As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

26 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || October 4, 2015

    • I watched a YouTube or two also this weekend–by a kid named Connor Franta–a Minnesota “nice” lad of 23 who happens to have 4 million subscribers and makes a huge living on ads, etc. It’s a new world out there, people! I found him through listening to his audiobook–most people will listen to his audiobook or read his book because of his videos. It is a complete sea change.

  1. Rand Paul — not my guy. — with Howard Kurtz said he was friends with Harry Reid. That would be politically smart

    However he also said Harry Reid was an honest man. The kindest thing to say about that is with judgement like that Rand would be a disaster.

  2. Netanyahu stated Sunday that Israel was “waging a fight to the death against Palestinian terrorist”, and ordered tough new measures against after the killing of two Israelis in Jerusalem.
    “These steps include, among others, speeded up demolition of terrorists homes,”

  3. I’m officially a Trump supporter now. Used to be a Walker/Cruz trumpet, now I’m a Trumpette :)

    I’m done with professional politicans after reading a whinny CNN segment on McCain slamming Trump not “understanding the Middle East”. Oh really, does Obama? He bombed a hospital while Putin “seems” to be going after bad guys in Syria. If we had an honest MSM, maybe I’d know for sure?

    I like Carly and Ben as backups as long as Cruz is their VP. Will PoliLifezette be any different in their coverage of the rest of the primary season?