As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Meets with agriculture and business leaders; U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington
12:45 pm || Lunch with Biden

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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37 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 6, 2015

    • Oh–yeah–he will be punching a time clock–wake me when that happens… This is the least of our problems–I wish the people at AOL would work, the people at help desks, the people in the Post Office, etc.

      • I have never seen such an incompetent, entitled workforce as we now have. Don’t ever tell me it doesn’t come from the top down. All the way from the WH.

  1. So, will his EO on gun control be ready by Friday when he invades Roseburg?

    Along with the Sheriff, at least one of the victims has already made a statement that the shooting had nothing to do with guns. People kill people.

    The wacky mother of the shooter has been commenting on some Yahoo site for years…that her son has Asberger’s. And yet she is the one who purchased all of the guns for him…and took him to shooting ranges from the time he was a child.
    Coincidentally, the Sandy Hook shooter also suffered from Asberger’s and the fixation with guns.

    The only person blaming guns is the father of the shooter…and Obama, of course.

    • Saw that on the mother. I am not a big fan of always bashing the mother, but isn’t she somewhat liable–knowing her son had issues of unpredictability, shall we say, and loading up on the firepower anyway? Maybe they were BOTH paranoid and wanted “protection.” Will we ever know?

  2. Russia taking over the middle east. We bomb a hospital. Recession looms.

    But all Odumbo cares about is taking away the guns from law biding citizens.

    In Australia which has taken away the guns, a Muslim killed 2 with an illegal gun this week!! Did you hear anything about that?

    • Von Ebb for what it is worth, I just heard Josh state that no apology will be given until they investigate.
      We are left with no comfort of security by his former actions/or not acting upon something. That includes the current trouble of the day.
      The List and The Mess grows longer…….

    • I know–I look at these candidates–even your Trumpie is 69–and think wow, graybeards. Then Trump puts out an ad calling Rubio a little boy (“Nappy time”) and sending him water and a towel–and somehow a young, certain, articulate brain sounds pretty good.

      • Star, It occurs to me that age is not really a factor for the Dems. The Bernie Sanders crew has already accepted the gray hairs, and with Lieawatha, the socialists will be satisfied as well.

        I am inclined to think that America as it is today will gladly choose Grandpa and Grandma. Crazy.

        • Esp if you are um…older…and know how much is lost in terms of energy, decisiveness, tolerance for learning and research, congeniality, etc. People may not want it to be true–but it is. And Biden, esp, has had brain issues, like Hillary. and even though we don’t know what is wrong with Obama–he does not look perky.

          • Oh great, aging, potentially addled, and Progressive Liberal Socialists as well.

            I will be curious to see what kind of medical reports will be issued. Or if they will be issued at all. And, if so, how “accurate” they will be.

  3. Consider this article and then consider which candidate do you think can win and reverse our situation. Barack Obama has destroyed the checks and balances (not without the help of those like Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid and their ilk, and not without the help of the leftist judges and the intimidated or turncoat John Roberts); he is in the process of making the law irrelevant (Holder/Lynch/Federal Judges and courts); he has divided the country along the lines of race, creed, color and wealth; he has turned the media (again not without their help) into a corrupt propaganda machine and he has liquidated our borders and is filling the country with assorted desperate people, criminals, drug and gang members and terrorists. And he is most proud of trashing the country’s reputation worldwide.

    Who can begin to reverse this — from the field at hand. Because this is what it is about. IMO.

    • Speaking of trashing, my Medicare HMO went belly up. Called my doc’s office–what would they take? No Obamacare, they said, no Humana, Aetna or HealthNet Medicare Advantage. I am having my broker try to figure this out–but the plans are falling. And keep your doctor? Good luck.