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Koffler on Fox Business

I did Fox Business News Wednesday morning. It was kind of a funny thing.

My appearance was at 6:05 am. So they take to a room at about 5:58 to sit me down for TV, and, uh oh, there’s someone else in the seat where I’m supposed to go. Time to rush to another studio where I’m dropped into a seat with about a minute to go. Earpiece in, microphone on the jacket.

“Mr. Koffler, lower your seat.”




“Now Mr. Koffler, count to five!”


“Okay, you’re on.”

Wha- what? Already?

“Joining us now is Keith Koffler . . . ”

Yikes. But the bad stuff was just starting. I was told we would be talking about Speaker Boehner and the Republicans. But Maria Bartiromo starts off with a question about the Teamsters meeting with Donald Trump, which I misheard as a question about a union meeting with Hillary Clinton, having just gotten settled in the chair.


This sometimes happens, that they go off topic, and since I read a lot, I can usually handle it. But this one I wasn’t aware of.

Watch the sort of confused look on my face as I get the question and bumble through a short answer. I was hoping she’d move on to something else, but she followed up with, essentially, “What the Hell are you talking about?”

Finally, thoughts started coming into my head, and I think I gave a satisfactory answer.

Scary, but kind of fun too. The rest of the questions were off topic also, but easier.

10 thoughts on “Koffler on Fox Business”

  1. Aw, Keith, don’t be so hard on yourself. You actually handled it well. I realize these shows have to handle breaking news, but that was quite a switcheroo to have you on in order to discuss Boehner’s resignation and then instead ask you about Shrillary and the unions. Thanks for the clip; you did great. I’d love to see you on Fox more often!

    1. I think you handled it great. You even managed to not be to surprised when she mentioned Trump. Good job! Hope to see you more on Fox!

  2. Uh, Trump never met with the teamsters, there had been speculation that he may, but it has yet to happen. And you never even bothered to get the story straight before you posted this, that is twice in one day you embarrassed yourself.
    I know you hate Trump, Keith, but he really seems to have you rattled….

  3. Wow… thanks for the explanation. All this time when I’ve seen someone respond incoherently, it never occurred to me the network was a total screw up.

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