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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference

The press conference has concluded.

27 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Press Conference”

  1. …”Pres. Obama will take questions…”

    -No offense Keith, thats a dumb thing to say since Obama will only “take” pre-approved, soft-ball “questions” from a pathetic,sycophant, biased “WH press corps”.

    ~I have been yelling a dozen better questions at the TV for the past half-hour (waiting for this lazy Obama) than anyone in this useless “WH press corps” has the brains or guts to ever ask.

  2. With over 94 million unemployed, I was wondering who Barry was going to blame.
    Thanks for the info Gracepmc.
    I think after being punked by Putin, he’s a little sensitive.

    1. He’s a petulant child.
      He’ll blast congress again while the Russians take over the mid-east.

      He’s like the kid in the grocery store that is throwing a fit and the parents do nothing to stop it.

  3. We are not going to stop all violence. Homicide rate a lot higher than other places.
    This happens every single day. Kids running for their lives trying to get to school.
    In N.O. two people under twenty next to me sitting next to me.
    Over enough time I can change enough minds.
    Question: Would you consider raising the debt ceiling? It will complicate the negotiations.
    Refresh Raising the ceiling gives us a way of keeping good credit rating. If messed with could hurt Global economy. Bad thing to do. Not going to negotiate. Has to get down in next several week. Here is bottom line, McConnel Banner, we have all spoken to negotiate. Banner’s choice to step down complicates it. We can do it in short order. I have encouraged pushing through and leave out other issues that can prevent an agreement. Many want to go against PP. I disagree. I respect they feel strongly about. Can’t have issue like that can mess up economy. I feel strong as well about guns.
    If I shut down Govt to do something about gun saftety it would be the same as what their doing. I hope the next Speaker understands.
    Ok He is now making a speech instead up finishing up with the last question.
    I don’t throw a tantrum and shut down the Govt.
    Apart from Congress inaction with guns. the pattern they are angry young men. Is there anything you can do for these men. NO.
    I continue to speak to American people as a whole. There are a lot of young men out there. Having been one myself. It is difficult to tell who has a problem.
    Heard enough.

    1. Every weekend in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Camden etc. black (african-american) people (young men) are killed/murdered by guns…
      Where is “Barack Hussein Obama” making angry, biased statements about that…?

  4. Obama just drones on, doesn’t he ? I caught part of his “press” conference and remembered recently Trump answered like 27 questions in 20 minutes one time. After an hour, it was like 4 for Obama ?

    Looking forward to Keith’s impression and what exactly is going on in Syria, I didn’t understand his answer. Turned on The Five for the post-game show, and they didn’t seem to know either.

    Earlier, Chris Wallace told Shep Smith that Obama asked Putin to go into Syria. I hope someone else saw that interview, because it was a Wait. What? moment for Shep and myself too. Wallace was adamant it was true.

    I noticed ValJar on the front row of the presser. Was she code blinking to Obama’s responses? He talked so s…l…o…w.

    For Trump fans, the newest People has a great interview with Trump,Melania and kids this week. My favorite part, the Editor’s disclaimer in his column … this does not mean an endorsement! As a long time subscriber to Peeps (I call it my professional journal ;) ). I have never seen such a disclaimer for Obama or Hillary slobbering articles. Never. Ever.

    1. If you looked closely, ValJar was manipulating a systems of strings and levers with her feet which seemed to be connected to Obama’s mouth, arms and hands. The permanent scowl on Obama’s face was his new scary Halloween mask, which he was just trying out for today’s little event. “Boo! I’m really, really mad today.”

      This guy is such a complete fraud.

        1. Which Putin will, again, kick up and throw in Obama’s scowling face. And then he’ll grab Obama by the elbow and waltz him off the world stage. Again. Obama’s chickens have come home to roost, it looks like.

  5. Obama, he is inviting 200,000 Muslims to America, without knowing who they are or what extreme murderous views they may have, Obama should be prosecuted for being an enemy of America, for inviting possible terrorists to come right in when he knows it could be dangerous. Obama is the enemy within. Just for spite Obama does these things over and over. He is mentally and emotionally ill and he will do everything in his power to ruin America and Israel. He has caused the many shootings in America because he has created the hate and prejudice between the people. Do-nothing Republicans are off mentally also to allow the country to be constantly put down by this trash along with the other trash, Kerry and Clinton.

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