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Video || Netanyahu Blasts Iran Deal at UN

Here is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cogently outlining for a non-listening world the problem with President Obama’s Iran deal: That if Iran does what it is supposed to, it will remain a tyranny, continue its aggression, and eventually build nuclear weapons:

“When bad behavior is rewarded, it only gets worse,” Netanyahu said.

Here, Netanyahu decries the “deafening silence” of the UN in response to Iran’s vows to destroy Israel, and then adds some deafening silence of his own to bring home the point.

14 thoughts on “Video || Netanyahu Blasts Iran Deal at UN”

  1. If you leave the neighborhood bully alone, he will continue to torment the kids on the block. Passivity never stops evil…and we all know it.


  2. Thanks Keith for posting this.
    He nailed: When bad behavior is rewarded.
    That has been done non stop by o.
    Once again, Thanks for nothing msm.

  3. ~As of 2:28pm EST Shep Smith has his panties all in knot reporting about some/another school shooting…
    I kinda wish FOX News would get off this every-other local “Breaking News” story and try to report REAL National or World News

    1. I am sorry!!!…but unless I had kids (and I never will) and they went to a local school…
      I DONT NEED National “FOX News” giving minute-by-minute coverage of some local school shooting.
      -For-F#ck-Sake…I watch “Fox News” for NATIONAL & WORLD NEWS! NOT local-yokel-who cares local stories…

      1. Put down the bottle, turn off the TV, and go take a nap, Langley. This is big national news, and as an Oregonian, I’m grateful for the Fox coverage.

  4. How is it that the civilized nations of the world do not support Israel? So glad Canada is.
    “Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird recently said that he’s, quote, “deeply skeptical” of the recently brokered nuclear deal with Iran. And despite the fact the U.S. is easing some sanctions against Iran, Canadian sanctions will remain in full force.”

    “While this move by Western countries, under the leadership of President Obama, puts Israel in an increasingly isolated and dangerous position, this makes Canada the only Western country to stand with Israel in recognizing the threat of a nuclear Iran.”

    “Canada under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s governance can be counted on as at least one Western country that stands unconditionally with Israel.”

    Just one reason why I’m voting for Mr. Harper in the upcoming federal election.

  5. Samantha Power, probably due to her great middle east expertise was called away by Obama, and was not present for the speech which was powerful.

    If I were Netanyhu I would choke every time I had to call the United States under Obama as our greatest ally.

    1. “Samantha Power, probably due to her great middle east expertise was called away by Obama, and was not present for the speech which was powerful.”

      I guess this is the UN version of “I had to wash my hair.”


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