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Obama Sets Up New Shutdown Fight

President Obama on Friday set up another potential budget shutdown fight, insisting on a long-term spending bill and saying he would not sign another temporary measure like the current one, which expires Dec. 11.

“I will not sign another short-sighted spending bill like Congress sent me this week,” Bush said. “Congress has to do it’s job. It can’t flirt with another shutdown.”

Laying the groundwork for a bruising brawl in the fall with congressional conservatives, Obama demanded that the sequester budget caps be broken and the spending spigot open wide so lower spending doesn’t make it even harder on things like “an aging population,” schools and the military.

“It’s time now to undo them,” Obama said in a press conference.

The president warned Congress against adding “extraneous” issues to the budget debate, like their objections to Planned Parenthood. “They want to defund Planned Parenthood? There’s a way to do it: Pass a law, override my veto,” Obama said.

Obama returned to his demand for gun control, which he had just lodged Thursday in the aftermath of the mass murder at an Oregon college. He suggested Republicans were resisting him not out of principle, but because they were getting their marching orders from the National Rifle Association.

“It’s because of politics. It’s because interest groups fund campaigns and feed people fear,” Obama said. “And in fairness, it’s not just in the Republican Party, although the Republican Party is just uniformly opposed to gun safety laws.”

Obama took a moment to skewer Jeb Bush for saying, in relation to the shooting, that “stuff happens,” an attempt by Bush to indicate that politicians should not overreact.

“I don’t even think I have to react to that one,” Obama said. “I think the American people should hear that and make their own judgments based on the fact that every couple of months, we have a mass shooting. And they can decide whether they consider that ‘stuff happening.'”

Obama ridiculed his opposition, saying even some Republicans in Congress suggest he wants gun control because he’s plotting to seize power.

His opponents charge that gun control is “an assault on freedom or Communistic, or a plot by me to take over and stay in power forever or something,” Obama asserted. “I mean, there are all kinds of crackpot theories out here, some of which are ratified by elected officials on occasion.”

But he nevertheless suggested he has no plans for dramatic, unilateral executive action, indicating the matter was in the hands of Congress. “Main thing I’m going to do it talk about it,” he said.

Obama said voters should, for at least a few election cycles, judge candidates entirely based on their position on gun laws. “You have to just for a while be a single-issue voter,” he said.

Strikingly, Obama said nothing during the press conference about the Oregon’s gunman’s targeting of Christians, who revealed their faith only to be shot and killed.

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45 Responses to Obama Sets Up New Shutdown Fight

    • He always succeeds in disappointing me. He disappoints me every time.
      Every election, every speech, every everything.

  1. Oh my sweet bippy, can that man talk ANY slower? I was climbing the walls, waving my arms, switching to Judge Judy, she would say she was smart not gorgeous, you sir are a fool, they don’t pay me enough, hand me that paper, be quiet I am reading, and when I switched back–he was on the same sentence. It was like a slug on ‘ludes.

  2. “Obama said voters should…judge candidates entirely based on their position on gun laws. ‘You have to just for a while be a single-issue voter,’ he said.”

    Yet, he no doubt would not agree with those who are pro-life and are single-issuer voters.

  3. If Congress asked any of us, or even cared what we think – they would pass the bill as written and dare him to veto it.
    Just as every legislation they should have passed but chickened out – so afraid of the big bad veto.
    It’s a new day, Congress – we don’t get our news or opinions from the NYT or NBC anymore. Pass the dang things, let the people see who is a do-nothing on the Hill.

    Shut it down. We’ll survive if you – congress- have the steel for it. Shut it down. Let it be his veto that does it all.

  4. Dr. John Lott likely knows more about the relationship between gun laws and gun violence than anyone in the United States. Here’s a site where you can see his conclusions, articles and books on the subject–based on solid research. Lott’s analyses completely destroys anything the anti-gun people, including Obama, will ever use as a talking point to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

    As an aside, Lott was on the faculty at U Chicago when Obama was a part time lecturer there. Lott’s assessment is (as he noted on Mark Levin’s show tonight), that Obama was a very cold individual, didn’t attend faculty seminars and when you said something he disagreed with, just turned his back on you and walked away from the discussion.

    Anyone surprised?

  5. “I will not sign another short-sighted spending bill like Congress sent me this week,” Bush said. “Congress has to do it’s job. It can’t flirt with another shutdown.”?? — Do you mean Obama said?

  6. This from the guy who has never submitted a budget on time or gotten even one vote for any of them? It’s because his executive branch can’t put anything together that they started these stupid CR’s in the first place!

  7. Oh, no! Obama is threatening to send non-essential government employees home again. Not sure we can survive this. Perhaps he’ll send himself home for once.

  8. Obama is so simple minded; but he’s obviously cleverer than Congress. He runs them. Do we have a government any more or a bunch of fainting goats?

    • That was quite a read! Enjoyed the comments immensely. Somehow it reminded me of the great fear that Churchill had in his latter years (though he wrote his only novel “Savrola” about it—Progressive governments– much earlier)–the fear being that the West was drifting dangerously and without much counter restraint toward Progressive Leftist governments as the norm. Obviously the EU is already there. That Progressive Leftist ideology would create governments which viewed their citizens as insects to be kicked around, used, punished and rewarded according to mysterious rules written by unknown bureaucrats. We’re just about there in this country.

      • Glad you enjoyed. The posts and comments usually quality

        Churchill. We have some good warning bells but they are often ignored or carry no influence. M Steyn, Sowell, VD Hansen to name a few

        We are pretty bad off when a President can joke in “public ” about people fearing he would seize power. It doesn’t get much more brash and in your face than that. Obama has his boot on our throat

  9. Is it just me? Or does it feel like this govt. has been shut down for the last two years. I read somewhere that the GOP took control of both chambers of Congress back in 2012, but no one seems to know their whereabouts.
    At this point, what difference does it make? Obama is nearly finished with his agenda.

  10. It is obvious he is doesn’t care

    All he cares about is parties and celebrities and golf

    he doesn’t care about Russia or Isis or Israel or you or me, we just get in his way, we are just annoyances

    he just wants a cig and a putter

    he is that shallow

  11. Government Bust-it budget theory of economics.

    If we have checks in the checkbook, then we have money.
    If we can print it, we are all cool.

    Debt is our friend and we always need more friends.

    Just meaningless numbers, math is old school. We have moved on to new age new school.Hyperboilerism

  12. That look on his face when he “joked” about staying in power, that sneer at the tinfoil hat crackpots, that just creeped me out! Run for the hills!

    • His icy cold, black eyes have always creeped me out. But the fact remains that he has proven himself to be a world-class sissy and coward at heart.
      He’s delusional and certifiably insane.

      • Michael Savage commented on Dear Leader’s rambling comments during yesterday’s “press conference” (more like a PoliSci101 lecture at 8 am) as Obama’s “Nixonian moment.”

        I tend to agree. The man is kooky.

  13. (Yawn) He seems to forget he’ll be gone in 17 months.
    Don’t like Obumblescam? Elect a Republican and he’ll undo it.
    Repulsed by Planned Parenthood’s chop shop? Elect a Republican and watch for Cecile Richards on the side of the road holding a sign saying, “Will work for baby parts”