As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

40 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || September 27, 2015

  1. Boehner — says he wants to clean the barn up before he leaves. Face the Nation.

    One can only imagine what that means — call in the Democrats to help him.

    Of course, he blames the conservatives. Neither he not McConnell will admit that if they had listened to the people who voted in these people and the Republicans the majority they would not be in this position.

    • Exactly!
      The PlannedParenthood thing should have been a no-brainer for the Repubs and most of the Dems – no one suggested shutting them down, only cutting off taxpayer’s money for them.
      Let’s hope that everyone in Congress is looking out the window now, checking for the angry mob heading their way.

      • PP is a private enterprise.
        If by desecrating babies they can find other funding, fine.
        I’ll be damned if my tax dollars go for this.

        McConnell has a target on his back now too because he has said that he will not vote to defund PP if it entails the government being shutdown.

        That parasite needs to be kicked out of office and his pension revoked.

  2. Good ole Ha Ha Hillary was on MTP this AM–in case you spared yourself. Get this–she gave the FBI TOO MANY! emails–they gave 1,200 back as personal. Twelve hundred–imagine that, out of how may gazillion that were finally vetted by “her attorneys,” as she puts it, saying she never looked at them–wanted the attorneys to decide. Oh–and she is not technical, we should know, and depended on nerds (or words to that effect). And ANYWAY, if she sent to someone else in the govt, the govt would have it someplace, so no worries. Sooooo…SSDD. That woman frosts my cahooties! She must think everyone was born yesterday and fell off the turnip truck all at once!

  3. I am only being half-facetious when I suggest that Speaker might be a good job for Don–lots of negotiating and he can call in all those markers he scattered around Congress…

  4. Mitch McConnell going nuclear — getting rid of the filibuster would go a long way to resolving some of these issues. I doubt that he would — given how afraid he is of Barack Obama. But he should.

    And interestingly (to me) McCarthy opined about 3/15 that McConnell should change the rules on for the Collins immigration amendment.

    So — what I am thinking is that if McConnell would change the rules then the House and Senate could work together to get some legislative issues done and remove perhaps that “threat of veto” that scares the pants off of old Mitch.

  5. WTH!!! British hospital moves injured RAF sergeant TWICE so as not to ‘disturb people of different cultures’!
    Can we assume ‘different cultures’ is code for Muslim???

    In a related story, young girls in Germany are being instructed not to wear revealing clothing so as not to cause a ‘misunderstanding’,i.e. rape, with the newly arrived ‘refugees’ aka migrants!!!

    Western Europe is doomed – a self-inflicted wound.
    The wimps in Congress couldn’t even stop thousands of ‘unaccompanied minors’ from invading this country. What are they going to do with 100K mainly young male Muslims who will be storming our shores?
    I would love to hear from the Donald at the next debate. What would the Donald do???
    He may be our only hope…can’t believe I’m even saying this….

    • so dangerous, having all these young men coming here — there will be terrorists among them and the government could care less, Obama and his idiot thugs who hate America. How stupid and spiteful this so-called “president” is,along with many other traitors in Washington, including of course, Pelosi, McConnell,Reid, etc. They all should be thrown out, they are traitors and baby killers, millions of human life thrown in the trash and they are filled with joy about funding Planned Parenthood who is so evil and takes taxpayer money for the killing of babies. No human has the right to decide which human shall live and which one will die. God will punish them for their evil ways. F ing traitors allowing terrorists to come here, hundreds of thousands of them. How many people have to die before the democrats are run out of Washington?