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Video || CNN Panel Laughs at Hillary Keystone Answer

Remember this? It was a new low in shamelessness. Hillary tried to suggest that she had been deliberative in coming to a decision on Keystone. Only, it took her about five years.

She was really waiting to see how the politics played out. She is simply the most political, most disingenuous politician I have ever seen, and that might include her husband.

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  1. I didn’t watch the debate, my stomach couldn’t take it. But was that answer typical of her “winning” performance? “I didn’t take a position on Keystone until I took a position on Keystone”? What is that? All she has done is finally decide enough greenies and libs are against it that she shouldn’t be for it. No leadership, no initiative, only blowing in the wind. She is worse than useless.

    • Just a reminder that The Keystone Pipeline has been in staged use for almost six years. It has a perfect safety and environmental record. The very last stage, the final link to the Houston and Port Arthur TX refineries, was completed last year. This is the last stage where now no highway trucking or railroads—the most environmentally unstable and human safety threatening of all transportation methods– are needed to deliver crude for the last portion of the shipment from Alberta to Texas. The Pipeline, as it has developed since 2010, has phased in the transfer of crude oil for completed pipeline sections for all these years.

      What Hillary and others of her ilk purposely misstate is truth about the Keystone XL pipeline– a branch of the original pipeline which would take away revenue from railroads owned by Warren Buffet and other fat cat donors to Democrat causes. That’s what the fight is all about.

      We will never, ever see the day when the MSM explains all this to the American people.

  2. Next up: a cameo role in this year’s premier of Shameless ( on Showtime), as the local politician who strides through the bowels of Chicago w claiming all is right world and she WAS at Wrigley for that night game before there were lights.

    ps LETS GO METS!


  3. The DNC sent out e-mails today asking “..are you proud to be a Democrat”.
    What an odd question and one that makes one wonder – do they think some Dems are ashamed of their party or is there something else they want?
    This Dem is not ashamed, but rather appalled at the leading candidates for the presidency – a commie, a lying criminal, and three nobodies. What a choice for the Primary election!
    MrsClinton, as the leading candidate- by default, is the least attractive or inspiring politician the Dems have ever put forth. Lies about everything she did, or she has done, and all the while laughing like a demented player in a farce.

    • Hillary and her philandering moon bat husband have been a Farce of Authenticity, (or an Authentic Farce, take your pick), for the past 30 + years. At this stage of their strange lives, they are deeply into “second childishness and mere oblivion,/Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything”, as Billy Shakespeare would describe it in “As You Like It”.

      • She can’t even or won’t even wear a dress or a skirt, tasteless shameless woman! CNN, FOX, MSNBC hosts are better dressed than this lieing POS. and dressed like this she is running for President of the United States? Canckles maybe? brain damage defintely.