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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 29, 2015

9:45 am || Meets with Raul Castro; United Nations
10:30 am || Chairs the Leaders’ Summit on Countering ISIL and Countering Violent Extremism
12:10 pm || Meeets with Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev
1:25 pm || Departs New York
2:35 pm || Arrives White House
All times Eastern

41 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 29, 2015”

  1. You left something out, but I’ll fix it for you:

    9:45 am || Meets with Raul Castro; United Nations
    10:00 am || Promises Raul Castro that he will unilaterally, (and unconstitutionally), hand Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba
    10:30 am || Chairs the Leaders’ Summit on Countering ISIL and Countering Violent Extremism
    12:10 pm || Meeets with Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev
    1:25 pm || Departs New York
    2:35 pm || Arrives White House

    1. There’s no question Obama will give Gitmo to the Castro Brothers. That’s in the cards for sure. And they will lease it to the Russians, for a bunch of bucks. Remember when the Soviet Union gave Castro $1 million a day to keep Cuba afloat back in the day? It’s going to be something like that all over again. Putin will have a very nice facility right here in the Western hemisphere. And he won’t even thank the hapless Obama for the favor.

  2. Ah yes, Obama the poker player. Playing the only way he knows how – Tuesday will complete his hand – He’ll have five-of-a-kind!

    He started-out last week by meeting with the Socialist Pope. Next came the Chinese Commie leader, Ping-Pong or, whatever his name is. To complete his hand this week he again had Putin tell him to, go to hell! Now tomorrow it’ll be Castro followed by another Commie, Nazarbayev, who has been dictator for over 26 years.

    With a hand like that most folks would be a winner but not our Obungler.

    1. Yup. Could there be a more appropriate chair for a conference on “Countering ISIL and Countering Violent Extremism” than Barack Obama?

      Instead, he should probably give a lecture , law professor style on “The Tactics of Leading from Behind”.

      It would be hard to get a seat for that one.

  3. No surprise here… whenever Barry and Mooch are in NYC they have to tape an appearance on one of these dopey shows:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller

    While in NYC with @POTUS today, Mrs Obama will tape appearance for tonight’s @colbertlateshow. Wants to discuss “Let Girls Learn” program
    9:10 AM – 28 Sep 2015 · Details

    Fifteen more months to go with these wannabe celebs.

  4. A headline at Drudge, links to the NYTimes:

    BOYCOTT OVER: Trump to appear on FOXNEWS again…

    Less than a week after he said he would not be “doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future,” Donald J. Trump is set to appear Tuesday night on the network’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” the network confirmed.

    Fox News canceled Mr. Trump’s appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” last week after Mr. Trump began publicly criticizing the network. Mr. Trump, meanwhile, took to Twitter to declare his boycott

    But the kerfuffle — the latest in a public back and forth that began when Mr. Trump said he had been treated unfairly in the Republican debate hosted by Fox — seems to be thawing, again. Last week, the network announced that Mr. Trump and Roger E. Ailes, its chairman and chief executive, were scheduled to meet this week.

    The meeting is still on, though a time and date have yet to be announced.

    1. I’m still kind of puzzled by this. Since when does a news organization have to negotiate with a politician on how it should cover him/her?

      Is Trump making the rules here? More reality show stuff.

        1. The Lowry thing has been around a while now. Yeah–bad form on his part, but it wasn’t all of Fox. I don’t think Fox should give an inch–cover him any way they want and he can like it or lump it, to coin a phrase. It does make it seem like all of this is another big reality show.

  5. I haven´t read many comments here about the speeches in the UN yesterday. However, in my humble opinion, Putins speech was brilliant ( and no TelePrompters, just good, oldfashioned notes ) while Obamas speech was lacking in both content and delivery. He had no plausible explanation as to why Assad needs to be removed , the obvious logic here is then that Assad is worse than….ISIS. Well, the only reason for the removal of Assad must be that Obamas buddies in Saudi want it to be done.

      1. Lee, I think the voice of the interpreter was disturbing. Why did they choose some young girl with whining, squeaky voice ? I bet they did it on purpose.

    1. It was a big news day between the UN and Trump’s tax plan. Was looking forward to the discussions here, but we got a “funny?” Trump video. ?

        1. My favorite part–for laffs–was where poor people could submit a form to the IRS with zero tax and the form would be titled I WIN. How about I LOSE–I don’t make enough to pay tax–that is losing!

          1. By the way, most people making under $25K don’t pay now–and if they spend what would be their refund all yr long, they will miss the IRS holding a chunk of money for them until April. It makes so sense, but people don’t mind letting the IRS do this interest-free.

    2. Just from a rhetorical point of view (not a point of agreement), Putin’s speech was light years more professional than Obama’s speech. Well constructed, logical (from Putin’s perspective), delivered with intelligence. Obama’s speech was childish, poorly delivered–like Shirley Temple trying to explain String Theory–and clownish. He could have been selling cotton candy at a carnival and been more convincing.

      1. I just read an article on Drudge, stating o turned Putin in World’s most powerful leader.
        Putin, Assad, China’s Xi Jinping, and Hassan Rouhani were not in their seats to hear o.
        Article stated no one applauded Putin. He’s more interested in being feared than liked. His words, at most to explain forceful action. That’s how Putin seized leadership from America.

        1. Obama the biggest mistake this country has ever done.
          Power is respected and Obama is a candy ass.
          Obumer has clearly made a mess out of this country and the middle east.

      1. Thank you, I have read it. Some good points there on how Putin skilfully stepped into the power vacuum left by the Obama administrations disastrous foreign politics.
        One Obama line made me laugh, this one : “Imagine, if Russia had engaged in true diplomacy….” Oh dear.
        Marcus, we probably have different opinions on the solutions of the crisis in Syria but I certainly do not believe that the removal of Assad will lead to anything good. I agree with Trump when he said : “Let Russia ( and Assad ) fight the ISIS”.” Or join them.

    3. Dunno, SL, you seem pretty taken with the KGB guy… Speaking without a teleprompter is a pretty common skill for people in public life–one exception does come to mind. Basically Putin said we are going to take care of ISIS and some dork on our side said knock yourself out. Or do I oversimplify?

      1. Star, I believe that you oversimplify. I think we watched a game-changer in real time. The alliances might be shifting all over. Of course I don´t know what it all will lead up to but my opinion still is, if Russia and Assad can stabilize the situation in Syria it is of utmost importance for the region, the migrants and for Europe.

          1. I share your concerns. Obama blasted a giant through the Middle East and Putin walked through. I don’t see much diplomacy on either side, but there is definitely a changing of the guard, courtesy of Obama, who once again will not have to deal with the repercussions of his actions.

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