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Video || White House Justifies Clinton Spin

Hillary Clinton helped create the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Then, for political purposes, she came out against it this week.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today suggested it’s all just part of the game.

“As the winner of the last two presidential elections that have been held in this country, the president understands that presidential politics are tough, and he understands that it is the responsibility of presidential candidates to distinguish themselves,” Earnest said. “In some case that means, distinguishing themlseves from the current occupant of the office.”

Yes, she I suppose now you could call her very distinguished.

Earnest prefaced this statement by saying he would be candid. I guess he was.

5 thoughts on “Video || White House Justifies Clinton Spin”

  1. Lol! Hillary is indeed the most ‘distinguished’ liar and flip-flopper in modern politics. Her own party is reeling from her acrobatic tour de force. It’s a thrill a minute!

    1. That is a real nice word: Distinguished.
      I bet that was not the word used in o’s sentence of response, when he finally read this information of Hilla. in the paper.

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