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Biden Will Not Run for President

Vice President Biden Wednesday announced that he will not run for president, saying he had been going through a grieving process for his deceased son and has now run out of time to join the fray.

“I believe we’re out of time – the time necessary to mount a campaign for the nomination,” Biden said during an appearance in the Rose Garden.

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  1. You have to admit, the plot that Hillary and the media hatched with Trump, in retrospect, was masterful. They’ve screwed us again.

    With Crazy Uncle Joe out of the picture, we’re down to the old, Socialist Jew, the crazy billionaire narcissist with the goofy haircut, and the nice, motherly, WASP’y-looking lady who played the bartender on Saturday Night Live.

    Yes, Americans really are that stupid.

  2. Hillary essentially is there only candidate.

    She will be encased in bullet proof glass and surrounded by security and a medical team wherever she goes. She is the only Democrat running.

    Hmmmm…. Dem debates should be real show stoppers.

  3. Interesting how everything fell into place for her this past week…her “stellar” debate performance (as proclaimed by the MSM)…Bernie declaring in same debate that everyone’s sick of her “damn emails”…Obama declaring in the 60 Minutes interview that he didn’t think national security was compromised at all by her email situation…and now Crazy Uncle Joe gracefully bows out, before even bowing in!

    The path is now clear for her…it’s good to be queen!

  4. OK conspiracy comrades:
    Obama secretly wants Hillary indicted BUT a Biden YES now would force him to pick sides between SOS and VP.
    SO, indictment coming January. That let’s Uncle Joe have Holiday time with family in peace and then after Hillary charged he steps in a saves the day and the Obama legacy.
    What? How’s that crazier than what we’ve already witnessed from these a-hats for the past 7 years?
    In any event, I stand firmly by my prediction. Until I don’t.

    • Not too crazy, friend. I had the same thoughts, too.
      The day before the testimony, the FBI finding all manner of stuff is still a swinging sword over MrsC’s head.
      I’m thinking MrBiden drops out now so it doesn’t look like the administration was working against her. After she finds herself in a fix, he steps up to “save the day”!
      He sure sounded like a candidate today, no matter that he claimed he isn’t. He’ll claim that time has healed his grief and he can do what his son asked of him.

      Tin foil hat time, yeah.

      • Biden’s speech was a lot more about “What a great President I would be”, than “I don’t wanna run right now.” His excuse that he wouldn’t have time to set up a viable campaign–with a year to go before election day–is, obviously, ridiculous. There’s more to come on this, no doubt.

      • A variation of that is exactly what will play out. Obama holds all the cards. Hillary must toe his line to his satisfaction, or the hammer drops and Uncle Joe gets “drafted.”

    • Hillary unindicted is Obama’s insurance that she will not spill the beans on him or get him ensnared in her actions. So, I don’t see that happening.

      In the end, this is all about protecting Obama, not Hillary and not Joe.

        • In a way I think there was a pow wow of Barry, Hils, and Joe. They worked it out so everybody’s butt was covered. Until agreement was reached Joe was the threat hanging over Hillarys’ head. Now that the deal is done, Joe can go about his life. His heart probably wasn’t in it. But as we have seen over the past 7 years there is nothing Joe Biden would not do for Barack Obama.

          And if Hillary doesn’t live up to whatever they agreed upon there is always the convention and the nomination. Right now she is just the candidate.

      • An astute observation.
        We shall see.
        We are just sitting in the audience, watching, listening, forming opinions.

        They however hold the power of the purse and the media.

        Patience is a virtue.
        Knowledge is essential.
        Revenge is sweet.

    • Love your post and hope its true, will try to believe, just want Hillary Clinton to go, she’s so horrible. Thank you, I read your post twice already, having a fantasy that it will come true. Let’s hope.

  5. Guy who’s been running for President for much of past 30 years claims the last 8 years kinda rushed by and he has no shovel-ready plan to mount a campaign.

    The greasy stain of the Obama administration will be washed away by the Clintons. Nope, that won’t happen but a coronation now of a weak campaigner with fatal character issues will be problematic in the general election.

    I foresee many more surprising twists and turns.

  6. The RNC chair came out with this god-awful statement just now about Joe not running. NOTHING is stupider than to say Clinton is more and more beatable. I wish it were so but we all know the Clinton machine is busy working behind the scenes now that Joe is out to redecorate the White House in all pink tones. .

    “The Vice President’s decision not to enter the 2016 race is a major blow for Democrats, who now will almost certainly be saddled with their unpopular and scandal plagued front-runner Hillary Clinton. Vice President Biden was the most formidable general election candidate the Democrat Party could have fielded, and his decision not to challenge Hillary Clinton greatly improves our chances of taking back the White House. With each revelation about her growing email scandal or conflicts of interest at her State Department, Hillary Clinton is getting more beatable by the day.” – Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, via press release.

  7. A potential candidate for President states “Republicans are her enemies” and the Democratic Vice-President says “Republicans” are not his enemies but our opposition. To me that shows a very disorganized party.

  8. Sounds like that leaves room open for a “draft.” So Obama can still decide to prosecute Hillary or not, giving him total control. Perfect.

  9. Not sure if anyone else was watching this, but Judge Napolitano was on Hannity Wednesday night. He said that if DOJ doesn’t indict Hillary on this, that he, Judge Napolitano, expects to see a lot of protest resignations at the FBI.

    He also said that if that happens, he expects to see a lot of incriminating leaks to the press: if DOJ won’t take this up in a court of law, then the FBI will simply try the case in the media, and let the voters decide for themselves.

    The segment ended there, but one could infer from Judge Napolitano’s scenario that a Republican-appointed AG would then press the case, and that could very well be the end of the line for Hillary’s ambitions.

  10. I love your witty skepticism over here. So, Biden will be back ? Well you have convinced me too. The puppet masters behind Barry probably prefer Biden as Hillary cannot be trusted.

    • True…but it kind of says something about the Democratic Party when they’re so desperate that they think the only way they can win now is to use a cut-rate Chauncey Gardener to pinch hit for the Wicked Witch of the West.

      • I´mNoDhimmi, thanks a lot for the video, it was smart and witty and, I am sorry to say it, very true. Oh dear, our politicians are leading the country in all the wrong directions. I will not bore you with the details on our very complicated political situation right now. We have an immigration that is extreme, unbearable. And the costs will ruin the country. There is already social unrest here and there, yesterday there was a horrible knife attack in a school, you can read about it on Drudge Report. Please check the pictures in Daily Mail, that´s what that region looked like, Arabs and Africans all over the place. The perpetrator was probably a young man with problems who had had enough of it, a Breivik kind of person. He was shot and killed , by the way.

  11. Biden and Obama know that the only chance they might have is to play the woman president card and make it like everyone will maybe vote for the pig because she’s a woman, thats the only chance they have now after the racist and hellish crazy Obama administration.