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Saturday Open Thread || October 3, 3015



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  1. Jeb! – “stuff happens”. His words were taken out of context as he was giving his opinion on the shooting at the college.
    Shame, shame on the MSM for distorting his comment and for picking out two words in a two paragraph comment to beat him over the head with it.
    While the MSM wants to damage every single Repub with the odd word, or off the cuff phrase, the real damage is done to the survivors, the loved ones, and the whole community that is still trying to come to understand what happened at that school.
    Their stone-cold attitude towards real people who need comforting just to advance their own political agenda is disgusting.

    Shame to all those who chose to pick out two words, two seemingly callous words, just to harm someone who is in the public eye.

    • What is astounding still we all watched it unfolding piece by piece. That seems to be the o plan though, as I have stated. Keep the S*** hitting the fan, an everybody will not be able to keep up, or notice.

      • When there are no boots on the ground, you do not have any intelligence-not that O had any to begin with. Thank you, Obama. More lives lost due to total incompetence at the WH.

  2. 474 days to go people until O is out.
    Boehner is out, yay, the replacement is up in the air.
    Daniel Webster ?
    Jason Chaffitz ?
    Who knows.

    Then there is McConnell, who is on borrowed time.

    Lot’s of political stuff going on.

    Obama bombed the doctors in Afghanistan but will probably put the blame on the military.

    Putin bombed the ISIS factory in Syria and will take credit for it.

    Obama says guns are causing all of the malaise in this Country.

    His ROE should apply to the SS that defend him if they are applied to our troops on the ground.

    Well,….that should start the thread out.

    • As usual it seems that many American citizens could have/could figure about better options, plans, solutions. Everyone expect the people we are paying to run the Country. Oops, I forgot to include the blind sheep along with the people running the country.
      By the way it was in the low to mids 50’s this morning. Brh….Now in the mid sixties.
      Everyone on the East Coast. Please be careful.

    • Ironic that Obama’s whining about Putin in Syria while bombing Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan.

      Sounds like very bad intelligence since this medical group has probably been at that location for years. So yep, I’m blaming Obama’s crack team for this one.

      • Ash Carter refers to it as a ‘tragic incident’. Incident??? If it still holds true, Obama reportedly micromanages every single target – much to the frustration of our military. This one’s on him, personally.
        And where is he??? The golf course? He didn’t wait 5 minutes to get in front of the cameras after the Oregon shootings.

        Everyone must be behind closed doors frantically searching for someone other than Obama to blame for the apparent gross incompetence in the Situation Room.

      • In the meantime, Putin is beginning to destroy ISIS command and control facilities–the brains of the ISIS war on humanity. So why, after Obama has been bragging about his air attacks on ISIS, for months and months, are there still any ISIS command and control centers left? They should have been the first targets. Goes to show what a phony, amateur campaign against ISIS Obama has been engaged in. Do Obama’s ROEs specify that only jeeps and camels be targeted? Have Obama’s ROEs forbidden our Air Force to hit ISIS where it could really hurt them?
        We can see why Obama and his plastic toy administration is so mad at Putin; Putin doesn’t pay attention to Obama’s ROEs. He’s got a war to run.

        • Marcus, it seems like Russia has ISIS on the run after just a couple of days. So the question on many peoples minds is, what did the US do in Syria during all these years ? Certainly not bombing ISIS. I believe that it was the US-Saudi supported “moderate rebels”, not trustworthy from the beginning of course”, who started to believe in the global Caliphate, ISIS was born and allowed to operate in the region and got totally out of control. This is a disgrace for the Obama administration and it´s foreign politics and is now causing millions of people on the run, right now invading our countries here in Europe ( along with hidden ISIS-members, I am sure). Oh dear, Barry is an amateur,he is an ignorant child now surrounded by grown-ups who outsmart him in every way. He should stick to his gay agenda.

          • Spot on, SL! I also read a few weeks ago that Barry said he would not take on ISIS until the Iran nuke deal was signed, sealed and delivered. First things first.

            Incredibly, it looks like Barry was putting his Iran legacy BEFORE the butchers of ISIS!!!
            Everything for the last two years or more has been a charade.
            Barry has now removed himself from the ME and ceded all power to the Ayatollah and Pootie.
            He should be taken to the Hague and put on trial for war crimes. He has, after all, ignored the advice of ALL of his generals and military experts.
            The truth is beginning to emerge…

  3. VP Biden was the keynote speaker at the Human Rights Campaign (LGBT rights) dinner tonight, where he labeled most of the Republican candidates as “homophobes”:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    At @HRC dinner, @VP slams GOP pres cands. Says “there are still homophobes left. Most of them are running for president, I think.”
    8:20 PM – 3 Oct 2015

    Flipping no class idiot.

  4. At the HRC dinner, Biden also commented on gun control:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    On tougher gun controls, @VP says he and @POTUS were told not to speak about it because a gun control bill couldn’t be passed.
    8:27 PM – 3 Oct 2015

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    “I will continue to speak until it is passed,” says Biden of tougher gun control measures, in campaign-style speech at @HRC dinner.
    8:30 PM – 3 Oct 2015

  5. Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Biden nearing decision on running for president, reports CBS’ @juliannagoldman.
    8:23 PM – 3 Oct 2015

    Joe Biden could decide presidential run in the next week

    Vice President Joe Biden is nearing a decision on whether to run for president, and it could come as early as within the next seven to 10 days, according to three people familiar with his deliberations.

    Two of those people said he is leaning toward entering the race. Still, they caution that family considerations remain the overriding concern and would be the reason he doesn’t run. His wife, Dr. Jill Biden, has said that should the vice president launch a bid for the Oval Office, “of course” she would “be on board.”

    Even if Biden decides to seek the Democratic nomination before the party’s first debate on Oct. 13, he likely would not participate, sources told CBS News.

    They said he’d need time – perhaps a couple of weeks – to put together the foundations of a campaign and raise money looking ahead to several ballot deadlines. States like New Hampshire, Texas and Florida have deadlines beginning in November.

    Biden has been weighing a White House bid for the last few months, with several Democratic fundraisers even pledging their support should he launch a presidential campaign.

    Some donors who have met with the vice president in recent weeks told CBS News they came away with the impression that he was going to run.

    One source said that by the second half of October, Biden will have definitely made up his mind.

  6. If Biden runs he will lie and be crude in his language about and and rude in his dealings with Republicans. And the Obama media will back him up.

    Obama’s up tick in trash talk gives license to Uncle Joe.

  7. I saw an interview with Trump on CNN ( Erin Burnett ) yesterday. I liked what he said. Cooperate with Russia on Syria, let Assad and Putin fight the Islamists, he believed it was a mistake from the beginning to engage in Iraq.Sounds like he does not have an “imperialistic” view in foreign politics and that is excellent in my opinion . I believe that we have a gradual shift on the geopolitical scene right now, the US is not the sole player anymore, and we haven´t seen how it will all end. However, on the new scene we need leaders who can communicate.I know, Trump sometimes appears to be blunt and talkative and too keen on promoting himself but…there is something. he is smart. People listen. Am I wrong ?
    And I like that little old fashioned twist,the gallantry and the Merry Christmas-thing. But I blush, it has certainly not anything to do with anything and not with the capacity of being POTUS. But this is the way humans are….

    • He is smart, I guess, and people are listening–he is just not a safe bet to enter a field he knows nothing about, except for co-opting politicians with his money. I am not satisfied to wait until it’s too late…I mean, he’s find out what he would do. And I still highly doubt he would ever turn over his “tremendous company” to a blind trust for some “killer” banker to run it into the ground for four or eight yrs. How smart would that be?

    • I don’t think you’re wrong.I saw his interview with Charles Payne on Fox Business, one of the best interviews he’s done because Payne didn’t let him slip too much into bombast, and came away with the same impression you did SL.

    • Good morning Lee. I would like some coffee , please, but it will be an “afternoon cup” for me.
      You asked me above about the migrants. Well, we have around 100 000 so far and they keep coming. Last week we had 1000 arrivals daily. Remember, this is a country with only around 10 million inhabitants.
      And Germany have around 1 million arrivals. Germany and Sweden are by far the most “popular” countries for the migrants. Could it be our climate that is so tempting……? Many taxpayers over here wonder what the politicians are up to, how will it end ???? It will be the end of our welfare society for sure.