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Obama Schedule || Friday, October 9, 2015

9:15 am ET || Departs White House
11:40 am PT || Arrives Eugene, Oregon
12:40 pm || Meets with families of the Umpqua Community College shooting; Roseburg, Oregon
2:45 pm || Departs Eugene, Oregon
3:45 pm || Arrives Seattle
4:20 pm || Participates in a DNC fundraiser; Seattle
6:05 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser for Sen. Patty Murray and the Washington State Democrats; Seattle
7:00 pm || Departs Seattle
8:45 pm || Arrives in San Francisco
9:20 pm || Participates in a DNC fundraiser; San Francisco

All times Pacific except as noted

32 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, October 9, 2015”

    1. Yup. Almost every Obama trip has a tiny little “business purpose” included so that we can all pay for his golf and fundraisers.

      In this case, the idea is particularly offensive, as so many people in Roseburg really don’t want him there.

      1. x3 here’s the original from the weekly schedule SnarkEsq posted:

        On Friday, the President will travel to the Seattle, WA area to attend an event for Senator Patty Murray and the Washington State Democratic Party and a DNC event. Later in the day, the President will travel to the San Francisco, CA area for a DNC event. The President will remain overnight in San Francisco.

        1. Oooh, a DNC “Roundtable” on a Friday night in San Francisco. Sounds productive.

          Undoubtedly at some location in The Castro. Must be why the WH put “Roundtable” in quotes.

    1. Saturday’s official schedule:

      “On Saturday, October 9, the President will attend a DNC event and travel to the Los Angeles area for DNC and DSCC events. Further details about the President’s travel to Washington and California will be made available in the coming days.”

      My guess is that the Choom Gang will be meeting him in Palm Springs again so they can play golf all weekend. Obummer will take Monday, Columbus Day, off, and fly back later that day (after another round of golf, of course).

  1. Even if he were an authentic human being instead of the supercilious narcissistic toady that he is, he can only spare less than 2 hours to comfort grieving families? Not that that is his intent of course.

    1. Aw, give poor Barry a break. He was originally planning on sleeping until noon and leaving the WH for Seattle around 1 pm. Now he has to depart at 9:15 am, a very rare occurrence. And, oh my, his day will keep him busy until after midnight East Coast time. He usually only has days that long when he’s fundraising, the only thing he ever actually works at.

  2. My heart goes out to my old hometown area Eugene, Oregon (Cottage Grove)and my old neighbors to the south in beautiful Roseburg. I feel for you.
    Barry go away…………disgraceful

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  4. Its pathetic how the “MSM”, even FOX News kinda skips over all of Dear Leader Obama’s ‘fundraising’ side-trips…the only place I see them clearly mentioned/reported is here on WhiteHouseDossier.

      1. Excellent question…that NO ONE DARE ASK the Obama regime.

        (…but we all know Dear Leader is just setting up his post-dictatorship retirement account…)

  5. At least 8000 protesters are expected to show up in Roseburg. That’pretty darn good considering the entire population is 20,000.

    Go Roseburg – give him h*ll!

  6. I don’t know what happened to Fox, but it’s almost as bad as the MSM.

    The morning folks are all so perky, cutesy as to be neausuating. The Five, with Juan or the other mustached guy who should act his age, is over the top.

    After his talking points, I turn off O’Reilly.

  7. New standard of “Transparency”:

    Go to, and you get this:

    The Schedule

    No public schedule available at this time.
    Subscribe to: the full schedule, the President’s schedule, the Vice President’s schedule.

    If you want the “facts”, you have to subscribe to their list…

      1. Speaking of lists / menus…

        Clemson is now APOLOGIZING to some offended students after their annual “Maximum Mexican” food event (much like their St. Patrick’s Day and southern ribs days).

        When will those offended people demand an apology for “Cinco De Mayo” at the Obama White House?

      2. Organizing for America’s “list” is a lot like the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

  8. meet with grieving families in a place where no one wants him there

    fundraise fundraise fundraise

    saturday sunday monday(?)


    he has no shame but we knew that already

  9. But of course…two west coast fundraisers with a photo-op pitstop in Roseburg. It’s wonderful how true-to-form and predictable this guy is. Just when I don’t think I can be amazed by his crass behavior anymore, he delivers again.

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