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Video || Donald Trump’s Merry Christmas Conversion

What? Hypocrisy? From someone running for office? Round up the usual suspects.

Kind of funny.

8 thoughts on “Video || Donald Trump’s Merry Christmas Conversion”

  1. Ha ha. Let me mark a reminder on my December calendar to wish you a Merry Christmas, MrK.
    Not so funny now, is it?

    This video montage is just another sneaky, sly slam against MrTrump. Wishing a Christian “Merry Christmas” is appropriate while wishing others “Happy Holidays” is appropriate when their religious beliefs, if any, is unknown or they are not Christian.

    The constant drumbeat of get-trump, beat-trump, embarrass-trump, knock him down is so tiresome and is everywhere on the internet, or in the MSM. Let the man do what he must. If he stumbles, let it be him tripping over his own foibles, lies, or contradictions.
    We’re not stupid. We know what we want.

      1. Yup, just another snarky swipe at him. So tiresome.

        Guess it would be too much to expect a piece about his detailed tax plan…especially since he’s always being slammed for lacking said details.

    1. x 4

      Any other politician could have been standing just as high in the polls if they weren’t such cowards. Note to candidates, don’t take shit from the media and don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

  2. Oh, please. Nice try slamming Trump for wishing people “Happy Holidays” when he doesn’t know whether they celebrate Christmas or not. He can’t win with some people no matter what he does. This was weak, really weak. A lame attempt.

  3. It is a weak and lame attempt.
    I would rather the opponents try being bold and state they “Want The Borders Opened Up For ALL!” That is just one example.

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