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Video || Obama Lectures Iran About Its Policies

I do love it when this most egocentric president tells other countries what would be in their interests. Especially our sworn enemies.

Here, as he so often does, President Obama assumes Iran’s leaders care about stuff that Americans do, like jobs. And he tries to tell the Iranians that it’s bad policy to be projecting its power around the Middle East, which Iran has in fact had much success doing in the absence of American leadership.

He doesn’t get that they want to lead a worldwide Caliphate. He thinks they’re just like us. They’re not. They understand force, not empty words convincing them to be weak like us.

Obama has a lot of nerve to say Iran’s actions isolate it, when their aggressiveness just resulted in a deal with Obama allowing them to create nuclear weapons and releasing billions of dollars in funds for their use – while holding out the promise of billions more in oil sales.

“Chanting Death to America does not create jobs or make Iran more secure,” Obama said. “If Iran chooses a different path, that would be good for the security of the region, good for the Iranian people, and good for the world.”

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  1. I cannot believe he said that. It sounded like their was suppose a punch line after that comment regarding the Chant don’t create jobs.
    Can you imagine if the Pres. or one of the Generals would have said that about Hitler?
    If I was embarrassed again by one of his statements, Can you imagine that laughter over there, or with the Is** group?

    • How did create jobs get in there? Reflex? He says it–he never does it. I heard Rouhani on NPR say they never break agreements…Good gravy, none of these people know a lie when it tumbles from their lips!

  2. When your starting point is that they don’t really mean that when they chant Death to America, you got nothin’ And Obama has nothing. He is a useless bag of hot air.

  3. I wonder why my posts get deleted all the time?

    I am sure this one will too.
    Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer, has expanded its Board of Directors by bringing on Mr. R Hunter Biden as a new director.
    Yes its Old Joe Biden’s son.
    Oh Obummer says we have no economic interests in the Ukraine, even tho the CIA created the coup that is causing the mess today.
    Lets see how long this posts lasts.

    • Used car? Please. I doubt the man could ever sell something so reputable.

      Snake oil seems to be more of his line, and even on THAT, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  4. The WSJ article on Obama’s speech has some excellent comments, the one I’m pasting below so far has the most reader recommendations. I concur:

    Bryan Smith
    If you always wanted to know what the world would look like if the United States sat back, and did nothing…
    …you are looking at it.

  5. Putin has signed an agreement with Syria, Iraq and Iran to share intelligence and otherwise combine efforts to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth. He’s leading the charge.

    Meanwhile, Obama and Kerry are hiding under the bed for fear the boogeyman will jump out of the closet and say BOO!

    That’s where we are.

  6. I am curious why NO ONE in this US “media”… has the BALLS-GUTS-NERVE to question Dear Leader Obama (re: 60 Minutes interview with Putin)like they did Putin…???
    -Could any of us seeing ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ answer such questions…???

    This “WH press corps” HAS NO COURAGE to ever ask this Obama regime.

    • To reword an old saying: “The road to losing our liberty, liberty-stealing socialism and the tyrannical destruction of our Constitution is paved with the skulls of American journalists.”

  7. Obama is graphic evidence of the utter abysmal failure of affirmative action. Affirmative action is the only way a man of such stunning stupidity could rise to the highest office in the land. Oh, throw in a measure of white guilt too and voila, you get Barack Obama. Educated (by Harvard’s standards) Idiot.

    • I am still curious why NO ONE has ever mentioned why “Barack Hussein Obama” various ‘college’ records/transcripts are sealed and considered more top secret than anything in the USA?
      -What was “Barack Hussein Obama” course load?
      -How was he graded when writing papers?
      -His “GPA”?
      …I have been told for years “Barack Hussein Obama” was the ‘smartest’ US President ever.

  8. from Aesop’s Fables:
     The Kingdom of the Lion
    The beasts of the field and forest had a lion as their King. He was neither wrathful, cruel, nor tyrannical but just and gentle as a King could be. During his reign he made a royal proclamation for a general assembly of all the birds and beasts, and drew up conditions for a universal league, in which the wolf and the lamb, the panther and the kid, the tiger and the stag, the dog and the hare, should live together in perfect peace and amity. The hare said, “Oh, how I have longed to see this day, in which the weak shall take their place with impunity by the side of the strong.” And after the hare said this, he ran for his life.

    ….except for the part about the Lion King being just & gentle….

  9. For those of you keeping score at home:
    -Chuck head in the sand Todd tells Carly Fiorina PP videos don’t show what 10 PP videos show: baby parts for Lamborghinis.
    -Jake I’m also a cartoonist Tapper peppers the floor w/ his six shooter telling Ben Carson to dance re: his views on islam/sharia. Aid cuts off interview.
    -Scott too short to be male model Pelly harrangues Trump like he’s a turnstile jumper. Trump should’ve thrown him out onto 5th ave. butt first.
    -Pope agrees w/ KY clerk gay marriage view and (crickets)
    -Pope says little about abortion but plenty about death penalty and open borders. Meanwhile Vatican City still a fortress.
    -Pope condemns gun manufacturers as un-Christian while traveling w/ a concealed arsenal of body guards.
    -Pope trip reminds everyone of Chance the Garnder in “Being There”
    -Bill Nye the Boeing engineer comedy sketch actor comes out w/ a STFU video defending PP.
    -Catilyn Jenner comes out w/ menstrual advice video (made that one up but same as taking weather/climate/menstrual advice from Bill Nye)
    -BHO “chanting death to America does not create jobs”. I didn’t think “fish needs a bicycle” Gloria Steinham quote would ever be beaten. Until today….