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Paul Ryan’s Demands Should Disqualify Him

What employer would hire someone who tells him that he doesn’t want the job but if he takes it, he can’t be fired — ever?

That’s exactly what House Republicans may be about to do for Rep. Paul Ryan, D-Wisc., who announced his “conditional” run for speaker to Tuesday evening.

“This is not a job I’ve ever wanted — have ever sought,” Ryan told reporters late Tuesday. “I came to the conclusion that this is a very dire moment, not just for Congress, not just for the Republican Party, but for our country.”

Actually, Ryan’s noblesse oblige comes with a stiff price. Before he will formally start running for speaker, Ryan wants an oath of allegiance from each of the conservative caucuses, including the rebellious House Freedom Caucus, whose threats not to back Speaker John Boehner led to Boehner’s decision to bail.

Worse, Ryan wants the Freedom Caucus and others to agree to abandon the very tool they used to topple Boehner — a motion to “Vacate the Chair” that would require a simple majority vote of the House to depose the speaker.

This means that with Ryan, who echoes Boehner in his support for massive trade pacts, “comprehensive” immigration reform, and making deals with President Obama, Republicans would be getting something similar to what they had — only without the leverage they previously possessed.

That is, they’d be trading in their old car for a newer model, but one with the same engine problems and, which this time, they couldn’t trade in for something else.

They have until Friday to comply.

Conservatives who agree to his terms will betray voters who put them in office to stand for principle and act independently — not rubber stamp the rule of a reluctant new overlord backed by the GOP establishment and chambers of commerce.

Democrats are thrilled with Ryan’s possible ascension to power.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he’s a “Paul Ryan fan,” and it’s no surprise. They will be facing off against someone who would rather be wonking it up as chairman of the tax writing Ways and Means Committee, Ryan’s current post, and who is only going to have half his head in the job.

“I cannot and will not give up my family time,” Ryan said, a declaration seemingly designed to safeguard his precious Wisconsin weekends.

He reportedly will refuse to vigorously perform one of the most basic jobs of speaker — raise money for colleagues — a vital role that not only would help preserve the GOP majority, but give him the leverage over members he needs to do his job.

Meantime, someone who is laying down conditions even before ascending to the post can be counted upon to have even less patience with the demands of conservatives than the amiable Boehner.

Ryan’s grumbling self-absorption is remarkable for someone on the cusp of gaining the perhaps second most powerful position in the country.

Unlike service members who dutifully troop to Afghanistan to fight venomous Islamist serpents, unlike Founding Fathers like George Washington and John Adams who departed their beloved homes and families to establish our nation, and unlike millions of Americans who grind through their jobs and put in weekends to make ends meet, Ryan won’t make a sacrifice unless his foot stomping is appeased.

Such lack of dedication should tell Republicans something about the supposed effectiveness of the man who may soon lead them.

And conservatives surely will find that the demands from Ryan will only begin the multiply once he has power and is unaccountable to them.

41 Responses to Paul Ryan’s Demands Should Disqualify Him

    • Oh, right–Ryan is Hitler. Can’t we save Hitler for you know…real bad stuff? He is stating his terms, yes or no. That is like a vote–up or down. I think he may hope he loses so he can continue at W&M. A gutsy move–let’s see how it plays.

  1. Obama’s approval rating is again over 50%, and we can’t even elect a speaker, holding 236 seats of Congress!

    At one time I thought Ryan was the real deal, but I have come to see he’s just a go-along deal maker, which we don’t need. Having Harry Reid’s support is the final blow. I wouldn’t trust Harry Reid if he told me the sky was blue at noon in Las Vegas in July.

    Why Herman Cain is so all-in for Ryan is a real mystery to me. Though we need to get all-in for someone, or the RINOs are going to defect and they all will elect Pelosi to a new term as Speaker.

  2. “This is a VERY DIRE moment for our country. So I have decided to ride in on a white horse and…” Puh-leeze!

    There are others who can fill the job — willingly. Marsha Blackburn, for one.

  3. No one is indispensable, including Paul Ryan. If he doesn’t want the job, he should just say so instead of acting like a dithering fool.
    If he is confident enough in his abilities,and wants the job badly enough, he should just accept it and not worry about a recall.
    This is just silly. Only a government worker would ever have the notion that they cannot be fired.
    That right there tells me not only no, but hell no, Paul.

  4. The entrenched establishment is saying “..we must do things they way they have always been done because it’s the way we do things..”
    It’s as if they are unaware of what is going on outside the DC halls of power.

  5. We would be better off with Boehner. Can’t decide who is more arrogant – RINO Ryan or Obama. It’s a toss-up.

    Ryan is so gung-ho on amnesty, does he ever think of what kind of world he is leaving for his beloved children? Obama’s policies will become Ryan’s priorities. ObamaTrade? Done deal. More to follow.

  6. Appears the Freedom Caucasus have given their green light to Ryan. If he too can makes and get the demands that he wants, what to say Obama can’t run for a third term?

    He’ll rip the Constitution if needed, or disregard it like so many times before.

  7. Well, you may be right in a lot of ways but I don’t blame Ryan for not wanting to get in the middle of a torn up Republican party. I mean, they are all acting disgusting, some moderate, some more conservative, like McConnell catering to the democrats because he’s married to a Chinese immigrant? So he is willing to let them all stay here and commit murder and crime instead of rounding them up and out? Is that why he acts like a democrat? Its puzzling, McConnell has to be gone. They have to get rid of McConnell and all of them have to stop acting stupid and be the Republicans that they all once were AND KEEP THE PROMISES THEY MADE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT GOT THEM ELECTED OR ELSE!!!@

  8. Ryan wishes to set up the same dictatorial rule in the House that Reid enjoyed in the Senate.
    If Ryan is doing his job well then why does he fear a Vacate the Chair move? We do not need another leader that carries the party line of the democrats and is in total agreement with Obama.

  9. If Ryan becomes speaker, I will leave the Republican party. Who does he think he is?
    Biden bested him in a debate when he was on
    Romney’s team.