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Video || Obama May Not be Welcome in Roseburg

President Obama Friday will ravel to Roseburg, Oregon to “comfort” victims of last week’s shooting there, but many residents don’t seem to particularly want him around.

The White House said Tuesday that Obama will not hold any public events, and that his intent is strictly to meet with the bereaved. But people in the town are aware that Obama, merely by showing up, is contributing to the politicization of the shooting that he himself has called for.

According to the Douglas County commissioner, many people in town oppose Obama on gun control and aren’t happy about the visit. He said Chris Mintz, the hero who tried to stop the gunman and was shot seven times, also had concerns about having Obama in town.

“When I mentioned to him that the president was coming, he was not real excited about getting involved in the political part of this,” the commissioner said.

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  1. Think about it, the only time he visits mass shooting events is to give his gun control speeches (Giffords, Sandy Hook and Charleston come to mind).

    While he’s making it appear private, there will be photo ops with those families who support him anyhow. I betcha’.

    • I hope Obama doesn’t force himself on the Army Vet.
      If he would have been armed, this wouldn’t have happened.
      And the Air Force Vet that was armed wasn’t allowed to go to the area.

      • As for the vet not allowed in the area, they may have been more concerned about him being mis-identified as the perp? It’s why they have the kids leave the schools with their hands on their heads so no confusion for the first responders.

        Though the left wants you to think they’re being frog marched by the evil police.

  2. With even the slightest whiff of dissent Obama should have passed on this. I would have been the decent thing to do.

    Unfortunately politicizing dead children seems to be acceptable. I refuse to feel I am exploiting personal tragedies when politicians put it out there.

    From a Biden SuperPac (which Uncle Joe has no control over).

        • Last nite, though, he did get off the thread saying there were no hungry kids in America, what with all the social programs and if there were, it was because their parents used the food stamps for smokes. Kirsten Powers promised to bring in some kids. Stay tuned. I saw a school cafeteria lady on Chopped the other day who said she put food in some kids’s backpacks for the weekend…If the parents wasted some money they had is not the pt to me.

          • There is a lot of abuse in all of these programs. There should be an investigation of each. if someone in this country is lacking it is not due to federal funds committed for allocation.

  3. My child, my sibling, my father has just been killed by a deranged nut – I’m in a chair, either sobbing or just numb with grief.
    I don’t want company, none.

    A visit by the POTUS who will tell me that he wants to make sure no guns will be available to anyone in the US is just talk, won’t bring back my loved one, won’t make my pain lessen.

  4. The Great Narciss..’Ass’ doesn’t care about Roseburg residents or the fact they are in shock and mourning the loss of their loved ones.
    He has no empathy or compassion just a political agenda..disgusting.

  5. Obama must be scouting for ‘victims’ of gun violence to appear at his upcoming Rose Garden gun control EO signing ceremony. So far, the father of the shooter is the only one who blames his son’s actions on the 13 guns purchased by his mother. Says he wasn’t even aware that his kid had any guns. Great parenting!

    Obama has no shame!

    • The father of the shooter abandoned the boy at birth and never married his mother. We could blame him for the shooting. Maybe if he had taken some interest in his son’s life things might have been different.

  6. I can’t recall where I heard it, but I heard the other day that White House staffers called Chris Mintz directly requesting Obama meet with him and Mintz flatly refused. If true, I wish it were publicized. I hold Mintz in even higher esteem for that statement!

    • Mintz is an Army vet so he may hold some disgust over the hero treatment (Rose Garden!) of Bergdahl ? Of course, then there was the Marine in the Mexican jail that was ignored by ‘Bam.

      • It would be interesting to see how the media would cover large signs on the front doors of Roseburg residents saying: “Mr. Obama: you are unneeded, uninvited, and unwelcome. Please leave.”

  7. Maintain “gun free zones” and further erode, or outright abolish, law abiding citizen’s Second Ammendment rights. This is all the educated idiots on the left have to offer.

    It’s too late for the dolt in the White House to visit Roseburg: he’s already politicized the heartless murders.

  8. One more thing…
    Much of the blame for the 15 mass shootings during Obama’s reign of racial/religious divide in this country lies solely on his own shoulders!
    Sometimes I think he created the schism so that he could pass his stupid gun control legislation and eventually dis-arm law enforcement. Guns but no ammo!

    Also, the murder rate across America has greatly increased across the board since Obama/Holder took office. Look no further than Chicago.

    None of this is coincidental. Too bad the media is too intimidated to speak of the unspeakable. Obama is the problem – not guns. Inciting wackos to violence is his specialty.