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Heileman: Obama Furious at Hillary

Bloomberg political analyst Mark Heileman reveals that his reporting suggests President Obama is “pissed” at Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server, leaving her hung out to dry during a recent interview. While he said she didn’t break the law, he also suggested it wasn’t a great idea.

It’s significant because to the extent Obama is infuriated by this – remember, she has created an Obama administration scandal – it suggests where his emphasis will be if Vice President Biden gets in. That is, he’ll be neutral, but subtly backing his deputy.

Here’s Heileman.

And here are Obama’s comments on Hillary.

43 Responses to Heileman: Obama Furious at Hillary

  1. o had to throw in she has been an outstanding servant and a great Secretary of State.
    Covering both points, please everyone that he appears to care what she was involved with, and also play nice at the same time.

  2. Yeah, right. He knew, the State Dept knew, all of the minions of this administration knew that MrsClinton was using a private server as a shield against the prying eyes hoping to find some dirt on the Clintons.

    If we know anything about this man it’s that he does not think anything negative reflects back to him – even if he was responsible for the action, or non-action.
    Middle east turmoil – not his fault. 95 unemployed Americans- nothing to do with him. Billions wasted on faux energy projects- not his fault.
    Just like McDonald’s ads – they’re lovin it at the WhiteHouse.

  3. Hasn’t this administration already admitted they knew about the private email and server. Why didn’t they end it. Where they hoping to use this information to sink Hillary?

    Just another reason not to believe Obama when he speaks.

  4. He probably can’t go too far – she may have something on him.
    And he may have something on her.
    Lord knows there is plenty for both sides to choose.
    I often wonder what the truth is…they play us all so well.

    • Also this Administration’s definition of she “did not break the law”. Obama and his cronies break it or refuse to enforce all day long. Not somewhere for Barack to hang his hat on.

      Any other Administration this would be exposed all the way to the top where the responsibility lies. But we don’t even know where these two scheisters were during the evening and night of 9/11 so that’s unlikely.

    • Actually, given all their efforts to be anything but “the most transparent administration ever”, I think that ValJar and Barry knew about Shrillary’s secret server all along and the main reason they ignored it is because both of them, (and likely others in the administration), have their own secret servers. Don’t forget, Obummer insisted on being the first POTUS to have a Blackberry. I highly doubt he’s allowing his “private” emails with friends, donors, etc. to be archived. Also, several members of this administration used fake names and emails to circumvent open-records laws (former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, former IRS Director Lois Lerner).

  5. Where the heck can I watch this dang debate online?

    I don’t have cable, all americans should have free access to these debates, this is BS

    thank you

  6. Hillary is proud that President Obama “values her judgement”.

    Puts on mantle of being part of those who got Osama bin Laden.

    Bernie goes after her — Hils — heard same thing from Cheney and Bush….

  7. Bernie “obviously I voted for President Clinton to go into Kosovo and “stop ethnic cleanings”. Pretty amazing that Bernie not that concerned about massacre of Christians in Middle East.

  8. In terms of Iraq, these Dems conveniently forget the withdrawal from Iraq contributing to the current situation.

    Looks like HC and Bernie getting all the care and feeding.

    And now HC says they begged them to “help” in Libya and against Q.

  9. Even before the debate tonight, I predicted that lame stream media is going to declare Shrillary the winner and say she hit it out of the park, had a command of the issues, especially foreign policy issues, and was the only one who appeared presidential. I still think that will be the story tomorrow. Sickening.

  10. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think most people–even if they know about the private email server–consider this an Obama Administration Scandal. They should. That plus the fact that our ambassador was raped and murdered and three other brave Americans died because BO and HRC didn’t provide security.

  11. Here’s the latest from the Drudge survey. Looks like Hillary crashed.. Again. But Sanders in the lead? We’ll see what other pollsters report.

    SANDERS 58.07% (46,082 votes)
    WEBB 25.98% (20,612 votes)
    O’MALLEY 7.02% (5,573 votes)
    CLINTON 4.78% (3,793 votes)
    CHAFEE 4.15% (3,292 votes)

    Total Votes: 79,352

  12. Bernie Sanders gave Shrillary a huge gift/pass over the email scandal tonight. When I saw it, I remarked to my husband that Sanders is angling for a cushy ambassadorship under Pres. Shrillary. Then I saw Krauthammer mention that on Fox (Megyn was on live at 11 after the debate). He joked about a nice Paris ambassadorship for Bernie.

    Teflon Shrillary always gets away with her crimes and lies:–election.html


    Clinton had to know she would be pressed during the debate about her use of a private email account and server during her tenure as secretary of state. And she said, again, she had made a mistake in doing so.

    But she had to be pleased that the moment moved on to laughs — and a handshake with Sanders.

    In perhaps the most memorable exchange of the debate, Sanders dismissed the issue as one not worth voters’ time with a cranky one-liner.

    “Let me say something that may not be great politics,” Sanders said, “but I think the secretary is right, and that is that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!”

    Clinton and the audience cheered, and she and Sanders smiled and shook hands. “Thank you, Bernie,” she said.

    CNN moderator Anderson Cooper tried to refocus the candidates on the matter, but that only gave Clinton the chance to slam the GOP-led Congressional committee investigating the matter as “basically an arm of the Republican National Committee.”

    “It is a partisan vehicle, as admitted by the House Republican Majority Leader, Mr. (Kevin) McCarthy, to drive down my poll numbers,” she said. “Big surprise. And that’s what they have attempted to do.”