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74 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || October 18, 2015

  1. OK WHD denizens, your mission for today, should you decide to accept it, is to pool resources and get SOMEONE from the Ben Carson camp to respond to this article and the numerous email inquiries and tweets that I have been sending out for the past 4 days without a response.
    At issue is a 93 year old WWII vet who made the 30 mile trek to buy Dr. Ben Carson’s book in the hopes of getting it signed at his appearance in Joplin on Oct 22. Catch is the bookstore got 825 books to sell but only allowed 500 tickets for the signing and by the time Mr. Flottman purchased his book all the tickets for the signing were gone.

    I’ve sent both media and general inquiries through the Carson website. No response

    I’ve tweeted and replied to Carson tweets I can’t count how many times, no response.

    Hoping someone among the group has an idea or a contact who can help get this vet in to see Carson. In this day and age where connection with voters is critical I can’t believe the campaign is tone deaf to helping a WWII vet get in to see the candidate but that’s what’s happening.

    I’ve talked to my paper editor and she’s aware of others trying to get him in as well but so far, all on deaf ears. HELP!

    And if it’s Sunday, it must be shameless self promotion time: Today’s column on JFK during Cuban Missile Crisis vs Obama today:

    • Admirable man and it would benefit both Mr. Flottman and Dr. Carson to meet and bring attention to the book and Dr. Carson’s goals.

      No pull with Carson here, but will look around. Unfortunate that you have had no response from C. campaign.

      • I know it’s so strange. It’s a win/win/win for the campaign so don’t understand why nothing has triggered even a boilerplate “thank you, we’ll look into the details and get back to you.” I even said I don’t want anything out of it, just for them to make it happen. But I assure you, if they continue to ignore it, and Arnold doesn’t get in next Sunday’s column will not be kind to the Carson camp. I’m BIG on the vets.

    • I tweeted both links :)

      I’m sure Carson has no clue, between his campaign and book tour handlers the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. I’d contact the bookstore where the signing is being held, I’m sure they’d help this hero out.

        • There’s your next story. :)

          MOST people who show up at these signings are to put these books on eBay. Hence, more than one book will be bought (why there are more books available than tickets).

          Palin used to draw thousands to her signings. They’d line up a couple of days ahead of time and she’d sign every one of them.

          Yeah, I’m blaming the book store.

    • Now that Carson is is receiving criticism from many people, myself included, for his lack of judgement and priorities as he suspends his prez. campaign for weeks at a time to go on book selling tours….I would think his operatives would take care of this incident with the 92 year old Veteran immediately, if not sooner.

      The last thing the Carson campaign needs is for voters to compare Carson with Herman Cain and HIS book selling tours while he was supposedly campaigning for President. Mike Huckabee – ditto.

      As much as I respect Dr. Ben as a learned and noble man, I have a problem as to why he is running for prez. He has ZERO qualifications. His verbal skills are practically non-existent. How does he expect to communicate on the world stage?

      If the book-signing operatives cannot live up to their promise of giving a ticket to EVERY person who purchases a book, it makes one wonder what kind of WH he would be running. Promises made…and broken.

      BTW, what happens to the leftover campaign funds when a candidate loses or drops out of the race. Assuming there is $$$ left in the coffers, that is. Just curious.

      • As you guys know, I can’t read books anymore with my vision–and must listen to audios. On my free downloading service, Overdrive, there is more than one Carson book. He has been writing away for some time.

        • Nothing wrong with writing books. It’s the fact that he suspended his Presidential campaign to sell them.

          I have always questioned his motives for running. He is a bright man – surely he realizes he is in over his head and not qualified to run this country. Very few are qualified. He’s not one of them.

          He never voted in any primaries, only became an “R” a four years ago, and has only voted in presidential elections since the early 2000’s. Doesn’t sound like he was particularly interested in politics while he was doing brain surgery.

          I don’t want to call him an ‘opportunist’, but pretty close to it. IMO, he is feathering his retirement nest and preparing for a future as a media star. Sorta like the Huckster. Just my $0.02, of course…


    • Geoff Caldwell outstanding article. I will be sure to share it with loved ones and friends. Thanks.
      As far as the Vet is concerned, I hope they will finally respond to his effort.

      • Excellent.
        Trump would have.
        There was a post on another blog that had a story of Trump with a child that is suffering from a rare form of Dwarfism.
        He is going to give the child a ride on his plane.

        Sorry, I can’t find the link.

        He also gave some money to Sgt. Tamoressi, (sp), the Marine that Mexico held in prison, to get back on his feet.

        He has a big heart, and we don’t hear about it.

      • Kudos to the member who gave ticket. A note to campaign telling them to pull back all their best efforts on Mr. Flottman’s behalf will probably serve them well.

      • Why not try this? Contact Mark Levin’s staff. His staff would know who to contact on Carson’s staff since he has interviewed Carson several times. Who knows, maybe Levin might give one of his books as a bonus.

      • Yay, maybe it was one of my twitter followers (wink, wink). Just joking.

        This is a great local story Geoff, and heartwarming enough to go national. Please keep following it. Maybe Keith will write about it on Polizette :)

  2. Nevermind Mr.Moneybags Trump, how did the Obamas get so wealthy?

    This is from 2014, and more recently I read his personal wealth is about 12 million now.

    They claim “investments” and book money. Something fishy to become so rich on a salary of 400k/yr. Even if they banked his total salary the past 7 years, that would only come to about 2.8 million. Sidwell Friends tuition x 2 is about 70k/yr and upkeep/mortgage/taxes/ins. on the Chicago home would be about 60k/yr?(figuring 5k/mo,tripling my expenses on a home worth a third of his). So that leaves 270k to turn into investments worth 12 mil ? There has to be special “thank you” money from his crony bundlers receiving millions of our tax money?

    So before we nit pick other peoples bank accounts, what up with the richy-rich lottery winners in the WH now. It can’t all be book sales still ?

    • Yes, inquiring minds want to know. Now multiply this inquiry x250 to the half of Congress that walk into office with their pockets hanging out and retire as millionaire moneybags. Our government is corrupt, plain and simple.

    • You Betcha !
      POTUS is a good payin’ job.
      I got my big airplane and my choppers and my limos and all kinds of stuff.
      Plus, they haul all of this sh*t around for me whenever I want to go somewhere.

      This is the peak homey.
      I done made it.
      Even Hollywierd wets their pants when I say I’m commin’ out there.

      I got a Military, and the best security on earth.
      I got snipers on the roofs just lookin’ out for ME.

      Plus, I got millions of dollars from people just like you.
      Thank You.

      Now, go bother somebody else.
      I have no time to consider your opinion.
      I’m busy constructing my legacy.
      You were useful at one time, but now you are not needed.

      Your incessant diatribes are becoming tedious to me.

      Please refrain from testing my patience.
      I have a vile and destructive way of responding to attacks.

      Don’t believe that? Try me.

      • Despite the millions we cover every year at the King and Queen’s pleasure, for their perks, I think someone’s paying most of their personal expenses for 5star hotels and lavish MV and HI beach homes.

        I hate to brag, but I am a high school graduate (wink)and it still doesn’t add up from what I learned in remedial math classes.


    • I question all the “Democrat fund-raising trips.” [Are they going into his coffers, at the expense of the taxpayers, who have to pay more for the transportation to the event than the event generates?]

      How can the fundraising (in numerous states for different organizations?) be tracked?

      • Yup, me too. Optics be damned after funerals and memorials, getting to those fundraisers is more important to him than his country. Makes me wonder now if every time he says “gun control” or “climate change” if a little fairy deposits $9,999. into his “investment” accounts. I think anything over 10k has to have a paper trail? One of the articles I posted above cited some Government Ethics committee saying “nothing to see here, move along” Barry and Michelle are on the up and up. Riiiiight?

    • Between $1 and 5 Million of Obama’s 2013 gains were from Treasury notes. I have always maintained that Obama’s stock/bond portfolio is being handled/manipulated by the same folks who have been manipulating the financial mkts for the last 7 years. Obama is the ‘insider’s insider’. He’s cleaning up!

      Interest rates have been kept artificially low, i.e. zero, in order for Obama to be re-elected and to avoid the coming calamity when Yellen finally starts hiking int. rates. All of her head fakes lately have been orchestrated to make $$$ for the insiders. She wouldn’t dare raise rates while Obama is still around. It’s going to be the next guy’s problem.

      Last but not least, don’t forget about Obama’s two huge campaign slush funds. All he has done for 7 years is campaign to fill his own coffers. He gets to keep everything when he leaves as long as it’s not used for personal expenses. That’s where all the Foundations come into play.
      Obama will never open his wallet for anything for the rest of his life!
      Total corruption, ala the Clintons.

    • Well, if I was to take a look it would be in all those behind closed door “fund raisers”. Just sayin’

      How much is raised and where does it go?

  3. so my contribution to the thread is that Obama has apparently sent John Kerry to Berlin to meet with Bibi Netanyahu to try to resolve the violence in Israel.

    which is completely idiotic, since Bibi’s not to blame and there isn’t anything he can do about it.

    Kerry SHOULD be talking to Abbas, who has been inciting Palestinians to stop Jews from “desecrating al Aqsa with their filthy feet.” which comment the Obama WH has not seen fit to condemn. he probably agrees with Abbas.

    • Rulierose I read he is suppose to meet with them both. I think Kerry should only be sent over there to apologize to Netanyahu, than meet with the other man and tell him to back off!

  4. Diff subject: Interview with Tab Hunter on last nite’s Red Eye with Tom Shillue (who to me is not funny, but I digress). Tab Hunter! Talk about a flash from the past. He looks like former Secy Gates now.