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Key Issues the Democrats Ignored, of Course

The Democrats went on and on during Tuesday night’s presidential debate about the topics they love — bankrupting the banks, eliminating any corporation with more than 50 employees, figuring out what free stuff people aren’t yet getting, and using windmills to cool the planet.

But in their enthusiasm to take down anyone who ever made a success of themselves, they forgot to discuss many topics critical to the future of the nation. Here are a few.

National debt
From the way they talked onstage, you’d think someone owed the United States $18 trillion, rather than the reverse. Not only was there nothing in their statements about trying to rein in the debt bomb that one day will explode over the United States, they contrived several innovative ways to make it worse.

Bernie Sanders offered to expand Medicare and Social Security, even though both are well along the road to bankruptcy. Hillary Clinton wants to give more Medicare benefits to “the poorest recipients” and seeks low interest rates for student loans. Everyone seemed to favor making public colleges free, though Clinton made the agonizing choice to have students work 10 hours a week for the privilege. Sanders, presumably, would have the rich pay for it — or the Chinese.

Muslim extremism
Sure, there was some mention of the disorder in the Middle East. But everyone was too polite — or too ill-informed — to remark on what’s driving it. Muslim extremism, a term Democrats won’t even use, is spreading like a cancer throughout the region, with its acolytes establishing a caliphate, gaining a substantial beachhead in Europe, and preparing to come over to U.S. shores.

Terrorists may strike in America at any moment. But Democrats seem oblivious to the threat. Maybe they can defuse the problem by offering Islamists free in-state tuition. Or food stamps.

Tax cuts
The share of federal revenue as a percentage of GDP is exploding and soon to rise to near historic highs. Yet Sanders said he wants to tax “Wall Street” to help pay for free college and raise the taxable income limit on Social Security to help expand the program. Clinton din’t bother offering any promise of a reduced tax burden on the over-burdened middle class.

Illegal immigration
Stop illegal immigration? Forget it. All the talk was about providing illegal aliens the same or similar benefits to those of actual citizens. Clinton even wants illegals to get “in-state” tuition. She’s clearly trying to give socialist Sanders a run for his money on free stuff for everyone.

Even as the murder rate in some cities explodes, the Democrats were talking about stopping arrests and emptying jails.

“We have to do something about mass incarceration,” said Clinton.

“We can’t keep imprisoning more people” than anywhere else in the world, she said.

Martin O’Malley bragged about how he had reduced arrests in Baltimore, one of those cities where murder is up.

Well, of course there was no defending the Second Amendment on the Dem stage. Rather, there was a mass me-too effort to show support for gun control measures. Sanders acknowledged some support for the Second Amendment, but he admitted that the only reason he did so was to meet his political needs in his “rural” state of Vermont. All that would change were he president, he suggested. For her part, Clinton didn’t voice her support for gun owners — as she did in 2008.

Many Democrats are opposed to trade deals that harm manufacturing jobs. But despite all the rhetoric about the middle class and helping the downtrodden, there was not much said about trade. That’s because Democrats tend to oppose trade agreements until they win the presidency, when they begin to make trade deals. For now, it’s all deflect and distract.

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58 thoughts on “Key Issues the Democrats Ignored, of Course”

  1. Got to admit, I was glued to the Mets/Dodgers game but I did surf over to catch a glimpse.


    What planet sent these odd folks to us and how do we send them back?

    All kidding aside, I agree that we did not hear about the truly important topics that plaque our country and one thing is for sure: if any of these folks is elected, we can fully expect to not hear a peep about debt, ISIS, immigration reform, border walls, sensible reform of Obamacare, and reigning in the cost of education.


    I did not realize the Sierra Club was televising their meetings.

    When Hillary looks like the intelligent person on the stage, you wonder who runs this party?

    1. Obama also tries to make us think the deficit and debt are the same, which bugs me. There may be a smaller shortfall in a year–but we still owe a DEBT of S18 trillion.

      1. Cut him a break. It is entirely possible he does not know the difference. And also most likely his supporters do not either.

        And what difference does it make anyway — in Amerika — the land of the free “stuff”.

  2. A complete and total hot mess of incompetence and pandering to the lowest common denominator, the ignorance vote.

    We simply must find a way to defeat whomever ultimately wins the Dem nomination. Eight years of Obama has been disastrous. Four (or eight) years of one of these clowns would finish us forever.

    Is it ironic that neither Sanders nor Clinton nor Biden is likely to live another eight years, elected or not?

  3. The key issue all socialists miss — What happens after you run out of others peoples’ money.

    Used to be when you can no longer even print worthless paper you end up with wheelbarrow of coins to buy bread. New era — Monthly EBT cards.

    1. When the EBT cards start kicking out decline codes, I’ll be really thankful for my right as a U.S. Citizen to possess lawfully acquired guns and ammo. Lots and lots of ammo.

      1. Be careful though. DHS and DOJ has created a new position to more aggressively go after the most dangerous — the home grown terrorists — and these have been identified as “white supremacists”. I think supremacists is a dog whistle, but what do I know.

  4. Reluctant to even put a toe of a boot to defend the country. And open borders. No need for a military — so disband, and sell off hardware to our new “allies” Iran, Cuba, etc.

    Use the proceeds for more free stuff and salaries for more “diplomats”. “Diplomacy” will be our defense — words.

  5. When a political party has, as its two top candidates, a 1960’s era Marxist moonbat hippie, and another candidate who is now under investigation by the FBI for possible felonies for endangering the safety and security of the United States with her email issues, and who is or will be investigated for the Clinton Foundation’s quid pro quo activities, and who is being interrogated by Congress for her role in the Benghazi event—then you know how bad off the D’s are in this country.

    1. It boils down to this.
      This Country will not survive another 4 years of these policies.
      Obama in 7 years has fundamentally changed America, and put it on the doorstep of a third world country.

      Congress is to blame IMO.
      They failed to stop him from ruining this Country.

      Now, look where we are.

      It is going to take an immense effort to turn this ship around and get it back on the track of fiscal intelligence.

      The debate last night said one thing to me, they are socialist, communist, and hate capitalism.

      We don’t have any money left to support the programs they propose.
      We owe many nations billions of dollars, and yet we are still spending money, just giving it to the likes of Iran like it was candy.

      I am sick of it.

      1. I would argue that we are pretty far from being a third-world country–I still have indoor plumbing and don’t carry my bankroll in a wheelbarrow. But the rest I agree with.

  6. Illegal aliens and jobs – two issues that intertwine. None of the Dems want to restrict illegals because they believe they are the future of the Dem party. None of the Dems know how to create a business that provides jobs for Americans. None of them actually know how a start-up business is funded and why investors provide those funds.
    All five are creatures of government, live for government of the people, and need the money that the people have to support the government.

    About MrsClinton – she comes across as a bitter, non-feminine whiner. The polls show she’s losing women voter’s support and that’s why – they don’t relate to her.

    About MrSanders – good grief. A political hack by his own admission when forced to defend his stance on firearms, and one who has no concept of what is happening in fly-over country.

    The Others – nice guys. More political hacks who can only exist in government.

    About those notorious e-mails and climate change; – the Repubs are not the force behind the controversy, the FBI is responsible, and climate change – sorry, it’s not something we worry about out here in fly-over country.

      1. Exept for MrSanders, all four used to “be someone” important. MrsClinton can’t accept that the voters wanted a Black MAN instead of her – call it what you wnat – and wants to vidicate her specialness or something.

        1. Good pt on the has-been factor. I submit she is one, too. The last election was her time–now it has slipped past. If she beats the reap bec the Republicans eliminate each other, well, there you have it–we did it to ourselves.

        2. The ultimate humiliation on her second go around would be for an Hispanic (Marco, of course) to beat her.

          I’m definitely on board for that outcome!

  7. Last night’s debate showed that Democratic nominees have immeasurably more substance than any of the Republican ones. Instead of constant personal attacks on one another, the Democratic candidates were able to have thoughtful conversations and clearly explained to the American people where they stand on numerous important topics.

    From addressing the shrinking of the middle class to helping “LEGAL” immigrants gain an economic and social foothold in this country of IMMIGRANTS (unless you’re Native American of course), last night’s debate showed what being a real American patriot sounds like. They care about the common American, not solely about making sure everyone has guns and the poor continue to get pushed down.

    I know these comments won’t be appreciated much here, but wanted to show that there are reasonable people who read this blog.

      1. Right, that is a legitimate question to ask. Yes, I do think it’s unreasonable to treat fellow Americans the way the party bases treat each other. The parties should WANT to work together, not the opposite. Is that not why we have a physical Congress where representatives come together?

        Though the differences in opinion are poignant, I do think that many Republicans are very reasonable and honest conservatives who have important suggestions for how to run this country. But as an American citizen and interested party, I do wish they had been more willing to accept a Democratic president. As well as some facts that are unquestionably true.

        1. All due respect but I do not see the current Social Democrat Party as being advocates of legal immigration exclusively. There is ample support for the illegals.

          1. Thanks for the examples, although even if 97% did agree, that wouldn’t make something “unquestionably true.”
            While I agree with background checks and fewer “automatic” weapons in the hands of the wrong people, most of the examples cited would not be affected by either, and assault weapons were stated as being responsible for a minority of gun deaths in the U.S.

        2. Again, all due respect, but it is unfortunate that an opposition party who is elected in opposition to the President should be so audacious as to force the sitting President to rule by questionable Executive Orders and shaky adherence, at best, to the constitution.

          Do you recall Barack Obama, with a smirk, saying early on “I won”.

          1. In addition to saying “I won,” he also said the Republicans had to “sit in the back seat” when it came to legislative matters.

            How is one supposed to respond to that sort of attitude? Where do you go from there??

        3. I do wish the Democratic president had been more willing to accept a Republican Congress…he’s never had any interest in building relationships with the other side (unlike Clinton or Reagan).

          Obama doesn’t want to work with anyone…it’s always been his way or the highway.

        4. The parties be damned !
          You are either liberal or conservative.
          Moderates are fence sitters, I have no use for them.

          The ideology is what should be examined.

          1. The Country is in bad shape Star.
            We need to take a major swing back to the right to get the ball rolling.
            We just can’t afford the policies of the liberal government much longer.

    1. MrsClinton said that “Iranians and Republicans” are her enemy.
      How can we support a candidate that considers half of the country her enemy and throws them in with people who want to kill us all?
      Sorry, IMO< your "reasonable" Dems are outside the interests of most Americans.

    2. Thank you for setting us straight–whew. You know moderates (your heroine now says she is not one). We can’t think, read, reason, observe…it’s all just too much.

      1. As for that immeasurable substance–did the debate on your TV mention how they would pay for all this or even create so many millions of jobs other people could? Mine didn’t.

    3. You must be off your drugs Philip.
      You are not reasonable.
      You are a liberal.
      Whose policies destroyed the middle class ?
      Whose policies are currently reducing the military ?

      “last night’s debate showed what being a real American patriot sounds like.”

      That tells me that you are part of the problem.

      Sanders is a socialist, Clinton is an acolyte of Saul Alinsky and Cloward & Piven.

      And you call them Patriots.

      Heh heh, you got guts to come here.
      These folks know better than you do and they didn’t think much of the ‘debate’.

      1. Very few, if any,”patriots” would have engineered, lied about, and walked away from Benghazi and those 4 dead men.

        Where was Hillary while they were dying?

  8. Those issues are all well and good, but you misunderstand the power of #FreeCrap! Why should these people have to do demoralizing things like get jobs and work when there are plenty of taxpayers to take care of things like that?

  9. The DEMS are responsible for creating ‘income inquality’. Let’s bring in millions of unskilled illegal aliens to drive down wages.
    Did anyone point out that ALL of the job creation from the last Labor stats went to ‘immigrants’?
    Did anyone mention that more than half of non-citizens are collecting at least one form of welfare?

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for MORE income inequality!

    1. Obamacare, taxation and rule by regulation and bureaucrats have burdened business already. Of course, there is a dwindling middle class — there are no jobs.

      Not all businesses are ethical but let’s take a look at our government employees as well — funny that Mrs. Clinton thinks CEOs should be arrested and jailed but not Mrs. Lerner, Eric Holder or herself.

  10. Most voters aren’t even paying attention yet. Sad to say if there was a Presidential reality show ala “Big Brother” or “America’s Next Top Model President” there would be more people paying attention.

  11. Did anyone catch this one from the ‘screecher’ last nite? Eric Bolling just said she almost ‘broke his eardrums’:

    (In response to the Bern) “….We are not Denmark!!! I LOVE DENMARK!!! But we are the United States of America…”

    She was trying to sound like Trump with the “I love” schtick.

    Honestly, anyone who can listen to her screeching for more than 30 seconds is a masochist, IMO.
    Have mercy on America, all you Dems out there. She will give everyone a stroke!

  12. OT Obama as an ally. Russia bombing and killing Syrians previously backed by the US, today Admin. blames both Israel and Palestine for the “unrest” currently going on, but just to make sure Israel understands the real limits of Obama’s friendship that doofus now at The Pentagon Kirby called an act by Israel a few weeks ago (sorry don’t recall when, where) an act of “terrorism”.

    And oh yeah “white supremacists” now elevated to most dangerous terrorists in US.

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  14. You’d have to be naive, dumb, uninformed, or just flat-out corrupt to support any of the clowns on that stage. It certainly doesn’t reguire genius to see through their idiot wind nonsense bloviations. God help us.

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