As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || How to Get Rid of Guns!

It’s easier than you thought!


8 Responses to Video || How to Get Rid of Guns!

  1. As a 70 year old female with a concealed carry permit, I take the 2nd amendment very seriously. I also have a boatload of ammo. I will not go down to an intruder or the government without a serious fight!

    • Go Bonnie! I also am 70+ female and my husband insisted I go thru the steps for a CC permit which I did. Hope we never need it, but the current administration being not trustworthy makes me glad we did this!

      • Nellas, I hope this conversation, between what used to be regarded as a couple of senior citizens, encourages a few on here to get their permits as well. God knows, what if we had to defend our home and the food in it! While we don’t want to be paranoid, times are strange.

    • Good for you Bonnie! The CC permit course is on my to do list..Scottsdale Gun Club has a waiting list for CC permits.
      I am 72+ and keep my 38 within reach at home….and I know how to shoot it.
      God Bless America and Our Military