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DWS’s Rabbi Denounced Iran Deal She Supported

Now this is humorous. Democratic national Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz apparently had to sit through a Yom Kippur sermon by her own rabbi tearing into members of Congress who supported President Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal.

Wow. Good for this rabbi. I wonder how many rabbis spoke out against this. Most of my fellow Jews, and the rabbis who lead them, are ardently liberal, pacifist, etc., particularly among the Reform denomination, which is the largest.

I imagine she was pretty shocked.

The Jews, whether in Congress or not, who accept this deal are akin, unfortunately, to the many German Jews in the 1930s who hoped for the best with Hitler. Their intentions and beliefs were well meaning. But they failed to recognize the nature of true evil, and the results of such naive hopefulness are catastrophic.

In the case of the German Jews, it was at least understandable. I mean, who then could imagine that a civilized society would do what it did? And they would have had to leave their homes, families, and friends.

The American Jews supporting this agreement need only apply a bit of wisdom and backbone. Iran has stated its intentions. And the Iranians are obvious fanatics.

My co-religionists think the problem is far away, and though they care about Israel, they don’t live there.

But Iran is building ICBMs. So just wait.

23 thoughts on “DWS’s Rabbi Denounced Iran Deal She Supported”

  1. The German Jews were struck blind by a dictator that they never thought would come after them.
    Sheep to the slaughter, and they were slaughtered.

    Doesn’t this echo what is happening today ?

    I am a Christian, but the Jews had better get their head out before it’s too late.

    Our Lord has a limit on His Patience, as we have seen through reading the scriptures.
    I submit that we are testing it.

      1. Thanks Keith and Sadie for the article and the comment. I am glad the group of 4,000 are not in support of the deal.
        I am Catholic, and God forgive me I cannot understand why the Pope spoke a good bit about the Death Penalty, and not the abortion issue.

  2. No Jew nor Christian should support the ‘deal’. Any Jew supporting their own demise needs more than backbone and wisdom – they need a soul.

    1. Agreed Sadie.
      I am a Lutheran, you know the guy that took on the Catholic Church and told them that they were wrong.
      Hence,….the Protestants.
      We all differ in our views but we all support the Jewish religion as the religion of Christ.

      Protestants, go figure.

      There are two Jewish beliefs out there.
      One believes in Jesus as the Christ, and one does not.

      Please enlighten me Sadie.

  3. Bravo Keith, but the dangers go way beyond just the Jews in Congress. Nuclear weapons have no racist capabilities. As a white , faithful Catholic, I am a target as well. Obama, Kerry, and pitbull Debbie have put the entire world in the gunsight of a bunch of uncontrollable killers.

  4. What parts of the chants “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” do our fellow American citizens, along with bho & Congress,
    not understand? jk

  5. Rumour has it that AIPAC is toast with the national defense / forward branch of the conservatives in Congress. Having slid around the Hagel nomination and equivocated on the Iran sell out , they are now seen as wholly owned by the liberal left , i.e. no friend of Israel , and not to be counted on if it means confronting the D party .

  6. I was with a Jewish friend just after Obama made the deal with Iran. I made the comment that I did not see how any Jew could support Obama after his throwing Israel under the bus. Her comment was “Lets not get political”. I did not make any more comments about it. I just moved on figuring it would be a waste of time.

  7. Keith gives the moron too much credit. DWS is probably too stupid to figure out that she was one of the co-conspirators the rabbi was talking about.

  8. This is my opinion:
    DWS is stupid and I don’t mean “bent over.” (Stooped)
    For the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would support BHO’s endeavors on anything.
    There are many leaders in the ME who are insane and/or senile.
    I agree with AFVET’s previous comment.
    PP is evil and needs to be removed from the face of the earth.
    God definitely will judge us all someday.
    I am glad I am in the Lamb’s book of life.
    Any questions? :-)

  9. When a nuke goes off in Israel she will say she was “Myzled” by Obama.

    See 1:10 in the video while she is supposedly answering a question of the MSNBC host. She is reading from a TelePrompTer and mispronounces MISLED as MYZLED. It shows what fakes MSNBC and the DEMS really are. It’s criminal

  10. I don’t know which is more shocking: (1) that there’s a rabbi out there who doesn’t have his lips attached to Obama’s derriere or (2) that poodle hair actually participates in religious worship…

  11. Although I am not Jewish, I attended Yom Kippur services at Temple Beth Shalom in Arnold, MD. As part of the Rabbi’s sermon, he talked about his anxiety over the Iran deal. I have long wanted to ask him why so many American Jews are still so enthusiastic about Obama, but it always seemed rude to do so under the Rabbi’s roof.

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