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New Poll: Bush at Four Percent

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush scored just 4 percent of the vote in the latest national GOP survey, a catastrophically low number that is sure to raise grave concern among the establishment donors who have invested millions in his success for the 2016 presidential race.

The poll, released Friday by the Pew Research Center, shows Bush slipping into sixth place behind Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is at 6 percent. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Bush’s archrival for establishment backing, has twice Jeb’s support, with 8 percent. Rubio is tied with Fiorina, whose tally suggests the steam may have run out of the boomlet that accompanied her strong performance in last month’s GOP debate.


A GOP donor from the energy sector was less than charitable in his assessment of Bush’s campaign this week.

“No one wants another Bush,” said the donor, who asked to remain anonymous. “Hell, when will they get that through their heads?”

Despite numerous hopeful stories in the mean that Donald Trump’s mediocre debate showing had at last inaugurated his decline, the billionaire real estate developer remains well ahead of the field, logging a solid 25 percent, 9 points ahead of Ben Carson’s 16 percent.

Even though he has not yet unleashed his massive advertising war chest against his rivals, Bush — whose 4 percent ties him with “don’t know” — surely did not expect to be where he is at this point. He was long presumed to be the man to beat, but his inability to show much spark or forcefulness on the campaign trail has given Republicans pause.

Meanwhile, he has failed to address the average Republican’s concern about such matters as trade and immigration, leaving the field open for Trump to seize those issues and run away with the base.

Unlike a few other candidates, Bush has so far declined to release his fundraising totals for the third quarter of the year. If those come in lower than expected, the news could further diminish his standing and cause even more donors to consider sending their money to another establishment figure like Rubio.

In the poll, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee — strong contenders in the “next to drop out” contest — each received 2 percent. Paul will reportedly reveal that he raised a meager $2.5 million, a tumultuous drop for the $7 million he raised in the second quarter.

A version of the piece first appeared on PoliZette.

5 thoughts on “New Poll: Bush at Four Percent”

  1. There is no excitement about Bush. He is bland. I would not walk over coals to follow him. Plus I do not believe in some of his positions.

    1. Jeb Bush doesn’t present well on television (and neither did his father or brother)–and modern political campaigns are television campaigns. That’s just the way it is. He looks unmotivated, unsure, uninspired, searching for the correct phrase. As Marshall McCluhan once said: “With telephone and TV it is not so much the message as the sender that is “sent.””

      Of course, that is the whole problem with “television” news or information. We remember what we see, and not so much the actual verbal information. We get a physical impression and that’s what we remember.

      We can have, on the other hand, someone who presents well, visually, on television, and wind up with a complete political nut job, as we have currently in the WH.

  2. As it stands today our Congress has a very low level of honesty as reviewed in Rasmussen Reports, in there highly regarded telephone polls. Its a seedy place where votes are brought and sold for campaign contributions and the losers–are US.

    We can for once in a lifetime change the direction of this nation by voting for Donald Trump. There is no buying Trumps loyalty through this Administration or the GOP establishment.

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce will literally press heavily in its efforts to crush the Tea Party to get legislation passed–such as an all-inclusive amnesty bill for the 13 million to perhaps 30 million illegal aliens (Its been decades since the US government have updated the 11.5 million foreign nationals in this country based on US Census) and the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank–that it craves.

    In its prior budgeting of $50 million to opt for the hierarchy establishment-friendly candidates in the 2014 election cycle, the chamber will reportedly spend as much as $100 million in the 2016 election cycle to crush insubordinate conservatives. According to a Roll Call report, some of the group’s “top targets in 2016 will be right-wing, Tea Party candidates” who have opposed illegal alien amnesty, Obamatrade, and reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, such as Senator Ted Cruz.

    All these policies are profit making for the wealthy, US Chamber of Commerce, trade unions, etc, and laws that are a virus on citizens and lawful immigrants.

    The Chamber of Commerce’s eventual goal is to reportedly win back “the soul of the Republican Party” by electing more establishment Republicans “in challenging primaries to reinforce their hand during policy debates on the Hill.”

    GOP establishment Jeb Bush, being an instrument of the US Chamber of Commerce, and the majority of former state governors are definitely ready to go along, with these terrible issues for average Americans. What comes out of their mouths maybe true at the time, when they are making public statements, but when they collect your campaign contributions from the US Chamber of Commerce you know the Special Interests wants something in return for their dirty money.

    Wealthy donors relay to the corrupt Politicians their demand in keeping slack enforcement at our Southern border, or from impeding the implementation of strict MANDATORY E-VERIFY, instead of keeping it as ‘Optional’. If you read current guidelines relating E-Verify you will notice it ONLY relates to New hires, NOT those who have been employed for years and ILLEGALLY in the country. Don’t be fooled by the Jeb Bush’s and other career politicians in the dirty advertising campaigns that are surely ready to materialize on TV, Radio or even the Web–even billboards that encompass the country.

    What I consider a big con, is the birthright citizenship law, that is part of the 14 amendment. It irritates me to think that millions of pregnant women comes easily over the US/ Mexican border thanks to King Obama and immediately collect substantial amounts of welfare benefits, when both Senior citizens live in a near poverty mode to pay there rent, food and survival needs or the handicapped Vets are all but ignored? But this administration will hand out EBT cards to anybody because of the failure as a President.

    Then we were supposed to be Represented by the Republicans, with John Boehner as the Speaker if we voted them back into power. Once again we were lied to by the House as Congressional purse wasn’t withheld and so Obama’s illegal Immigration, federal budget and other issues were fully funded and Americans was once again taken for a ride.

    So for once I am voting for an Outsider and that is why my vote goes to Trump; people in my circle of friends, co-workers and my immediate family see Donald Trump as the ONLY real alternative to Professional politicians.

    Its that old story, probably as old as Congress itself, of buying votes with corporate money of very affluent suppliers. Then Americans wonder why there will of the people never comes to fruition?

    Today we have a fantastic chance to overturn the usual story inside the closed doors of Congress, where the lobbyists by lavish vacation trips, special privileged mortgages and hidden accounts of the legislative representatives of the Left or Right. We have a choice the Jeb Bush’s or the Hillary Clinton’s who have a more basic loyalty to their political parties, then the American people.

    That’s why I am voting for Donald Trump or even Senator Ted Cruz, who dares to speak his mind and who is an affront to the GOP establishment. Trump is a tough opponent against the Status Quo that has used his own money in the Presidential campaign and has denied any dirty money from the Special interests that roam around the Capitol.

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