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Video || Hillary Abandons TPP for Political Gain

In one of the most naked, shameless political moves I’ve seen in some time, Hillary Clinton came out Thursday against President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal she helped negotiate and promote.

Here’s how she sounded just three years, ago, before she was running for president.

The opportunism is so obvious, even NBC can see it.

7 Responses to Video || Hillary Abandons TPP for Political Gain

    • I see Hillary as a refection of the entire Progressive/Liberal/Socialist Democrat Party.

      The media and the Party support her — so this must fly with them.

  1. There is something so cringeworthy about watching this woman transition over the last 25 yrs. from middle-aged, ruthless political animal into old, dowdy, battle-scarred political hag.

    As a woman, I find it deplorable that an amoral congenital liar with enough baggage to sink the Titanic could ever hold the title ‘first woman prez’ of the United States of America.

    Have we as nation gone mad?

  2. Don’t care what she says, what she does, nada, nothing.
    The Dems and donors who continue to support this woman are delusional in their thinking that she could win, or if she could win, that she would suddenly become an honest person.

  3. Met with a few clients yesterday, regular folks who run small businesses. The object was not to talk about politics, but Hillary came up. ALL in the room felt that she is simply too old, too tired, past her prime, she missed the boat….not to mention her ODD effect. Oppositional Defective Disease


  4. Barry has made it acceptable to “evolve” on issues…unless you’re a Republican, of course. For the MSM, one person’s “evolving” is another person’s flip-flop.