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Obama Schedule || Monday, September 28, 2015

10:00 am || Addresses the United Nations General Assembly; United Nations Building
11:00 am || Meets with Indian Prime Minister Modi
1:15 pm || Attends a luncheon hosted by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
3:00 pm || Chairs the United Nations Peacekeeping Summit
5:05 pm || Meets with Russian President Putin
7:30 pm || Hosts a reception for visiting Heads of State

All times Eastern
Live Stream of Obama address at 10:00 am

25 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, September 28, 2015

  1. Putin calls a meeting. Obama, through the authoritative personage of Josh Earnest, insists that the Obama is dealing from a position of strength. If that is so, it is only because Barack Obama is riding the tattered coattails of what is left of a strong America.

  2. Another day of shame for the USA. Our leader in grief, Mister Obama, will take to the pulpit of the world stage and proceed to embarrass us once again. He will talk about climate change, equality, gender neutral marriage, and ignore the growing fear in our world, ISIS and radical Islam.

    Barack Obama, very much like Bill Clinton, will not be remembered for what he tried to accomplish, but for what he ignored. Clinton ignored the growing Taliban threat: recall WTC #1, USS COLE, etc….and we paid the price.

    Obama is having is Clintonian moment today….


  3. I, like many other, eagerly anticipate Putins grand speech today. Will Russia return from the cold ? Well Russia is now a power player to reckon with, no doubt about it. Once again, Putin has showed what a clever politician he, a former KGB-man, really is, he waited and waited while Barry fumbled and tumbled. Barry is an ignorant child when it comes to foreign politics. Don´t get me wrong here, I am not a fan of Putin but I have a long time thought that the West ( = the Obama administration plus some spineless European politicians ) took a disastrous course when Russia was provoked and isolated because of Ukraine and when the West tried to get rid of Assad like they did with Khadaffi with disastrous results. We need to cooperate, we need to unite against our real enemy, the Islamists. Even Trump said, in a CBS interview, let Russia deal with ISIS. I agree.

      • I think the West should stop the provocations. I read that the US wants to place more nuclear weapons in Germany ( why ?????) and the answer from Moscow is immediate, maybe we should enforce our military installations in Kaliningrad ( a Russian enclave, former Königsberg, very close to our borders). So, the West should deal with Russia diplomatically, not in a military way. Then, I am certain, they will leave the Baltics alone, they are not the ones who want a disastrous war in their own back yard.

    • Thanks for that list. It’s interesting how many Church groups are involved in this effort. In my state, Catholic Charities are the “hands on” group responsible for placing the Somalis in Portland and Lewiston. They brought them here, dumped them (sorry to sound so angry about it) in our cities, and then said “Adios. Good luck”. Meanwhile, taxpayers had to pick up the tab, find housing, feed them, enroll the kids in already overcrowded schools, set up language training, and otherwise make sure they didn’t fall off the pier, so to speak. We are talking about thousands of people all of a sudden living here. Meanwhile, very few of them assimilate, most (by far) don’t have a job, and have no intention of finding work. A couple of years ago, the FBI raided one of their Halal markets and discovered the owners were sending money back to Somalia to fund jihadists back there. The Bantus (a subgroup who comprised the second wave of Somalis we received here) are the exception. They are very industrious, and you see them working everywhere. Good for them. They speak English, and readily engage in our society. Otherwise, it’s one gigantic welfare program.

      • I spent some time talking with state government officials about this. Supposedly the church groups etc are supposed to work with the local communities and if the “refugees” or “immigrants” are not acceptable they are not forced on the communities. This is one of the biggest lies. Control of this will have to come at the state and local level.

        A few threads ago, I posted about a Finnish wall — people standing shoulder to shoulder and refusing admittance. And also, a few months ago — I forget where — the local community refused buses etc.

        If we do not act, this “dumping ” policy — via church groups, ngos , etc will continue.