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Video || Hillary Tries to be Human

Since she entered politics, Hillary Clinton has been on an often Quixotic quest to seem like a human being. She tries, but she just can’t fake realness like Bill can.

No doubt, she will be attempting to present her human side during tonight’s Democratic debate, trying to act just natural enough not to seem cloying.

PoliZette, the other publication I edit, took a look at some of her recent efforts to act normal.


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    • I was in the other room but heard her “quip” that she was made in Steve Jobs’ garage or something. I know that meant we should believe the oppo–but I thought, “That explains so much.”

    • Thank you Marcus I just printed the ‘scandal list’..for reference.
      It would be really interesting & fun to ‘watch’ Hillary & Bill standing in front of a federal judge wearing matching black and white striped pantsuits.. charged for their ‘controversial calamities’.

      • Yes, that would be fun! They would point fingers at each other, of course, claiming to the judge, “He/she made me do it. I warned him/her but it didn’t do any good. I’m the innocent one, judge.”

  1. Hillary’s the reason I’m no longer a Dem activist and Obama reconfirms that decision daily. This certainly doesn’t make me a Republican either. Just a darn angry independent moderate. And a Trump supporter who happens to like the other GOP candidates as well as Jim Webb on the left just in case the GOP manages to blow this election too.

    Country before party, and that’s definitely NOT Hillary. ;)

  2. I get her, understand why she isn’t “real”.
    Coming of age when everything changed for women, for society’s expectations of what a “real” woman should be, she ends up married to someone who will be something important, while she is left to be the supportive spouse.
    And supportive is what she did – she made everything possible for Bubba. He repaid her loyalty by humiliating her at every opportunity and forcing her to choose a life of dignity or fame.
    She chose fame. She thought it would finally be her turn to show the world what she really could do, then the unknown, irritating Black guy ruined everything for her.
    She had to choose – dignity as a mere US Senator or fame as Sec of State.
    She chose fame, again.
    Today, she doesn’t know who or what she is – hence the plastic, robotic speechifying and persona.
    If she was to be “herself”, it would show a bitter, abused old woman who blames others for her poor choices. Not pretty.

    • You might be going “deeper” than she is. I think she hitched herself to Bill, styled him, got him where she wanted him, defended him, and now they continue their “business” marriage to try to get up another step. He does undercut her–repeatedly–but this is the business they have chosen (hat tip: The Godfather).

  3. With the evil that is the hildabeast how can anyone with even a little brain power justify voting for her?

    Because they vote with there emotions and do not use their brains at all.

    This country cannot survive with so many idiots voting.

    • In NM, they vote out of legacy. They are democrats until the day they die. If not Hillary, then Bernie. Their parents are democrats, their grandparents, they were born democrats just like you might be born with blonde hair. Never would most of the democrats research a candidate or vote by researching an individual and that individual’s record on issues. Too much work. Too dumb. Can vote, though!

  4. I can’t stand the woman so I will not be tuning in to CNN tonight.

    Instead I will be watching reruns of Chuck Woolery trying to sell me the willow curve and then I’ll switch over to William Devane to see what he has to say about his gold, and I might even tune in to Fred Thompson so he can refinance my mortgage.

    The second hour I will be checking out Alex Trebeck chatting about the Colonial Life Insurance policy, then a switch over to Johnny Bench and Richard Petty with the Blue Emu stuff and last but not least I just have to know how in the world did Marie Osmond lose that 50 pounds.

    That ought to take up my 2 hours.

    • Funny, Carol! I saw a commercial for a company called Goldsilver…really worked on that one. Hameggs, Updown. What is the wad of stuff on Richard Petty’s hat? Emu feathers? Ew ew. And that willow thing–a home laser? What could go wrong there?

    • I do not look forward to this as well. However I still can’t believe these are the choices. I am curious if they will even ask important questions regarding things we are so very concerned with.

  5. If any of you that are going to watch Hillary tonight and you get a case of heartburn you might want to check out Larry the Cable Guy selling Prilosec.

  6. What’s a nice humanoid like Hillary doing with that Huma ‘thing’? They’re inseparable.
    When is the LSM going to start asking questions. What role will Huma the Muslim play in the administration?
    Will HRC convert to Islam?
    Is it going to be Bill and Hill…or Hill and Huma as the First Couple? I’m so confused!

    It’s all so sordid. Hill, Huma, the Pervs (Bill and Anthony), the spoiled brat daughter, Chelsea, and her neer-do-well husband…

    No one in Hollywood could ever come up with a script to equal this real-life drama!

    • I mentioned that a while ago. Before o came into the picture, if you would have written a book or film, no one would have believed it. I still don’t believe what is going on daily.
      Almost a year ago, I was able to make notes to on things in the news. Now it is almost impossible.

      • He’s a hedge fund manager and a co-owner of the Eaglevale Partners. His name is Marc Mezvinsky and they live in a 10.5 million dollar Manhattan penthouse according to some of the websites I just pulled up.
        HMMMMMMM, didn’t Donald Trump say that some of the first people who are going to pay more taxes are hedge fund managers and owners if he becomes President?

    • OT but still sordid. The RNC strategy to get Bush in the WH.

      I have been trying to follow this — but if you are wondering why some of those 2%ers or less than are still in the race there is thinking that the Bush super pacs are funding them just long enough to keep them in to divide the votes come primary time. As another commenter has said ….

      “The link to the treehouse is good. Peruse some of the older stuff and find out how they’re changing the rules and the rules for voting and the convention rules so as to prevent any momentum candidate (I.E. Not GOPe) from winning enough delegates to get nominated at the convention.

      It’s how they did it in 2012 and they’re going for it again.

      The key is to not let yourself be tricked into voting for one of the ones that’s going to gather a few votes and then hand the delegates over to Jeb.

      All of them except Carson, Cruz and Trump are in on the deal. They’re GOPe candidates there only to be spoilers.”


      I have been using the links to follow it. Very interesting and plausible.

      A little reading material in case you run out of popcorn or are about to doze off during the Hillary fest tonight.

  7. Even though there will be an empty lectern at the debate a well known Democrat hack is trying to elevate the Dem debate to one about “issues” and all dignified.

    Will there be a tea trolley?

    If so, better stay out of Hil’s way!

    • I’m hoping Biden will parachute through the roof 30 seconds before the “debate” begins, land right in front of the lectern, take off his aviator sunglasses, and say, “OK, let’s begin,” as he flashes his over-sized white wooden teeth. After that, I’ll turn off the TV.