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Video || Rubio AWOL from Senate

Sen. Marco Rubio has pretty much quit his day job.

As of the middle of September, he has 77 votes this year, according to USA Today. He has the worst attendance record in the Senate.

Sen. Rand Paul, who unlike Rubio is still running for reelection to his Senate seat, has only missed three. Sen. Ted Cruz, not up for reelection this year, has missed 59.

Here’s some Democratic propaganda touting Rubio’s absences. It’s interesting that they are putting this out, suggesting they are beginning to think he may be the nominee.

8 thoughts on “Video || Rubio AWOL from Senate”

    1. He said he is not running for the Senate again and is concentrating on the race. Should he quit now and throw more attention on a replacement? I wouldn’t if I were him. Even in a do-nothing Congress, there are many votes all day…procedural, this that. As we often point out, no big things come to a vote these days. Or few.

      1. If you go to DC, go sit in a committee meeting–the members have to get up on the bell and leave–go all the way to the chamber…vote…then come back…20 mins or more…then the bell rings again…

      2. I know he’s not running for his senate seat again. That does not diminish my disgust over the fact that these senators and governors appear to have the most highly paid no show jobs in the country. We shouldn’t be paying the salary and benefits of people who are never there doing their jobs. It’s a disgrace.

        1. Senators make $174K–your plumber may make more. We complain all the time that the Congress is not doing much–that significant bills are not being brought up. etc. I see your point about wanting people to do the job they are paid for–but members do a lot of things besides vote by virtue of their office operations. I am not that exercised about this, I guess. You can’t be two places at once…it’s a calculation. I do think they take a LOT of long vacays…meaning offices at half-power or no power.

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