As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Hillary Grilled on the Today Show

That, of course, is meant ironically. Here are some outtakes from this golden opportunity for her to humanize herself.

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25 Responses to Video || Hillary Grilled on the Today Show

  1. Funnier than SNL and that wasn’t funny at all.

    Let me know when she’s basted, baked and fried. The ‘grilling’ process is better left to the professionals.

      • Someone on MoJoe did mention her opening her eyes a lot and fake fuming about McCarthy. Darn him for saying something so dumb. Makes everything harder. It’s those plastered open eyes that bug me the most…well, second most..The most is the trilling warble.

  2. Nauseating…and quite honestly, demeaning to intelligent women across our landscape. To think that these are important, pertinent questions to ask, simply insults the person being questioned.

    Women across our country should be pissed…this here is the war on women, right before your eyes.

    Do you think ANY male candidate would be asked any of these questions?


    • Harv I do agree. I am 54 and always dreamed for a woman P. She has the nerve to play the woman issue. As I have stated we have already been there and done that. I am concerned still about Benghazi is she going to giggle and smile about that, or fly off with a terrible comment again. No she is going to avoid discussing all the important issues.

  3. If these are smart questions to ask a national candidate, so are the following:

    To Carson: so, how does it feel to walk around without a stethoscope looped around your neck?

    To Carly: So, are you a Versace kind of gal?

    To Jeb: Do you prefer Dos Equis or Don Emilio tequila when you party down with your wife?

    To Huckabee: when you curse at home, do you ever let out the occasional GD words?

    To Bernie: Cuba or North Korea vacay, which one comes first?

    To Trump: your wife has better looking assets than you… does it bother you than men would rather look at her?

    stop me, I could go on and on…


    • The Carson crack reminded me of Scarborough the other day…He said if you brought him, Joe, your conjoined twins, he would roll up his sleeves and say “Hand me the saw” but is that what you would want? Made laff. Everyone burst out laughing. Gallows humor.

  4. She may not know how to wipe a server clean, but she is certainly well-versed in the Art of Mixology. Her favorite drink? “A vodka martini – the James Bond way!” (In a shaker)

    She also played the bartender role on SNL to a “T”. Sounds like the old gal spends a lot of time on a bar stool.