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Afghan Troop Reversal Hurts Clinton

Republicans are gleeful about President Obama’s decision to leave 5,500 troops in Afghanistan into 2017.

On the obvious level, it shows that after seven years, he has not been able to fix the problem, even though he said it was the war that should be won.

But it also is basically an admission that his decision to withdraw all troops from Iraq was wrong. Doesn’t want to repeat that mistake. And worse for Democrats, it’s bad news for the person who was heading up his foreign policy, former Secretary of State Hillary.

The RNC put out this video of Clinton proclaiming three and a half years ago that everything was going just great.

“The transition is on track,” Clinton said.

21 thoughts on “Afghan Troop Reversal Hurts Clinton”

    1. Can they now stop the rapes of young boys when they hear them scream for help ?
      Or will they be told to ignore them.

      ROE’s go far further than weapons IMO.

    2. Gleeful is an odd word…I doubt anyone is gleeful in a situation like this, unless you subscribe to the “all Republicans are war-mongering partisan monsters” theory. Vindicated, perhaps – or, quite simply, they’ve been proven right for what they and many others predicted years ago.

  1. So, the “good” war that he swore up and down that he’d win, is now a quagmire; meanwhile, the “bad” war that he wanted to “end” so badly is now cascading into regional destabilization.

    What the heck has this guy been DOING for the past seven years…playing golf?

    Oh, wait.

        1. Star, what I mean by that is that he has single handily decimated our military and destroyed so many military careers, from top brass down. I would not want to be the one to underwrite his insurance policy.

        1. Listen, I am not saying it is right. I have long held that anyone that could kill even an animal that is not in painful suffering, is psychotic. What I am saying is that there are people that have been pushed over the edge, that could, not will, take matters into their own hands.

          1. Hope so Bonnie, will pray for it! He is just so evil to the USA and Israel –dumb as dirt and mentally ill, should be impeached immediately but the Republicans are equally evil to us Americans now. They won’t lift a finger to help, they let him spout to the media that Israel is a terrorist state, our ally, our friend, but not to Obama the devil thats for sure.

  2. Oh, Hillary will be just fine. She will come up with some double–talk gibberish about ‘at the time’ blah, blah, blah. Or it will be something about ‘bad intel’. Billy boy will undoubtedly come to her rescue with some cockamamie excuse in his phony folksy manner.

  3. As well she has failed to discuss much foreign policies in her speeches.
    As far as o’s pathetic next step.
    He has not had a sufficient stratigy except today, I feel like he was mostly saving face, compared to what Putin’s has been up to.

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