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Video || O’Malley Sings “Bad Blood” on The View

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley took out his guitar today on “The View” and sang Taylor Swift’s hit, “Bad Blood.”

Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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15 Responses to Video || O’Malley Sings “Bad Blood” on The View

  1. O’Moneybags wants to do for the country what he did for Maryland, which was so bad even his Lt. Gov. couldn’t win the election last November in a State that is 2 to 1 dimocrats over republicans. Fortunately, the new Republican Governor did away with the rain tax that Marty had imposed on us.

  2. I heard enough when she wanted to show us a picture of his gut. I hate the View.
    Now let’s see if the View crew will ask Hilla to show her gut.

    -The Obama regime is getting pissed offed lowly citizens online are making negative comments about the Dear Leader that NO ONE in the “WH Press Corps” ever mentions…???

    • I noticed the off line too, Langley Spook.
      By the way, according to CNN ( Wolf Blitzer ) it might be Trump and Carson. A good team ?
      Good night, I will go to sleep with a biography on Kaiser Wilhelm II.He was an impossible man in many ways.

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  5. The dull and reliably left wing Martin O’Malley aside, those women on The View are assholes.
    They give women a bad name with their fluttery, stupid comments about how buff and handsome O’Malley is.
    I wonder how they would react if they were a presidential candidate and were sitting with a panel of males who commented on their bodies and faces or showed a picture of them in workout gear or a bathing suit? On national television no less.