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Bush: Meet Marco Rubio, the New Obama

Forget Donald Trump. That’s bigger game that has to be taken down later. Right now, Jeb Bush knows he won’t survive long if he doesn’t take care of his Marco Rubio problem, and fast.

In the last 24 hours, Bush has signaled his strategy for dealing with his former protege and Florida “buddy,” who is edging by him in the polls and threatens to start gobbling up fundraising money Bush wants for himself. He’s going to take Rubio call him the worst epithet one Republican can call another: Barack Obama.

What everyone forgets about the sunny-seeming Bushes is that they play to win and they play for keeps. And with well north of $100 million in the bank, Bush stands ready to try to crush anyone in his way. Marco is first.

Rubio, at 9.5 percent, has moved into fourth place in the latest RealClearPolitics average of national polls, a half point ahead of the fifth place Bush.

So, appearing on the MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program Thursday, Bush suggested Rubio lacks the experience to be president, just like the 2008 Democratic nominee.

“It’s not known,” Bush said when asked whether Rubio has the “leadership skills” to fix what ails the country. “Barack Obama didn’t end up having them and he won an election based on the belief that people had that he could and he didn’t even try,” Bush said.

Bush asserted that he, unlike fellows like Rubio and Obama, is tested.

“I think I have the leadership skills to fix things and that’s my strength and that’s what I talk about,” Bush said. “Marco was a member of the (Florida) House of Representatives when I was Governor and he followed my lead and I’m proud of that.”

Bush had broached the Marco-is-Obama theme Wednesday during an appearance on CNN.

“Look, we had a president who came in and said the same kind of thing — new and improved, hope and change — and he didn’t have the leadership skills to fix things,” Bush said.

Bush has also been pushing a proposal to dock the pay of lawmakers who miss votes, a plan interpreted as a broadside at Rubio — who misses votes.

“Is his voting record a problem?” a reporter asked Bush of Rubio during an New Hampshire press conference Wednesday.

This piece first appeared in PoliZette.

“I think if you had a dock in pay strategy, you’d probably get more attendance,” Bush said.

You might remember another candidate who stood accused of being frequently AWOL from the various legislatures he belonged to: Barack Obama.

Of course, Bush doesn’t want to seem vindictive while he’s trying to steamroller a man who has been described as his dear pal and protege. “We’re close friends and I admire him greatly,” Mr. Bush said in New Hampshire.

It was left to Wednesday Trump, who was also campaigning in New Hampshire, to inject a note of typically blunt realism into the situation.

“They hate each other,” Trump said. “They hate more than anyone in this room hates their neighbor. It’s political bull(expletive).”

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  1. TBT (Throw back Thursday)

    Last year Qassem Soleimani (Quds Force Iran) flew to Russia. Btw, he was on a UN no fly list. He flew to Russia, again, two weeks ago. Rubio sits on the Foreign Relations Intelligence committee. He should have been raising hell after the first flight to Russia. In fact, any and all members should have been screaming from the rafters.

    • Well Sadie, I agree with you.
      Rubio is a tiny fish in a big pond.
      He needs to keep his opinions close to the vest, after all, elections are nothing more than poker games.

      My comment just below is exactly the way I feel.

    • …kinda makes one wonder how “intelligent”/paying attention to their job on a House-Senate Intel committee these “Reps” & “Sens” are…

  2. Isn’t it grand that it is so early.
    We can watch them flop around in the mud and make fools of themselves.

    At this point, I don’t trust any of them.

  3. I don’t agree with Jeb Bush on many issues, but the docking of pay for absentee senators sounds like a good start to me. I have long argued that we need an attendance requirement for Congress because it seems to be a very highly paid job that requires absolutely no record of attendance. Reps and senators can run for higher office, or do whatever they want, and be absent as frequently as they choose to be while collecting a hefty paycheck and enjoying very generous benefits.

    I would think that their staffers have a certain number of sick and vacation days, like most full time employees in the country. Why are members of congress above that, free to miss as many work days as they desire, for whatever reason they choose? There should be only a very few amount of days they can skip from their jobs, just like any other government employees. If they choose to go beyond that, well then they’re out. Time for a replacement appointment or a special election. And, no, we can’t just leave it up to their constituents to vote them out in the next election because in most cases, people aren’t even aware how frequently their reps and senators are away from their jobs, many are in totally safe seats anyway, and we all pay for their salaries and benefits.

    The same goes for these absentee governors. Chris Christie is a total joke. He has barely been in NJ for the last two years, between fundraising and campaigning for Republicans as head of the Republican Governors Association, then attending inaugurations, and now fundraising and campaigning for the presidency. It must be very nice to have such a large paycheck and benefits for a no show job!

    As a NJ taxpayer, if I ever attended a Christie town hall and had the opportunity to ask him a question, it would be: “Governor Christie, I read that your wife took a leave of absence from her Wall Street job shortly before you announced your candidacy. That’s so she’s able to travel around and campaign with you, correct? So, if a candidate’s spouse has to take a leave of absence from her job in order to travel and campaign why don’t YOU as the candidate have to take a leave of absence from YOUR job as governor while you are away from NJ non-stop traveling and campaigning?”

    (Answer: because the dirty little secret that no one ever talks about is that reps, senators, and governors can do whatever the heck they want and skip out on their highly paid day jobs as frequently as they choose. Being a politician is the highest paid no-show job in the country!)

    • I agree with you SnarkEsq regarding the unlimited amount of days off.
      As far as Bush he made a good point, but he is still has not impressed me otherwise.

      • Of course, not. CEO salaries have no relevance to this. Members of congress are paid at least three to four times the salary of the average taxpayer. They’re in the top five percent when it comes to salaries. The least they could do is show up and work when they’re supposed to and are being generously compensated by the taxpayers. Instead, they have no attendance requirement and zero accountability.

        • The entire Congress lives a cloistered, protected life. They’ve walled themselves from the boos and hisses coming from the citizenry. They have given themselves special privileges, and suffer virtually no accountability measures. They’ll say and do anything to get elected, and once elected, say and do anything that fattens their wallets and pleases their fancy.

          • Very true. That’s why Mark Levin refers to them as “the elite ruling class”. They rule over us, rather than representing us. They represent themselves and their donors, the people who will make them rich when they leave office. It’s sickening, really.

    • ThePer Libs are crazy about Christie – a very bad sign. The MoJoe crew treats him like visiting royalty.

      Personally, I can’t stand the guy – such a phony school-yard bully. Would love to see him pick on someone his size, instead of little fish like Rand Paul.

      BTW, he was the only “R” who attended Obama’s State dinner for the Chinese prez a couple of years ago. That did it for me.

      • Ugh, don’t even get me started on Christie. I’ve ranted about him a few times here. I don’t think there’s a day that he is not on at least one Fox show. They keep pushing him despite the fact that he has never really climbed out of the 1 to 3% range in most polls.

        As far as picking on someone his own size, it would be difficult to find that, lol, since he appears to be the poster child for failed weight loss surgery. Every time I see him, he’s bigger and bigger. He could barely fit on the Fox & Friends couch the other day. Clearly, he has been enjoying the good life on the campaign trail, (he and his wife love all the fancy, trendy, expensive restaurants), and he’s gaining it all back even though he never lost all of the extra weight to begin with. I mention this only because I find it interesting that I no longer see anyone in the MSM bringing it up even though they used to love to bash him about his weight. They’re holding back until he’s the candidate, which I think is unlikely. But, if he becomes the Republican nominee, then we’ll get the constant stories about how he’s too unhealthy, unfit, and undisciplined to be POTUS.

  4. Jeb,

    You last held office, what was it, twelve years ago?

    If your last name was Bushe instead of Bush, you’d be on the golf course in Florida, playing $2 Nassau with the other hacks politicians.

    Pack it in. We’re done with Bush, si?

  5. Forget Donald Trump. That’s bigger game that has to be taken down later.

    JeB! will never get the current Trump supporters. Ever. So I don’t understand what that statement referred to?

  6. Reading this while Obama who is grieving over the school shooting (one minute) and now haranguing against guns (over 3 minutes) so far. He is muted. Perhaps he interrupted Special Report — guess he did.

    When he starts talking about black on black crime, shootings in Chicago, gang violence, drug cartels and weapons, the use of personal security for him and all the hoity toitys in the world.

    And besides, who in their right mind, would turn over their right to self defense to a rogue President who barely obeys or implements the laws himself and barely lifts an eyebrow at rioting and looting.

  7. If Bush or Clinton is elected we might just as well pack it up and trade it in for two crowns — cubic zirconia, but crowns nonetheless.

    Not just in the presidency but throughout our political system we need to clean up the nepotism and family and friends positions. A look at staffing is mind boggling and when you add in the media/political marriages and relationships ….

    No Bush. No Clinton. And never again anything remotely Obama.

  8. O’Reilly is supposed to be having a segment on tonight about an entire city in Maine that has been taken over by Muslims…he wouldn’t mention the city last night but said he will let us know what is going on tonight.

    I know a lot of you have given up O’Reilly but this might be interesting especially since the White House announced last week that we will be taking in over 80,000 refugees in 2016 and over 100,000 in 2017.

    We need to be aware of what could happen in the future to our country.

    • Missed it. Perhaps if you have time or are so inclined a little summary tomorrow. Also I thought someone who commented here was from Maine and had talked about the problem there.

      Yeppers, big problems coming our way with Obama probably personally greeting them and assigning them./sarc

  9. OT: I Barry wouldn’t resist to sling his b.s. on more gun control. But he failed to mention the case of Dontray Mills, arrested and charged with purchasing 27 guns using false ID, then selling those guns to felons. After being charged with 55 counts of Federal gun trafficking crimes, Barry’s DOJ, in a plea bargain for a plea of guilty on one charge, sentenced Mills to 1 year probation.
    Also failed to mention, the arrest of Spcl. Agt. Mark Delpit of the ATF on Aggravated Assault charge for allegedly beating a man & threating a high school coach at gunpoint.
    Yea Barry, more gun laws.