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Saturday Open Thread || October 10, 2015



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  1. If there’s any night owls out there, Sharyl Attkisson tweeted this link out about an hour ago and I still can’t find any confirmation on it. Says Turkey shot down a Russian jet that strayed into its airspace. If true, this a far bigger F’in deal than Biden’s Obamacare remark.
    The only way Obama will face Putin is if he’s forced to and the NATO pact would force that but considering Obama’s cowardice who knows what further weakness would be shown that would further undermine NATO.
    I trust Sharyl on stories but sometimes even the best get duped, especially in retweeting something on Twitter. Only time can tell on this one.
    I’m off to bed because if this is true, could be the last good night’s sleep in a while, and if it’s not, well hell, I’m tired.

  2. Reposting a comment I made in an earlier thread tonight:

    I’ve been predicting all week that with Obummer’s west coast fundraising trip ending up in L.A. on Saturday that he would be meeting up with the Choom Gang for another boys’ golf weekend in Palm Springs (taking a long weekend for Columbus Day and flying back on Monday).

    Well, I guess I was half right. He’ll probably be with the Choom Gang, but it appears they’ve grown tired of Palm Springs and will be weekending in San Diego. Article linked at the top of Drudge:

  3. Obama to party with Jamie Foxx for $10K-a-ticket fundraiser hosted by the DNC in Southern California

    • President Obama is hosting a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at a private home in Pacific Palisades on Saturday
    • Singer Jamie Foxx will be giving a private concert at the event
    • To snag a photo with Obama and prime concert seating tickets cost $10,000 per person
    • The lowest priced ticket starts at $1,000

    Read more:

    • So Obama just used Roseberg victims’ families to get a free ride to the West Coast ?

      These big money fundraisers had to have been planned long before the shootings.

      I just hope the DNC is picking up the tabs for his short hops between his moneybags pick ups. Those motorcades/planes/choppers don’t fill themselves with gas.

      • It’s unseemly enough to go where you are not wanted, it’s disgraceful to use death and grief as a free ride to party with the progressive cabal.

      • Denise VB, this fundraising trip for Friday and Saturday out in Seattle, SFO, and LA was on this week’s schedule, which was put out last Friday. Like you said, all these fundraisers and parties were planned long ago.

        The schedule previously had only the fundraisers, with no “official business” thrown in there like he usually does in order to bill the taxpayers for the fundraising travel, (you know, the usual “delivers remarks” at some school or some factory”). It just worked out conveniently for BHO that he happened to be going out to Seattle only a week after the Oregon shooting. So, he conveniently had “official business” on Oregon and, voila, the taxpayers now pick up the west coast travel bill.

  4. Hate to keep beating a dead horse, but I am not convinced Obama is ‘impeachment-free’.

    My thoughts keep going back to ‘judgment day’…the day in late summer, 2013, when Obama turned tail, ran like a coward, and ceded all power to Russia. He was boxed into a corner over his idle Syrian ‘red line’ threats. He even denied that they were ‘his’ red lines. “I did not make those red lines; the world made those red lines”.

    The course of history changed with one alleged ‘off-the-cuff’, last ditch attempt by John Kerry to extricate Obama from his own trap:
    “…there is still time for Syria to avoid a U.S. military strike if all chemical weapons are turned over to the international community in the next week.” Adding “but he isn’t about to do it, and it can’t be done.”

    Of course, Russia gleefully jumped in and offered their services to broker the deal.

    Obama immediately addressed the Nation and stated that he was cancelling all action by Congress…and the vote to strike or not to strike was postponed indefinitely.

    Since that fateful day in 2013, we have seen ISIS rise to power and Obama has unilaterally given Iran carte blanche with their nukes and $150B to help them pay for it.
    Russia, Iran and Syria are now the Supreme Powers in the ME.

    Meanwhile, Obama is happy as a clam as he continues his pledge to fundamentally transform America…with illegal Executive Orders.

    I would compare WaterGate to a flea on an elephant’s back compared to ObamaGate. Not only should Obama the Terrible be impeached, he should be tried for treason.

    (Sorry for the rant but I’m beginning to believe Obama has actually conspired with the Enemy in order to save face and protect his legacy).

    • Not to go all tin foil hat — but I do think there are international organizations with lots of money and power with a plan for the New Order. And I think Obama is knee deep in that. Nothing else makes sense.

      A fine tooth behind the scenes and the backers would probably be absolutely frightening. I do not take people like Eric Schmidt likely.

      No way Obama does this alone. They did a good job plucking the flunky from the mass of possible candidates though. His disdain for America works perfectly.

      Golf, and more golf, was probably part of the “package”. :)

    • Girly1 I do agree with you. I am so concerned for the younger people. Most of us have younger people in our family.
      I feel like I am living in Germany back in the day.
      I have mentioned this before, but all my life I was astounded how the intelligent people of Germany let Hitler slowly move on. With all the access to news now, you would think people were more informed than years ago. That is another puzzle.

      • I just pulled up
        Article regarding Carson stating that: “Though a combination of removing guns and disseminating propaganda, the Nazis were able to their evil intentions relatively little resistance.”
        “I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if people would have been armed.
        Good Morning America responded with: Bizzare
        Politico responded with: Ridiculous notion.

        • Call me paranoid, but when I see 18 wheelers loaded with predominantly young, dirty, unsavory looking, dark skinned males…I sort of freak out.

          The truth is…we are being invaded by refuse from every corner of the planet thanks to Obama.

          My city now has homeless circus-like tents under every freeway over-pass from here to the border.
          They’re so close to my neighborhood, everyone is freaking out.

          One morning I looked out my bedroom window and saw a homeless guy sitting at my patio table in the backyard! I discovered that he had already broken into my laundry room in through the basement window to bathe himself and do a load of laundry!!! Not only that, he cut his hair and left my laundry tub clogged up with hair.
          And, oh yes…he stole the laundry that was in my dryer!

          Called the police but he was long gone. The police asked me if I wanted to file a report on the stolen laundry items, LOLOLOL!

          One officer mentiomed that the homeless are now sleeping in the back seat of police cars!

          I could go on all day, but my BP is going off the scale.
          We have a problem, Houston!

        • It would have to be initiated by a member of congress. Which member of congress has any b___s?
          It is not going to happen. This man and his ideologies has ruined so many lives, most especially military. I would not want to have to underwrite his insurance after he leaves office. I would not want to live my life with reduced s.s. and have to look over my head every minute.

  5. Eric Schmidt, to me, is one of the scariest and most evil people. He has been using the full force of Google and technology to transform America with Obama and to reshape the world. Beyond creepy — this is a man whose hand you do not want to shake.

  6. You guys know I watch THE FACTOR and find O’Reilly with his bloviating amusing, but last nite, they teased with “Sex, Lies..” and when they got to the McCarthy story, Bill alluded to “tabloid issues” and made poor reporter Mikle Emanuel say they did not have to do with the McCarthy decision, and were “unsubstantiated,” so he, Bill, would not elucidate. So he got it out there on the down low and still thought he looked like a champ. Very icky performance–was this coming from Ailes…Do they still report at Fox? Sometimes I wonder.

  7. UPDATE to that previous article from the San Diego station. As many, including that newspaper publisher in Oregon predicted, Barry used the shootings as fodder in his fundraising appearances. He also told all his very wealthy donors and pals that the economy is great and Republicans shouldn’t be so “grumpy” and “down on America.” I’ll stop typing because my response would contain many expletives.

    Obama urges supporters to stay engaged, says he will too

    Posted: Oct 09, 2015 9:13 PM EDT
    Updated: Oct 10, 2015 10:46 PM EDT

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — President Barack Obama on Saturday encouraged supporters to be politically active, saying that he plans to remain so when his presidency concludes and declared, “I’m just getting started.”

    Obama was in California for four fundraisers, one in San Francisco and three in Los Angeles. NBA star Stephen Curry and other members of the Golden State Warriors warmed up the San Francisco crowd. Those attending the Democratic National Committee fundraiser paid between $250 and $10,000.

    Obama has been using his fundraising speeches and many others these days to point to progress he said the country has made during the past seven years, including a drop in the unemployment rate and the addition of millions of people to the rolls of those with health insurance.

    The president told the 1,000-plus people attending the fundraiser in San Francisco that Republican candidates seeking to succeed him are painting a dismal picture for voters.

    “There’s almost no measure by which we’re not better off than when I took office and when we started this process for change,” he said. “But it does kind of make you wonder. Why are so many Republican politicians so down on America? Why are they so grumpy?”

    Obama got some of his loudest applause when making the case for changes in the nation’s gun laws, saying the amount of gun violence taking place in the U.S. is not normal.

    “We know we’ve got to do something to prevent the kind of gun massacres that we see with growing frequency in this country,” he said.

    In Los Angeles, Obama attended his first fundraiser at the home of movie director J.J. Abrams. He then went to a fundraiser for the DNC where about 200 supporters contributed up $33,400. Jamie Foxx and his band performed before Obama spoke.

    Obama returned to the gun issue near the close of his remarks at the DNC fundraiser in Los Angeles. He noted that he went to Oregon the day before to visit with families of those killed at the community college. Two more college shootings occurred on the same day. While some protested during his visit, Obama said he felt just as strongly that such shootings are not inevitable and that the public should encourage lawmakers to take on the gun issue.

    At times on Saturday Obama referenced the GOP’s struggles to find a replacement for House Speaker John Boehner. He said during his final Los Angeles fundraiser, which supporters paid up to $33,400 to attend, that even deeply conservative lawmakers are not considered ideologically pure enough.

    “At this moment in history, the choices are stark and facts, evidence and values are on our side,” he side. “And the other side has gone off the deep end.”