats of America caucus in Congress, the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialists International. This might explain their bizarre questions, behavior and huggy huggies re Hillary today. They are not Democrats, per se, as we would understand the term.
    Here’s the complete list of Socialist Democrats and a description of their toxic agenda.

      • I can’t find a reference that he was a key figure or that he was a force in the civil rights movement back in the day. But he must have played some sort of role, one would think. I dunno.

      • Not even. Graduated high school in 1969. Bachelor’s in Poli-Sci, then University of Maryland Law School, then nineteen years as a lawyer, then Maryland House of Delegates, then succeeded Kweisi Mfume on the Hill in ’96.

        The “Early life, education, and career” section in his Wikipedia bio doesn’t list a single private sector accomplishment, for whatever that’s worth: academic hooh-hah, offices held, and that’s pretty much it.

        So, yeah…a political lifer, from a one-party state.

    • And these progressives should be called out as socialists. The list of the Progressive Caucus is the same list as the Democrat Socialist Caucus when they were operating on behalf of the socialist party.

      Someone should call them on that and not let them get away with this “progressive” crap. Made me laugh that Dennis Kusinich is on that list.

      • Exactly. One would think that their existence and influence on the political affairs of our country would be a huge story. But, no. That suggests that there are influential members of the MSM who are also affiliated with the Democrat Socialists, and they are refusing to report on the group. This should be a huge story, it would seem.

        • One of my own members of Congress is on the list–Chellie Pingree. She’s the only one in my Congressional delegation who doesn’t respond to the emails I send when I get riled up about an issue.

  5. Who the heck is this Adam Smith jerk? He has spent all of his time editorializing on the Hillary witch hunt – not one question.
    Every one of these Dems are giving invisible high-fives to the GOP village idiot, Kevin McCarthy.