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Live Stream || White House Briefing – October 1, 2015

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  1. Russia has played Obamamohamad as the fool he is. Under “the war on Terror” Putin has launched air and now ground attacks on ISIS. Iran has joined as has Iraq. We have been out smarted and Kerry and O have really gotten what they could never think of. Russia filling the vacuum the two narcissists have created.
    If it were not so tragic for the USA and Israel this would be very funny.

  2. On Cavuto Coast to Coast there was a lot of talk about Russian misinformation as opposed to the free press of the world and the US. This is just plain laughable. This Administration especially and its lapdog press has no credibility whatsoever.

    Not denying Russian control of its media, but all this chatter about the world and the US free press where we are going to get the truth about what is going on in Syria is definitely open to skepticism.

  3. Josh is all puffed up about the “65 member coalition” and all they and we have done to fight ISIS (ISIL per Josh) and we all know how ineffective that has been. Have the Kurds received any weapons yet?

    Someone should ask about Obama withdrawal from Iraq and the rise of Isis.

    Talk about low energy. Josh swatting at annoying flies.

  4. De-Conflicting our efforts.
    Under scored our efforts of destroying Is**.
    So far Russia’s attacks if worth questioning because no Is** it so far.
    Burden is on Russia.
    It is dangerous to Russia. It is only going to prolong conflict longer. Risk Russia being drawn more deeply into the conflict.
    Russia will be no more successful in Syria, than US was in Iraq.
    It has further isolated Russia.
    Jordan and others have raised concerned against Russia.
    Iran’s response was filled with praise and Saudi Arabi against.
    You heard me say this would be counter productive.
    I am not going to engage in discussion if CIA is involved.
    Joshi is not as upfront/cold as usual.

    • Do you guys know the story why no Soviet Citizens were eve taken hostage back in the 1970s-1980s when we (USA) had so many hostages held in Beruit, Lebannon..???

      -The Soviets/Russians had BALLS to deal with ‘terrorists’…

  5. what is WH view of what Putin is trying to achieve?
    Describe the choice Putin faces. Russia has made an investment in the State. Continuing attack will run counter to goals to Russia’s goals.
    o has been clear that the prolonged commitment of our military, he did not want.
    Than Joshi named maniacs we have killed with strikes.
    o has worked aggressively to safe guard our interest.
    OK After that sentence I heard enough.
    No I do not feel any better after listening to him.

  6. The WH could be on fire all around them and Josh would be standing there with his s**t eating grin saying all is well.

    Sadly I saw a article mention Kerry for the Nobel.. please, NO. Just say NO