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Video || Joe Biden’s Malarky

Thought you might enjoy this video from the staff at PoliZette.

Will Biden get in this week? Who knows. He may want to wait for the brouhaha over the House Speaker situation to flame out and then announce next week. But all signs, as you probably know, are that he is running.

And then we’ll have to deal with his . . . malarky.


6 Responses to Video || Joe Biden’s Malarky

  1. His claim that it’s an Irish phrase is a bunch of malarkey! Absolutely no evidence that malarkey has Irish origin.

    Chalk this up as just another one of Uncle Joe’s stories that he loves to retell.

    • You’re right. Looking the word up, it looks like it’s origin is uncertain, but dictionaries call it an “Americanism”, dating from the 1920’s, no connection to Irish.

  2. Only two things kept gaffer Joe from declaring he wouldn’t run months ago:

    1) Media attention – typical political media w hore
    2) Building up a war chest from supporters that, uh, he doesn’t necessarily have to give back.

    • Building up a war chest that he doesn’t have to give back? I mean, these dems, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, you can just feel the greed from all of them. I just know that the people who vote for this kind of trash really have to have a low I.Q. and/or illegal aliens. Maybe God is punishing us for the millions of human life thrown in the trash that we have no right to do. I thought Americas was supposed to be the civilized part of the world.