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Obama Schedule || Friday, October 2, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

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Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

Press conference? It could happen.

15 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, October 2, 2015

  1. I’d bet on a press conference, so that Obama can again “never let a crisis go to waste.” The Oregon Sheriff said the focus should be on the victims, yet Obama — to use his own words — makes us numb to what has become routine — POTUS using tragedy to score political points. He even used the bully pulpit today to urge people to go to the polls and elect those who are in favor of “common sense gun control”. In plain terms, throw out all the heartless Republicans and elect “common sense” Democrats.
    Transparency? You betcha.

      • To his credit, Obama did admit that his rants were becoming routine. But after spending about two minutes on the victims, he spent around six times that long on his political message.

        And CNN, which spent most of the night promoting Obama and his message, brought on three people whose relatives had been the victims of prior mass shootings — apparently for the sole purpose of attacking the NRA, whom one guest said they wanted to see brought down.

  2. No matter what he says, that sanctimonious look on his face as he says it makes me nauseous. It’s always about him, unless it’s a tragedy he doesn’t care about like Kate Steinle. He is the Saviour doing his best to try to bring us poor stupid, racist, homophobic sinners to the light.

  3. when I first moved to Oregon in 1993, the kid Kip Kinckle,shot his teachers/professor parents at home then murdered some at his school. Decades later we have another wacko doing this and much more. Aint the guns little barry. JUST SHUT UP

  4. Obama once again uses a tragedy to cover up his own misguided foreign policy. Syria is being shredded to pieces by Putin and ISIS while Obama rails against guns.

    Mr. President, this is all on your watch. Simply pointing fingers is not a solution.

    Still a rookie…


      • If a situation doesn’t offer an opportunity for Obama to advance his Progressive or personal agenda, then he is stone-cold silent. One example (among many): Our inner city ghettos are a killing field–Chicago, etc–and Obama has not lifted a finger, proposed a solution or ventured a public thought suggesting sadness or sympathy for the victims. The only comments he makes are those criticizing the urban police forces who are trying to bring that situation under control. Again, that advances his Progressive agenda.

      • Eric Erickson at Red State has a great piece on that today (Titled “Our President is a Jack##s”).

        Is there something odd in a President who conceals his past harping on background checks?