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Videos || SNL Binges on Politics

Saturday Night Live Saturday had several sketches that centered on the presidential campaign.

Of course, they’re mostly zinging Republicans, but that’s to be expected. Here’s the opening, which goes after some pretty easy prey is you want to send something up, Donald Trump.


This is maybe the best of the lot, a commercial on a medication designed to help delusions presidential candidates.


Finally, an appearance by Hillary Clinton. Sure, she gets tagged for a few obvious hypocrisies everyone. But this is basically an attempt by SNL to help her say, “Hey, it’s not so bad,” while doing some inevitable humanizing.

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    • That article reminds me of the old cartoon series called “Suspicions Confirmed”. NBC is rotten to the core, isn’t it? They smell like a barrel of dead eels you forgot you left in the barn last spring..

    • As would all the people in Roseberg Oregon who have said publicly that Obama is not welcome. They were upset that he spoke about not politicizing and then proceeded to politicize the shooting even before the bodies were respectfully treated and families given time. The clip I heard used the phrase not wanting him to come and stand on the corpses.

      Good on them.