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Live Stream || Planned Parenthood Chief Testifies

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards is testifying today before the House Oversight Committee. MAJOR fireworks expected. Thought you might want to tune in.

6 Responses to Live Stream || Planned Parenthood Chief Testifies

  1. PP uses no Federal Dollars Ms. Richards just said.
    Chaffetz asked about the shared emails, etc.
    What about the 200,000 you gave.
    They are both talking to fast!!!!!!!!!!!
    PP action funds gave 22 million to the lobbying, chaffetz said.
    Chaffetz said you don’t manorams (ck spell). She said if you need one you are sent some where else.
    The problem of reduction of breast exams and increase in abortions. She said she never saw this info. No one ever provided that info to her before.
    Mr. Cummings I always talk to my wife about how woman or treated and not men.
    Other Corps were fined billions of dollars, and how Reps did not conduct investigations of companies violating the law. Sorry I can not listen to him anymore. The issue is about babies being slaughted.

      • I listened for a couple of more mins. Only handle a few mins. at a time. I want to know if they are going to show the videos, pictures. I do not care to watch, but I think they should be in that room.

    • Lee, yes. Your description is accurate and correct: “babies being slaughtered.” When I look at new babies and their little faces and those hands and feet…how could anyone destroy that life?
      Only monsters. Evil, evil monsters.

  2. They are now mentioning EPA breaking law.
    Ms. Richards. Your a CEO, right. Yes…
    She said we don’t profit.
    How did you get such growth of funds.
    She said it is revenue for service not profit.
    Some fund raising. I spend a lot of time doing.
    If you only have one health center you may find fundraise for another one.
    How much you going to report in 2014. She don’t know at this time.
    Mr. DesJARLAIS is questioning her now.
    He mentioned: $3.00 for contraceptive. She don’t know the profit sum. Our focus is servicing as many people as we can.
    You have Narrowed scope of practice.