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Columbus Day Open Thread || October 12, 2015

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  1. Good Breitbart article on why Ryan won’t be a shoe-in for Speaker (as the political and media establishment would have us believe), and why he isn’t a conservative (as some would have us believe). He’s just on the wrong side of too many issues. Plus, Boehner supports him for the Speakership, and that alone is reason for great concern. Thus far, he doesn’t have enough votes and may not get them.

    But who knows? Depends on how many elbows are twisted, promises made and backroom deals made. That’s politics in Washington. It’s as dirty as a sewer.

  2. This has to be a joke:

    CNN seems pretty worried that the ratings for its upcoming Democratic debate in Las Vegas next Tuesday are going to pale in comparison to the record-setting numbers the network received for last month’s GOP debate in California.

    First, CNN announced it would be live-streaming the debate in “virtual reality” so viewers can feel like they are in the room with the candidates, because that’s apparently something people want. Then, they left the door open for Joe Biden to join the debate even if he makes the decision to enter the race that day, an option he has already reportedly declined. Now, they are turning to Sheryl Crow.

    On Thursday, CNN announced that the Grammy-award winning singer will be performing the national anthem live on CNN before the debate begins on Tuesday. And, according to the official press release, she could not be more excited.

    “I think most people know that I’m a Democrat,” Crow told CNN. “I’m fascinated with the process and I’m going to be excited to actually be there when our candidates debate.” And she isn’t quite ready to make an endorsement yet, adding, “I want to hear what everyone has to say and see where I fall.”

    Crow, who has been an active supporter of President Barack Obama, also performed at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

  3. I am sitting in Dunkin Donuts where the TV is tuned to one of the morning shows. The last segment was on the Koch brothers and, of course, it had the leftie loony twist.

    I’d like to see a segment on George Soros.

  4. Columbus Day? In my neck of the Left Coast woods, it’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Native American Day for those in Rio Linda. I’m guessing that Common Core teaches students that Columbus is a scumbag x10 (or 1 x 0 + 10 x 1). Meh, just a lame excuse for a day off for federal workers. Feeling old and cranky.

  5. It’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada today. One thing I’m grateful for is websites like WHD. Thank you Keith, for your hard work, and thanks also to all the fine, intelligent people who post here.

  6. Article about a kid suspended for wearing a commemorative tee shirt for his brother to school. Tee had image of boot, weapon, helmet. And saying We stand with those who stood for us.

    School. Violent Image.

    If a military, government issue weapon is categorized as “violent”, then the school should lose its federal funding. All this banning of the flag, military commemorative wear, etc. is over the top. Fine by me, but no government money.

  7. OT Daily Mail is reporting that some woman out hunting for birds found an airplane with a Malaysian flag and many skeletons inside on a remote island in the Philipines. I guess they are checking to see if it is true.

  8. I just got back from the store. I was looking for a small package of meat to fix for dinner. Spent 25 mins. looking. Not as many choices (brands) to choose from. The prices of food does not get discussed on the news, so many other very important information to keep up with. However the food goes up pennies or more per week. $56.00 and cents was my bill. One small pack of chicken strips were the only meat in the basket.

      • Not anymore. Days have changed. I am sure it is a lot cheaper than what is paid other places. I still buy it, and enjoy. My relative keeps telling to stop living in the 70’s regarding prices.

      • Exactly. And because gas is low even though everything else is skyrocketing, no increase in Social Security next year. And thanks to Christie, my mom who worked to age 80 is never going to see a cost of living increase in her pension. But it’s good we take such excellent care of our illegal immigrants.

    • Oh, it’s everywhere.

      I have a chain supermarket in my neck of the woods where they sell pre-packaged “salads”–you know, your Amish Macaroni, Southern Potato, what have you.

      Not long ago, a one-pound Amish Macaroni Salad was $1.99. Just looked today–$4.29, and that is not a typo.

      Part of this has to be laid at the feet of the renewable fuel racket, with a strong second going to the presidential primary process.

      After all, no would-be president wants to offend the delicate sensibilities of Iowa caucusgoers, even though their track record on the GOP side is somewhere between laughably bad and epic fail (look it up).

      As for the renewable fuel standard: internal combustion engines aren’t designed to run on corn any more than human beings are designed to run on gasoline, and no Beltway bureaucrat can change that by a new federal regulation.

  9. I say let’s give old Chris C his due. He set off in three boats the size of a bass boat on oceans as far as he knew were endless and maybe with edges with dragons open-mouthed waiting, storms, starvation, and when he got here he was cranky and half-dead–those Indians did not look like “spice” Indians–where the heck was he? And they were hostile–get the blunderbuss or whatever. These people–on both sides–had grit. Hats off all around.

    • Well Star, you are correct.

      We live about 25 miles south of Columbus, Ohio, where the Scioto River runs through.

      There was an exact replica of the Santa Maria docked there for years and we were on it.

      The ships that he used were designed to go up and down the coast of Europe.
      They were not designed to cross the ocean, but that is all he could get.

      I stood on the stern of the Santa Maria and was amazed at how small it was.
      The Nina and the Pinta were even smaller.

      It had to be crowded, and when you go down into the hold it becomes obvious that the thing was loaded to the hilt with supplies.

      This wasn’t a big ship by any means.

      Those guys had guts to take that thing across the Atlantic.

      • No Mission Control, no GPS, no radio, no Coast Guard–just ocean.

        I once went on a later sailing ship in the Balto harbor–or maybe it was Boston, can’t remember. Very low ceilings below deck–people were shorter, but still…Some tar filling in holes to keep the water out.We are not talking yachting here.

      • Yes they did.
        I am sick of the foot stomping, spoiled brat progressives who are solely focused on ruining our history.
        Shut up and sit down – I have said that before to an ungracious, illiterate person and I would say it again.
        Shut up and sit down.

  10. Open Thread.

    I have Comcast. I am going to discontinue it. I will use it for internet (expensive, but no choice)only.

    Anybody else ? Advice?

      • It’s a nation wide problem. Just curious to see how other people have found acceptable, affordable solutions.

        Streaming entertainment,reading, and music. Affordable. I am hoping. Expect a little readjustment.

        And if we keep going on the same path, I will be happy to live in the past.

    • I dropped cable TV in March but kept my HS Internet connection, grabbed a Roku3 and only pay for SlingTV for some of the cable shows I like. Put up a regular TV antenna to hit GrnBay (46 miles away) and I am very happy.

      • So you are using your existing TV set and not a monitor only. I was told the monitor could double as monitor and for streaming entertainment via ROKU, etc. But don’t think it would work with antenna. Do you know?

        This question attests to my knowing nothing.

        • I have a smart tv, so I can hook the Roku up to the internet either by wireless or cat5. Roku then connects to tv via HDMI cable. The tv also has a standard antenna plug. So I can switch btwn the box and the reg tv antenna. There is a lot of free streaming stations on Roku. Takes so weeding through but works well. One of my sons lets me use his Netflix access, but 99.9% of the time, I’m on Roku (SlingTV has ESPN/ESPN2, TNT, TBS, H, H2, FoodTV, and a bunch more).

      • Otis, we did exactly the same almost 2 years ago. No regrets. Winegard indoor OTA (over the air) antenna — Costco — works great! And we live in the boonies. Roku. XM Radio for news (FOX, CNN, C-SPAN, you name it). We still use our old Sony behemoth tube TV for OTA and Roku. But yes, you can use an OTA tuner to turn your PC into a TV. Go for it, gracepmc!

          • Local internet provider $53. Which is also the going rate for Century Link in our area. OTA $0. Roku $0. XM packages vary greatly depending on your needs.

          • Century Link in our area is wayyyy more. they hooked me with saying phone, internet and TV would be $104 a mo. Well, we are at $180 and climbing… They just lie–I asked could they get the recorded convo about it they said they were recording–oh, no. So–I guess when they say THAT it’s also a lie.

          • @Star, they hook you with those seductive promo rates. The teeny tiny fine print (which also hits you up with a whopping termination fee) says its only for 12 mos or maybe 36. Then… whoa nelly!

          • I know about those fine print things–for that, they had a $150 gift card lure–when I signed, the card came 6 weeks later–$100. I wrote to the parent co in Denver pitching a hiss–and got a $150 one…so I was a little ahead, then the promos fell off, $10 here, $15 there…and it climbed. I am getting more movie channels thant DirecTV at about the same price–for now.

    • We dumped Time Warner and went to Dish.
      Internet connection is DSL.
      Dish gives us 200 channels for the same price that Time Warner was giving us, (60 channels).
      I am paying $6.99 for the DSL a month.
      Dish internet costs $14.95 a

      It’s a toss up Grace.
      As Geoff said Dish gets iffy in stormy weather, DSL doesn’t.

      I was ready to go to Dish for the connection speed but I had to buy a new computer when the hard drive crapped out on my old one.

      The new one kicks butt, no problem with DSL now.
      Really fast.

      Hope that helps.

      • For basic cable, phone and internet I will pay $167 . Keep internet $80.

        If I sign up for a two year reduced package of $140 plus I also have to pick up a $230 termination fee (reduced $10/mo). That’s not happening and was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back.

        Thanks everyone for your feedback. It is pretty much what I have heard from friends and family — we do the best we can with what is available in our area.

        Soon, broadband will be soooooo expensive. Ah well.

        • Check up the thread Grace.
          Many options out there.
          I guess it depends on what you want and what you can get.

          Geoff mentioned DSL, which is what I use to connect to the net.

          Depending on your computer, you can live stream through DSL.

        • I have Charter.. 39.99 for internet. 60 gb down/ 2 gb up speeds. I can run the Roku, 2-4 laptops, my amateur radio server, Echolink server, cell phones, and soon a Media Server with barely a hick-up. Biggest thing I found is make sure you have a fairly updated modem router. Wired internet directly to a Roku is the best. May take a lil extra expense to make it work but you do save in the long run.

  11. Sad. No respect for Christopher Columbus and crew. They came by boat. They put one foot on the shore. They made their way in America. They were, for all intents and purposes, immigrants. Perhaps if they had landed in Florida they would be accorded the historical respect that is now being taken from them?

    • Snark, this is crazy off-topic….but…I have been wondering about that strange flap/pocket of skin underneath Obama’s mouth for 7 long yrs.
      Thanks to the wonders of HiDef, every little flaw is magnified, and that one is driving me crazy, lol.
      It’s particularly pronounced in this video.
      You always have the answers, Snark! What is that darn thing?