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Video || The Most Awkward Dancing Politicians

Here’s another video from PoliZette of some bad dancing by the ruling class. Warning: viewer discretion is advised.


You might also like this slideshow PoliZette did of Obama hanging casual around the office. He gives the office the respect he thinks it deserves.

9 thoughts on “Video || The Most Awkward Dancing Politicians”

      1. Thanks, I didn’t know about the countdown clock there. I have a few countdown timers saved in my “Bye Bye Barry!” folder, LOL.

        Btw, the countdown timer at Michelle Obama’s Mirror seems to go to midnight on Friday, January 20th. Unfortunately there’s an additional twelve hours, as I think inauguration is at noon that day. I usually use this one:

    1. Putin is taking Obama to the woodshed.
      Obama is outclassed on the world stage as far as a military presence on our fronts.
      His effort to take America back from a world leader to just another country is being displayed right before our eyes.

      Putin is making a fool of him.
      Will Obama pull our troops out of Syria, or, will this escalate into WW3 ?

      Personally, I think he will pull out.

      Russia does not poke the tiger, they kill it.

      1. ….and who said Russia was our number one enemy? Four years ago.
        How different the world might have looked under Mitt Romney.
        There is always the draft!

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