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Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 15, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
4:35 pm || Delivers remarks at a reception for the 25th Anniversary of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics; East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:15 pm

48 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 15, 2015”

  1. Politicians are as bad as Hollywoodites for giving themselves accolades.
    I want – no, I demand an award or a reward for being an old white woman who worked her ass off nearly all her life. ;-)

  2. There is no way he’s attending any briefing at 10 am. Isn’t tonight the party night? I do believe that “receive” is a euphemism for “slide it under the door.”

      1. @Zephyr – Wonder if he’s jumping on the Cubs’ bandwagon. Just like he supposedly attended White Sox games at “Cominskey Field”…perhaps he did the same at “Wringley Park.”

  3. I read this blog daily; Star finally convinced me to watch “Morning Joe”. I can’t quite figure out Mika, she is certainly fawning. Guys love that, she is quite a tart.

    1. You know what-that is so funny because I started watching Morning Joe also a few weeks ago and Star is right-they have better guests and I was tired of Fox and Friends with all of their silly stuff with very little news.

        1. Neil is boring to me…I don’t like 3 out of the Five, but I DO watch O’Reilly but he is starting to get on my nerves…that Kennedy girl on FBN is pretty fun to hear and watch.

    2. I don’t understand how anyone can watch anything on FOX, especially Megyn. I stopped all FOX watching almost 2 yrs. ago.

      MoJoe is the only thing worth watching in the morning. I stopped watching for a while b/c of Mika, but she is sooo much better now. Joe S. is a complete narcissist but the guests, as a rule, are great.

  4. This is the best source for the Obama daily schedule, and I always look forward to the comments from this peanut gallery. You guys are very insightful (and funny)

  5. I live out here in Spokane; in Washington state we have a mountain range, the Cascades. I’m not sure if there is quite a greater divide in any state. On my side we are conservative, on the Seattle side they are all left of Hollywood

    1. I can relate, DWJ. I’m an Oregonism living east of the Cascades. I’ve often thought it would be politically expedient to combine and reform Oregon and Washington into two states, with the Cascades divide as the new state line.

    2. Morning WHD! Glad to hear I will have some more fellow MoJoers, shared frame of ref and all that. As for Mika–she is known best for her coy frowny face–it never gets old. Howard Dean, Barnicle, Robinson, Capehart–well, what can I say? We are smart enough to know what’s there and leave the rest.

          1. I think he is quick and funny on the show–mileage may vary, I guess. Scarborough is for Bush, Mika for that fake Indian woman, Ratner for Hillary, Dean for Hillary…

    1. My friend is deploying there soon. He also did two tours in Iraq. I’m no military expert, but I think either do a full occupation or none at all. A few thousand only puts the soldiers who are there in danger – what does it accomplish?

      1. You’re right. It accomplishes nothing, because Obama won’t support them. He will crush them with you-can’t-win ROEs, and eventually completely turn his back on them when the going gets tough.

        1. Incompetent and cruel. Obama always puts his legacy above the country and good men and women suffer the consequences. But no one will call the little boy out.

          1. AFVet Not referencing military protest — just the typical laggards, Congress and the dulled American public and pundits.

            Obama — working hard to trash the military for sure. Of all the things he has done this is at the top of my list — the President is Commander in Chief and never has there been a more disrespectful one.

          2. Although I must say there are more political brass then I would like to see. Obama lackeys in uniform. I am pro military all the way, but we cannot deny Obama’s guys in uniform who put him and their careers above all.

        1. I see you over on WZ Lee.
          Have you ever tried MOTUS ?

          Over on Keith’s sidebar called Michelle Obama’s Mirror.

          It’s a Disqus thread like WZ.

          1. AQ is back–in Afghanistan–and ISIS and the Taliban. The bad guys are beheading and making people sit on bombs…Yes, it seems pretty hopeless from our standpoint, but we got into it, attracting these players and now we have some obligation to gut it it out, I think.

          2. I remember at the time that someone said Afghanistan was one of three places on earth that had never been conquered. I thought–uh-oh. But those were fraught times–I too wanted “them” to hear from us! Ironically, the Taliban may end up being more supported than the other two–which is not good news for women and girls…Lose-lose.

          3. Star, even Alexander the Great met his match in what is now Afghanistan in 4BC when the Pashtuns nailed him with an arrow in the leg and he almost died. He didn’t mess with them much after that. The Pashtnuns have lived in “Afghanistan” for about 20,000 years (true), and they have been fighting for their interests for all those years.

    2. Obama’s published schedule is the best evidence of how detached and generally disengaged he is from the rigors of the position of President of the United States. We don’t (yet) know for certain what he is actually doing during all those unscheduled, open hours each day. But you can bet that he’s up to no good. We’re all waiting for those tell-all books to come out after he leaves office. They should be coming out now, of course, but lives might be at stake if that were the case.

      1. Just heard he will be speaking at 10:00 central time. He will not be a man, and admit he messed up, before he rambles about this news of our troops.

  6. The chickens are coming home to rooost! All of those fancy schmancy speeches announcing that Bin Ladin is dead and A/Q is on the run, the war in Iraq is over, and announcing Afghan troop withdrawal prematurely…all of this was a self-aggrandizing stunt to take victory laps, give speeches, and burnish his legacy. Everyone knew he was full of crap!

    The sole occupation of the next Prez will be ‘cleaning up Obama’s mess’. I don’t envy him/her.

    1. Or watch Putin do it for him. Dumb obumer and friends totally out thought by Putin.
      Middle east wide open for a Russian take over.

      1. Putin wants access and control of all that oil and natural gas, and to place Russian war vessels in those ME warm water ports. That’s what he’s going to demand when this is over (if it ever is). Plus lots of lots of trade agreement with these countries, which he is already working on. He’s also protecting Russia’s underbelly, border-wise. There is a thousand+ year history of Russia, or the Grand Duchy of Moscow (back in the day), being attacked from the south. The threat is deeply ingrained in Russian minds and how they view their history. You can bet Putin uses that meme to sell his military actions to the Duma and the citizenry.

        We all understand he’s principally attacking Assad’s enemies in this first stage– and protecting the Soviet Navy’s naval base at Tartus, Syria. He’s smashing the CIA sponsored anti–Assad rebels, and more lightly attacking ISIS, it appears. It’s not clear how hard he actually wants to hit ISIS at this point.

        I guarantee Putin has not issued Obama-style ROEs to his military forces, which at least gives them a better opportunity to get the job done.

        So there are lots of gears moving around in all this. Some are meshing and some are not. For sure, it’s all one grand, screwed up mess for which nobody really knows the final outcome..

        1. Also keep in mind that Africa is a continent consisting of 55 Countries.
          Some have oil, some have mines.
          Many are rich in elements that China is in the process of harvesting.

          1. Yep. And the Chinese are also heavily situated in South America doing the same. The Chinese are in the process of creating seaports on the African coast for Chinese war ships–the first one was in Namibia. They plan to create these seaports up and down the West African coast in a project they are calling “The String of Pearls.” This gives the Chinese a strategic foothold in the Atlantic, something they’ve wanted for a long time. And, of course, they are actively building “island bases” near the Republic of the Philippines, and trying their best to take control of ship traffic in the China Sea.

            Meanwhile, Obama is playing golf.

    2. Remember Girly those announcements were made before his election in 2014.
      Seems like everything has fallen apart since then.

      You are correct on the cleanup.
      It is a mess.

  7. I’m not being funny here. I truly would like to know if there has ever been a bigger slacker in the White House than this guy? Because one of two things is going on her: Either he is the laziest man to ever grace the Oval or his daily dealings are things he does not want the American public to know because it’s all destructive and nefarious. These schedules are ridiculous.

    1. It’s a combination of both–he’s lazy and destructive. The toxic agenda pounded into his head since he was a child has made him mad as a hatter.

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