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Saturday Open Thread || October 17, 2015



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  1. Just throwing it out there. I was casually reading this am and came across this.

    The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops received $79,590,512 in 2014 alone – that’s right, nearly 80 million dollars — from the federal government for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration Fund.

    I am Catholic and the Church is in a big political battle right now. And while we have problems with illegal immigration we trending to have similar if not worse problems with refugees and migrants.

    Here are a couple of links that you might find interesting. They all have definite points of view. I personally am not a big fan of the direction the RCC is taking or this Pope. But the role of the Church — Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist– in “immigration” is messy.

    Read the About section on this site. There is useful info about resettlement in the US here:

    I saw Ann Corcoran once on TV and was impressed.

    A look at the mess that is the Synod for the Family under this Pope. Dems and Reps have nothing over the Catholic Church.

  2. At 11:19 I am in moderation. If I ever get out of jail there is useful information (I think)about “immigration”, refugees, resettlement in the US.

    • Grace, just to add another strange local development to your very interesting post–

      Two weeks ago, our Latin Mass priest announced that beginning last Saturday, Oct 10, he would celebrate the Divine Liturgy (Mass) of the Melkite Greek-Catholic Church using the Byzantine Divine Liturgy at 5:30 PM each Saturday. No explanation. No additional comments. Just the announcement.

      Now, the question to be asked is: How many Melkite Greek-Catholics are there in this tiny city (35,000) and the surrounding area? Are there enough to justify a weekly Mass for them? The correct answer is zero.

      So what’s going on? A little research revealed that there are huge numbers of Syrians who are indeed Melkite-Greek Catholics. Here’s how they are ecclesiastically organized in Syria.
      Métropole of Aleppo
      Metropole of Bosra and Hauran
      Metropole of Homs, Hama and Yabroud
      Archeparchy of Latakia and Tartous

      We know that these cities have generated enormous flows of emigrants to Europe and elsewhere.

      So what’s going on?

      Here, from the AP story on Syrian refugees coming to the US:

      “The Obama administration said it intends to accept about 10,000 Syrian refugees and increase the overall number of refugees allowed into the country from around the world to 85,000 in the next 12 months. That total would increase to 100,000 by 2017. The U.S. now accepts up to 70,000 refugees per year.”

      My conclusion is that some are coming to my little city, to live among our 5,000 plus Somali “refugees” sent to us by Catholic Relief and Immigration bureaucrats. Why else would the Church have announced this new Liturgy in an area where there are, currently, absolutely no followers of that Rite?

      And again, no one in government is officially alerting us this this development, no one is denying it, no one is affirming it, no one is talking about it.

      Here we go again.

      • to my point below we need to be proactive with government . Despite what should be done, no one is engaging the community until it is dumped on our doorsteps and then it is too late.

        There are horrendous stories about small towns in Europe and we would be foolish to think it won’t happen here.

      • It is my personal bias that Christians are the persecuted in the Middle East and cannot return without harm or death.

        That said, an absorption should be with the consent and knowledge of the local population.

        • I agree. If the officials who make these decisions regarding what group goes to what location, and gave local communities enough time to plan, organize, find housing, budget for and otherwise help us accommodate the influx of hundreds and thousands of refugees coming to live among us, then it would go much smoother for all concerned.

          But they don’t.

          • I was told it was supposed to be consensual — so there’s a breakdown somewhere either on the local level or the feds and the “helping agencies” disobey the rules and do not consult.

          • Even the European countries are either saying no, limiting the number or can vet by religion etc. Sad when that happens there and not here.

            I don’t really believe the federal government has the right to just dump people.

    • I live in southern Ohio.
      This is redneck territory.
      There is a large population of Somalians in Columbus, so far I haven’t seen them here.
      This town has about 15,000 people.
      We don’t need anymore.

    • Thanks. Yet another reason to vote for Trump.

      Undocumented — I saw a headline where a German town of 2000 is being sent 3,000.

      I have no idea what Merkel is thinking and am very surprised at her throwing open the doors and laying out the welcome literally to thousands of unvetted migrants, especially all the young, able bodied young men.

      Some say this is due to demographics and labor — need for increase of population and workers. Too bad, Merkel didn’t figure out earlier that under socialism people don’t work because you give them all free stuff. She could have employed nationals. But then again, they made their choice as well. So, unvetted migrants it is.

      There are more and more articles about refugees and American towns. People do not pay attention.

      • I’ve seen articles about people in Germany being evicted from their apartments because the landlords can make more money taking in refugees. I can just see greedy landlords here doing the same.

      • Trump says, hem haw, he hates to say it but maybe for humanitarian reasons…hem haw..but they would have to go back, presumably when he solves the Middle East–well, they want to go back anyway, most of them…Also Trump now says 200,000 is maybe, you know, a lot…a tremendous number.

  3. The implementation of all this relocation of refugees etc. is supposedly through the local community. If we were smart (and I submit most of us are smart, concerned but lazy) we would get on top of this and contact our local governments and state officials and nip it in the bud before it overwhelms your community.

    Same for the church.

  4. I just returned from one of nine local NC Tea Party Caucasus held today.

    Ted Cruz won the poll in our caucus by three votes.
    Carson was second.
    Third was Trump.
    The only other candidate nominated was Paul; he received one vote.

  5. I painted the outside of the front and back door this weekend. The doors were deep red/maroon to begin with. They came out good. They have a duller appearance than the previous coat had. Should I apply a protector of some kind. I don’t want them to appear a guaky shiny appearance, but not quite as dull. Suggestions when time allows. Tks. :)

  6. Good. Henry Kissinger on the Middle East. One would hope he and the boy king had this discussion. If so, the boy king probably had his fingers in his ears. Perhaps Valerie will read this to him.

    Anyway. it’s worth the read. Nice discussion on the lib Nixon/China is the same as boy king/mullahs. And clearly points out that the destruction of ISIS is first priority over outing Assad. If Putin at least does that it will be a good thing — because Obama will not.

  7. ” Ich bin ein Berliner”, that´s what JFK said during his visit in Berlin and I concur. I am back after a couple of days in this fabulous city. And JFK, because of the Wall, was just allowed to see the western part but I could see the entire city. The eastern part, is, by far,the most interesting one. We stayed in a small apartment in the “Scheunenviertel”, it used to be the Jewish district before the war, it is now teeming with all kinds of people, students, artists, young families. The former West Berlin is too modern for my taste, rich, commercial, with extreme architecture here and there. But the eastern parts are still what the old Berlin used to be like.Berlin was heavily bombed and destroyed during the war but in the east there are still many old houses, slightly decayed. People can still find cheap housing there, that´s why young people love it. We could hear the sparrows twitter in the morning, there were narrow streets, trees and old lampposts, bakeries, cafés. And then there are the magnificent monuments and buildings from the Imperial era. The awesome Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag,the Berliner Dom etc. And the Museums ! We visited so many and my poor husband said exhausted: no more tombs, paintings and claypots, I need a beer ! Well, he was of course struck dumb by the beauty of Nefertiti who resides there in a dark room of her own. And we went to Potsdam to see the splendid Sans Soucci. By the way Spielberg had been there to film in the Babelsberg Studios. Well, I can just say ,Berlin is a truly magnificent city and the Berliners, well, you feel really included. This city is full of our history, good and bad.

  8. Is The One going to meet with Islamic Clock Boy still?

    Another event proves that our President is a child when it comes to tweeting the first thing that he thinks. He can never wait for facts, has to jump in and make some dumb remark.